Cameras: capture images on either a light-sensitive film or on an electronic medium such as memory, for reproduction.Most cameras are comprised of five main components: lightproof body, shutter, lense, viewfinder, and focusing mechanism.

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    Company: Novo

    The VORON is designed for quick detection of concealed micro video cameras, including those with pinhole lens.Principle of detection is based on effect of light reflection or "return flare". Thus, when a concealed target is detected, there is a bright red spot (reflection from video camera lens) in the VORON field of vision.

  • Cameras

    Company: First Sensor AG

    At First Sensor the complete assembly process is under one roof - from the processing of the sensor chip to the finishing of the camera system. At the same time we save you unnecessary development effort during the integration into your systems due to our modular camera design with different interfaces and data formats. All cameras can be adapted quickly and flexibly to customer-specific requirements.

  • Cameras

    Company: Syntronics

    The NVS 2040 series cameras are a single piece unit with automatic control of intensifier gate width for all lighting conditions. The 2040 series cameras have an RS-232 interface and are available with a high resolution Gen II or Gen III intensifier, which are 18mm in diameter and have a custom wrap-around power supply that allows external gain control. Each camera can be controlled via computer or an optional control box, and may be used with any RS-170 frame grabber digital analysis system.

  • Cameras

    Company: Sumix

    Sumix develops and manufactures digital cameras for industrial and scientific applications like: machine vision, robotics, optical inspection, 3D scanning, microscopy, laser-beam profiling, biometrics, astrophotography, medical imaging, surveillance, security, facial recognition, automotive crash testing.

  • Streak Camera and Frame Cameras

    Company: BIFO Company

    Our company serially produces a set of basic models of image converter cameras (ICC), as single-frame, and with multi-frame and linear (streak) sweep, in the majority on a basis of image converter tubes (ICT) frame ad streak types of our own design. Cameras find wide application in many areas of a science and technology at registration various fast running processes. Necessary high sensitivity of cameras up to a mode of the pack of single photons registration can be provided at registration of extreme low light processes. The limiting temporal resolution of unique experimental models of cameras lays in femtosecond range. The small sizes of the majority of our cameras allow to embed them into the structure of almost every optical and optico-electronic equipment easily.

  • High-speed Cameras

    Company: Mikrotron GmbH

    High-speed cameras for analyzing and optimizing the fastest processes in the most various fields. High-Speed Recording Systems, High-Speed Recording Cameras and Machine Vision Cameras.

  • Dome Camera

    Company: HUASHI Technology

    The camera unit is mounted inside a transparent dome which can be tinted to obscure the camera position. Dome cameras come in a wide variety of forms. They can be analogue or IP, fixed or mobile

  • R3-CL - Camera Link

    Company: BitFlow

    The R3 frame grabber family has been designed to simplify the task of interfacing today's Camera Link cameras to a wide array of imaging applications. The R3-CL can acquire from almost every Base CL camera manufactured.

  • iC - Inspector Camera

    Company: Automotive Test Solutions

    The iC - INSPECTION CAMERA is a medical grade video camera that delivers superior images on your computer or tablet display.

  • Inspection Cameras

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Inspection cameras open a new view into the insides of machines and systems; whether endoscopes, thermal imaging cameras or infrared thermometers - an inspection camera is the ideal instrument for monitoring and maintenance. Due to the flexible control of endoscopes or thevisual display of potential damage areas in machines or systems, weaknesses and points of failure can be detected and therefore be prevented. Inspection cameras make this possible without the need of complex disassemblies. Inspection cameras are used by electricians, safety experts, expert witnesses, mechatronics, and mechanics. They are also used for apprenticeship and in-service training. Inspection cameras can be applied internally as well as at school or at universities for demonstration purposes. With their help, inspections in the industrial sector can be organised considerably faster, more targeted and more cost-efficient.

  • CM-1 - Camera Master

    Company: FM Systems

    The Camera Master is a digital, hand-held, battery operated meter that measures five different characteristics of the video signal from a CCTV camera or other video source, namely:

  • CM-1V - Camera Master

    Company: FM Systems

    The Camera Master is a digital, hand-held, battery operated meter that measures five different characteristics of the video signal from a CCTV camera or other video sources.

  • Hidden Camera

    Company: HUASHI Technology

    Is a still or video camera used to record people without their knowledge. The camera is "hidden" because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object.

  • Thermal Cameras

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Thermal cameras are improving the knowledge regarding infrared measurements. Our new models are smaller, easier to use and more economical. The PCE-TC series are the new generation of thermal cameras. Their small design allows for complete portability. You don''t need to be an expert to capture infrared images. The possible uses of these thermal cameras is extensive.

  • Thermal Cameras

    Company: Sofradir-EC

    Is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light. Instead of the 400–700 nanometre range of the visible light camera, infrared cameras operate in wavelengths as long as 14,000 nm (14 µm).

  • Tethered Cameras

    Company: Fastec Imaging

    High-speed video cameras in ultra small form factors. Cameras are easily controlled through a Gigabit Ethernet connection to a PC. Our Tethered cameras range from VGA resolution to 3 megapixel resolution, with frame rates up to 250,000 fps.