Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (Special international committee on radio interference).

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  • TDK 3 - 3m CISPR Fully Compliant Anechoic Chamber

    Company: TDK RF Solutions

    The TDK 3 meter test range CISPR semi-anechoic chamber is designed to perform radiated emissions measurements at 3 meter distance in full compliance with ANSI C63.4, EN 50147-2 & CISPR 22 standards.

  • FACT 25 - CISPR Chambers

    Company: ETS-Lindgren

    ETS-Lindgren's FACT 25 CISPR Chambers offer semi-anechoic radiated emissions (RE) compliance testing over a frequency range of 70 MHz to 18 GHz. The chamber is used for vehicle component level testing in accordance with CISPR 25. 

  • Current Sensing Probe

    Company: Teseq AG

    The CSP 9160 is a broadband RF current sensor probe as defined in CISPR 16-1-2. Beside the compliance measurements of asymmetrical disturbance currents as e.g. required in CISPR 16-2-1 and CISPR 22, the probe can be used in a number of diagnostic applications to measure superimposed RF currents flowing in conductors, or cable harnesses.A convenient feature of the CSP 9160 is that, from 100 kHz to 120 MHz, it has a flat frequency response with a 0 dB transducer factor, allowing voltage measurements to be read as current, directly without any correction. The probe can be easily and quickly clipped around the cable under test and the RF currents measured using an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or EMI receiver. Its large aperture (25.4 mm) can accommodate most cables and can handle power lines with currents up to 50 amps.

  • TDK 10 - 10m Fully Compliant Anechoic Chamber

    Company: TDK RF Solutions

    The TDK 10 meter test range semi-anechoic chamber is designed to perform radiated emissions measurements at 10 meter distance in full compliance with ANSI C63.4, EN 50147-2, and CISPR 22 standards.

  • TDEMI 40G - measurement system

    Company: Gauss Instruments

    Broadest Real-time Analysis Bandwidth of 162.5 MHz from 10 Hz to 40 GHz in the MarketFull compliance measurement at all frequenciesApplicable for EMC Testing according to MIL 461, DO-160, EN and FCC RegulationsReduction of overall Scan Time by a Factor up to 4000Automated Evaluation & Documentation (CISPR 16-2-1 & 16-2-2)Single Frequency Measurements

  • DDA55 - Click Analyser

    Company: AFJ Instruments

    DDA55 is a four parallel channels, fixed frequencies (150kHz, 500kHz, 1.4MHz, 30MHz) digital click analyser, with each channel provided with Peak and Quasi-peak detectors, fully comply with CISPR16-1-1. The way the Quasi-peak detectors are designed, enables to automatically perform tests in full compliance with the requirements of EN55014-1, where requesting to test using an oscilloscope (time-domain operation).

  • EMI Receivers and EMC Precompliance Analyzers

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    Meeting electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance regulations is a critical step in bringing products to market quickly. Wherever you are in the product development cycle, Keysight has an EMI measurement solution for you.To avoid costly delays that can result from failed compliance testing, Keysight's EMI measurement application on X-Series signal analyzers allows you to perform pre-compliance measurements and diagnostic evaluation of your designs--so you can find and fix problems before they enter the test chamber.In EMC compliance testing, your success depends on moving products through the test queue quickly and efficiently. Conduct full standards-compliant testing in accordance with CISPR and MIL-STD with the upgradeable N9038A MXE EMI receiver. For a complete EMI test solution, Keysight Solutions Partners provide a single point of contact for you to combine the MXE with chambers, antennas, software, value-added integration, probes, and more.