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Household devices using electricity to perform thier function.

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  • Power Meter

    IT9100 Series - I-TECH Electronic Co., Ltd

    The IT9100 power meter can provide the maximum input of 1000 Vrms and 50 Arms and measurement bandwidth of 100 KHz, and can be easily used for measuring thevoltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and other parameters. The standard configuration includes USB, GPIB, RS232 and LAN communication interfaces and also interfaces for USB-based peripheral devices. Users can save the measured parameters into the external storage medium. The basic voltage and current accuracy is 0.1%. Moreover, the power meter has rich integrating functions, such as the active power. It is widely applied in test of motors, household appliances, UPS, etc.

  • Power Monitoring / Surge Protection

    P4330 Kill A Watt PS-10 - P3 International Corp.

    Now you can protect your valuable electronics and find out what they are actually costing you. Simply connect these appliances into the Kill A Watt® PS-10, and it will assess how efficient they are while the built-in surge protection keeps them safe. Advanced features such as over current, over voltage, and no load detection provide clean, safe power to your expensive equipment.Check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency, Amperage, KWH, Current Leakage and more. Now you'll know how much power your entire computer or home theater system is using. With the innovative Kill A Watt® PS-10 you'll have peace of mind in more ways than one.

  • Environmental Sensors

    ams AG

    Ams, a world leader in the field of chemical sensors: In the wide portfolio of sensors manufactured by ams are chemical gas sensor solutions for appliance, automotive, building technology, consumer and industrial applications. With a track record going back almost two decades, ams is a world-leading supplier of safety, energy efficiency and comfort solutions for global mass markets. Unlike companies that just sell products, ams supports applications from development through to production, offering both technical expertise and industry know-how. With products known for performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness, ams is proud that major corporations worldwide rely on its technology.

  • ETX

    ADLINK Technology Inc.

    ETX is one of the earliest successful computer-on-module form factors. Today it is still widely used in applications such as industrial automation, transportation and medium and low level medical appliances. While high-end Intel® Core™ applications have mostly migrated to COM Express, ETX is still very much alive in the lower power segment, mostly notably using Intel Atom® SoCs.Specifically, for customers who are still heavily invested in ISA and PCI controllers or peripheral technology, the ETX form factor has stayed in demand through the years. ADLINK's current product planning will provide long term support for ETX well beyond 2025.

  • Earth Leakage Clamp

    Mors Smitt Group

    Suppose an installation is completely or partially out of order. The installer is called to solve the problem, and finds out that the RCD is causing the trouble. When a difference between phase and neutral occurs, the RCD trips, due to an obvious leakage to earth. Frequently tripping means a continuous leakage. The most logical reason for this problem is an decreased insulation resistance to phase and earth. In order to detect this problem, the installer decides to perform an insulation resistance test. To do so, all cables of the installation will need to be diverted and disconnected from the installation. In addition to this the installation is equipped with high sensitive appliances and equipment. Performing an insulation resistance test will seriously damage these devices.

  • Electrical Components Testing

    TUV Rheinland Inc

    To be successful on the market, the safety, quality, durability, and reliability of your products are essential.Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the products they place on the market meet all relevant regulations. Ensuring that your customers receive safe components of high quality is critical to the longevity of your business.Every part of an electrical appliance can be hazardous and one defective component can lead to disastrous results. Our experience and scope of accreditations help you to meet local and global electrical product safety regulations. As one of the largest certifiers within the CB Scheme TÜV Rheinland Group has vast experience in a broad range of product testing.

  • Intelligent Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Control Box

    NRNY - Wuhan Nanrui Electric Co,. Ltd

    NRNY series intelligent power frequency withstand voltage control box is designed based on the latest national industry standard, its safe, reliable, powerful, easy to use, easy to maintenance, mainly used for a variety of electrical products, electrical components, insulation materials etc. Under the specified voltage to test the insulative strength, to asses the insulation level, then find the defective product and measure the ability of over voltage, is the preferred product for  relevant electrical departments, electrical appliances manufacturing enterprises, metallurgy, coal, railway electrification relevant departments, research institutes and universities, and other relative department.

  • Test Handler

    Memory Family - Advantest Corp.

    As semiconductors proliferate and continue to increase in complexity, they are found in an ever-expanding array of state-of-the-art applications, including PCs, digital appliances, mobile devices, and automobiles. To meet the demands of this diverse set of end-user requirements and to keep their products differentiated from the competition, device manufacturers continually pursue new technologies, and there are now over 100 IC package types offered. To this end, with time-to-market a critical measure for success, device manufacturers are seeking ways to get better performance from their equipment, while reducing the production time and labor associated with frequent changes in package types.

  • Earth Contact Resistance Tester


    SCR ELEKTRONIKS have developed an equipment namely Earth Contact Resistance Tester to test the appliance. To ensure the safety of operator it is essential that the Earth path (connection) should offer minimum impedance to by pass short circuit Current to Earth. This is ensured by measuring Resistance of the Earth path by passing heavy Current say 25 A. The Earth Contact Resistance Tester essentially comprises of a Variable Current source with digital Ammeter to measure the Current supplied. The Voltage drop across the Earth path is measured with a digital Voltmeter. Optionally for a particular Current (25 A) the meter can be calibrated in terms of Resistance. A timer is provided to switch off the Current after the Set Time.

  • Vibration Testing Equipment

    Wewon Environmental Chambers Co, Ltd.

    In Wewon, We have 2 powerful Vibration Testing Equipment. The Vibration Testing Equipment A is : EV210H0808VCSusb-E; The Vibration Testing Equipment B is: EV232H0809VCSusb-E. Technical parameters as below blank forms mentioned, The mainly difference is Sine Excitation Force, Frequency Range, Vibration Table’s size. Application for Vibration Test Equipment : The vibration test is to inspire or impact a part or device to see how it reacts in a real environment. The application of vibration test is very extensive, from the circuit board, aircraft, ships, rockets, missiles, automobiles and household appliances and other industrial products.


    FWBELL 4000 series - Integrity Design and Reseach Corp.

    Typical Applications include checking the 50 and 60 Hz magnetic fields (EMF) produced by equipments such as AC Power Lines, Office Equipment, Video Display Terminals, Household Appliances, home and Building Inspection, etc.. Magnetic fields are invisible radiations, the best method to measure the strength fields is to use one of the accurate gauss meters offer by Integrity Design & Research corp.


    4100 Series - Integrity Design and Reseach Corp.

    Typical Applications include checking the 50 and 60 Hz magnetic fields (EMF) produced by equipments such as AC Power Lines, Office Equipment, Video Display Terminals, Household Appliances, home and Building Inspection, etc.. Magnetic fields are invisible radiations, the best method to measure the strength fields is to use one of the accurate gauss meters offer by Integrity Design & Research corp.

  • Digital Insulation Resistance Tester

    DMEG3 - UEi Test & Measurement Instruments

    The DMEG3 Megohmmeter allows you to predict, prevent and identify insulation failures that can cause appliance failure, stop production, create power problems and even put lives at risk. It quickly tests insulation integrity on motors, power distribution systems and other installed wiring. 600V AC measurement capability. Insulation resistance ranges 0 - 2000 MO Three test-voltage ranges (250, 500, 1000 V DC).

  • Power Electronics

    Ansys Corporation

    As microprocessors gain speed and reliability, more electronic controls and electrical content are being applied to traditional mechanical and hydraulic processes. Power electronic and mechatronic systems are increasing operational efficiency and delivering advanced automation features through a blend of mechanical, electronics and embedded software components. Aircraft, automobiles, defense systems, machine tools, home appliances, toys and many other products are based on power electronic and mechatronic systems.

  • Micro-Computer Universal Testing Machine

    SG-L06 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    These series of universal testing machine are used to test tension, compression, bend, shearing force, adhesion, peeling force, tear strength,...etc. of specimen, semi-product and finished product in the field of rubber, plastic, metal, nylon, fabric, paper, aviation, packing, architecture, petrochemistry, electric appliance, automobile,...etc. , which are the basic facilites for input quality contorl (I.Q.C), Quality Control (Q.C.), Physical Inspection, Mechanics Research and Material Development.