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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • QuikCheck Analyzer Series

    KPM Analytics

    Easy-to-use analyzers for rapid lab and at-line analysis of moisture, oil, and coat weight. Versatile sampling options for the analysis of powders, solids, and pastes.

  • Water Color Analyzer

    Aztec AW637 - ABB Ltd.

    The Aztec 600 color analyzer has been designed specifically for the measurement of water color through the drinking water treatment process for coagulation optimization.

  • Portable Gas Analyzer

    PG-300 Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The PG-300 is a compact and lightweight stack gas analyzer that can simultaneously measure up to five separate gas components. Its capability of providing precise measurement has been proven for field measurements and also for laboratory applications. The PG-300 series also offers the capability to measure methane (CH4). A 20% weight reduction over previous PG models and integration of shock-resistant side guards make the PG-300 a robust analyzer for use in the field. An optional electronic cooler unit is available for long-term measurements for severe monitoring applications as gas turbines, boilers, and incinerators PG-300 series versatility makes the analyzers suitable for investigating environmental problems, evaluating catalyst performance, and for controlling process gas streams.

  • Gas Elements Analyzer

    CS-3000G - NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    Dual Combustion Furnace Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer CS-3000G which can be used to detect the content of carbon or sulfur in metals, alloys and organic materials. CS-3000G Dual Combustion Furnace Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer, newly launched by NCS in 2011, is a high-end combined infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer of world-leading technology. Due to the diversity of specimens of users and analytical methods, the instrument is equipped with two sets of sample pre-treatment units, i.e. high frequency induction furnace and tubular resistance furnace. The resistance furnace and the high frequency induction furnace share the same infrared detection system for the detection of content of output gases to be detected. It is easy to switch between the two furnaces.CS-3000G Dual Combustion Furnace Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer can be used for the detection of carbon and sulfur in a wide range of specimens, such as steel, cast iron, alloy, metal ore, ceramics, cement, lime, rubber, coal, coke, refractory, carbide, graphite, oil, catalyst, soil and other solid materials.

  • Explosion-Proof Gas Analyzer

    51 Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    HORIBA’s 51 Series of explosion-proof analyzers provide safe, reliable and accurate measurements when analyzing flammable gases or operating in explosive environments. The 51 Series complies with IEC 60079. The 51 Series explosion-proof analyzers infrared allow for the measurement of CO, CO2, CH4 and other organic gases. The TCA-51 uses a thermal conductivity detector for H2 measurements and the MPA-51 and PMA-51 models integrate magneto-pneumatic and paramagnetic detectors for O2 measurements.

  • DC Power Analyzer

    Keysight Technologies

    DC Power Analyzer provides unrivaled productivity gains when sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into a DUT. The Keysight N6705C DC Power Analyzer is a highly integrated instrument that combines up to four advanced DC power supplies, DMM, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator and datalogger. It provides an easy-to-use interface, with all sourcing and measuring functions available from the front panel. The N6705C makes these tasks easy:

  • Process Moisture Analyzer

    QMA601 - Michell Instruments

    The QMA601 Process Moisture Analyzer provides highly reliable, fast and accurate measurement of moisture content in a wide variety of carrier gases. It has a lower detection limit of 0.1 ppmV with reliable accuracy at sub-ppm trace moisture levels. Using Michell’s latest developments in Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology the analyzer measures moisture levels effectively even in gases with changing background compositions. It is fully certified for use in hazardous areas.

  • Power Quality Analyzers

    GF334 - Beijing GFUVE Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    Handheld harmonics power analyzer is suitable for power company, technical supervision department, industrial, mining, petroleum as well as chemical, home appliances and manufacturing enterprises.

  • Oil-In-Water Analyzer

    RTG100 - Mirmorax AS

    The Mirmorax Oil-in-Water analyzer is based on an ultrasonic measurement technique which is a direct measurement on individual acoustic echoes that are characterized using advanced signal processing.

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer

    ID OSA - ID Photonics GmbH

    This instrument is a versatile Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) based on a coherent detection principle provides picometer class spectral resolution across the C-Band (1528.5 – 1567.5nm).

  • Scalar Network Analyzer

    8003 - Spanawave Corporation

    The Spanawave Model 8003 Precision Scalar Network Analyzer combines a 90 dB wide dynamic range with the accuracy and linearity of a power meter in a signal instrument.

  • Semiconductor Thermal Analyzers

    Analysis Tech Inc.

    Analysis Tech Semiconductor Thermal Analyzers measure semiconductor junction temperatures using the electric method of junction temperature measurement on all types of semiconductor devices.

  • Portable Metal Analyzer

    SPECTROPORT - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    When handhelds aren't enough, the amazing new SPECTROPORT portable metal analyzer applies more advanced OES technology in a unit as easy to use as a handheld analyzer. SPECTROPORT delivers many advantages of SPECTRO's portable OES flagship, SPECTROTEST, in a smaller, lighter package. It accurately analyzes elements such as carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, and boron. It's as fast as an XRF, with many analyses taking only a few seconds. And it enables effortless point-and-shoot performance, to minimize operator intervention and decision-making. It adds the convenience and simplicity of the best handheld analyzers to the accuracy and wide analytical range of SPECTRO's renowned OES technology. You get fast, ready response; flexible portability; intuitive ease of use; and minimal standardization efforts.

  • Portable Spectrum Analyzer

    LP Technologies

    LPT-3000 Portable Spectrum AnalyzerThe LP Technologies LPT-3000 Spectrum Analyzer is a fully synthesized RF Spectrum Analyzer featuring simple user controls which allow the novice or the seasoned expert to use the LPT-3000 right out of box. The LPT3000 provides you with a powerful RF test and measurement tool for CDMA and WCDMA RF systems, broadcast RF systems, EMI/EMC. The features include 6.4 color display, centronics printer, internal memory, USB host, built in CDMA measurement (ACP, Channel Power and Occupied bandwidth). The LPT 3000 Spectrum Analyzer gives educational institutions, mobile and communication system manufactures and RF product service centers a quality RF test instrument at an unbelievably affordable price.

  • Fluctuation Sound Analyzer

    OS-2760 - Ono Sokki

    Fluctuation Sound Analyzer the OS-2760 is package software consists of the OS-2700 and plug-in options including fluctuation sound analyzer which is developed with new concept of sound quality evaluation parameter. This software makes clear sound features based on the two axes of frequency and fluctuating frequency by using new concept of [time fluctuation] as well as six parameters of physical quantities such as loudness, sharpness, roughness, fluctuation strength, AI (Articulation Index), tonality.

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