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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • MDS Audio Spectrum Analyser

    Aidiga Ltd.

    Display and storage of actual audio or radio spectrum in the four different time domains.Display and storage actual spectrum occupation of the specified frequency ranges and channels.Channels count - 1 (mono)Vertical resolution - 16 bit (max dynamic range - 96 dB)Digitizer - audio cardAudio data recording - NOMax-hold spectrum data - YES

  • Network Analysers

    Algodue elettronica

    DIN 96x96 ultra compact version, only 39 mm depthFully bi-directional four quadrants measurements for all energies and powersMain electrical parameters measured and displayed for a cost-effective consumption analysisVersion for 1 or 5A CT and for direct connection up to 6APossibility to connect by PTUp to 8 MB for data recording (ENH version)Possibility to record all energy counters (ENH version)Up to 24 parameters selectable among real time measurements for MIN/AVG/MAX recording (ENH version)MODBUS RTU/ASCII communication by RS485 port or MODBUS TCP communication by Ethernet portPossibility to manage the instrument in remote mode by WintoolNET software or by Web server interface2 digital outputs, 1 digital input, 1 analog output (optional)


    STAR3DIN - Elcontrol Energy Net S.r.l.

    The STAR3 din is the latest instrument available from Elcontrol Energy Net. This high quality panel energy analyser provides brillant features at a price never reached before. The new bright LCD display, the harmonic analysis, the wide set of measured parameters including the TDH available in all the models, the multi-protocol capability of the RS485 port and the high accuracy class 0.5%, the 3 years warranty period, allow to consider the STAR3 the new state of art of the of the panel analysers market.

  • Power Quality Analyser

    iSTAT M355 - GE Grid Solutions

    The iSTAT M355 is a Power Quality Analyser that provides measurements to IEC 61000-4-30. 2008 Class A and reports Power Quality compliance to EN50160: 2011. Sampling at a rate of 31 kHz (620 samples per cycle at 50Hz) and true RMS measurement gives accurate readings under all harmonic conditions, with Measurement accuracy better than 0.1% and Class 0.2S Energy.

  • Panel Mounted Power Quality and Energy Monitor.

    PM7503 - Outram Research Ltd (ORL)

    The PM7503 Power Quality and Energy Monitor is a panel mounted variant of our top of the range PM7000 Power Quality Analyser. As with the PM7000 and P7000FLM, as well as recording all other important power quality parameters, the PM7503 with the optional Interharmonics upgrade is able to record 100 Voltage or Current harmonics on all 4 inputs at the same time.

  • LED Analyser

    Feasa Enterprises

    The Feasa Analyser is an innovative solution for testing multiple LEDs simultaneously for Color and Brightness. There are two Models, Feasa-I(ICT) and Feasa-F(Functional). These can be ordered in 3, 5, 10 and 20 Channel configurations.

  • Gas Analyser and Smokemeter

    mOByDic-5000 combi - Ozen Elektronik Inc.

    This device is provided for official exhaust emission testing. a PC based software allows to implement country specific regulation.

  • Grain Moisture Analyser

    Perten AM5200 - Calibre

    The AM5200 is a bench top moisture meter providing moisture and specific weight measurements in just 10 seconds. The high frequency technology penetrates deep into samples, providing more accurate analysis, regardless of temperature or crop type. This particular machine draws upon Perten’s extensive research and development with over 1,000 different types of grain moisture testing equipment, to offer unmatched analysis in terms of accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

  • Harmonics & Flicker Analyser

    AC2000A - Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    The Laplace Harmonics and Flicker analyser provides the user with a complete system for testing product compliance with IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-3-3. Quick and easy to use, the built-in screen provides a clear pass/fail indication of compliance status, plus a full listing of results for each harmonic, in either tabular of bargraph format. The instrument is properly configured to cope with fluctuating harmonics. The Flicker mode provides proper measurement of short term and long term parameters, using algorithms specified in IEC61000-4-15. In addition, inrush current measurements can be automated such that the product under test can be automatically cycled on/off with user entered time profiles.

  • LED Spectrometer

    Feasa Enterprises

    The New Feasa LED Spectrometer has been designed specifically to allow testing of LEDs on populated PCBs where access is limited. The Feasa LED Spectrometer includes customised on-board firmware for automatic colour calculation in multiple colour spaces. It uses a similar easy to use set of commands as the Feasa LED Analyser. When your quality demands Traceable Measurements the Feasa LED Spectrometer provide an ideal solution.

  • Infrared LED Analyser

    Feasa Enterprises

    The IR LED Analyser has a unique fiber which has been specially selected and prepared and must be used in conjunction with the Feasa Optical Head that was specifically designed for Infrared LED Testing.

  • Mobile Metal Analyser

    TEST-MASTER Pro - Oxford Instruments plc

    It is optimised for continuous operation and is ideally suited for heavy industrial and fully automated applications. Easy and fast testing Precise analysis and material identification State-of-the-art technology

  • Portable Gas Analyser

    Lancom 4 - Ametek Land

    The Lancom 4 is a compact, portable combustion and emissions analyser for checking or testing a boiler system or pollutant process. Building on the success of the Lancom III, the Lancom 4 represents the next generation of portable gas analyser technology. It has the capability to monitor up to 9 different gases, and a total of 17 measurement parameters simultaneously. The Lancom 4 offers the best accuracy available from a portable gas analyser, achieved by using an advanced sample conditioning system.

  • Combustion

    Sauermann Group

    Our combustion gas analysers are compatible with a wide range of machines, such as engines, industrial boilers, incinerators and industrial furnaces. They can be used to assess various combustion parameters, from efficiency and yield to CO, O, NOx and other gas concentrations in flue and exhaust gases.

  • Pitot Tube Flow Meter

    PTFM-1000V2 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The Pitot Tube Flow Meter, PTFM-1000V2 is a standalone interface for measuring exhaust gas flow rate of combustion engines. The system uses the tried-and-tested pitot tube principle with high-frequency transducers to accurately measure highly pulsating exhaust flows with a sampling rate of 1kHz. This rapid capture rate ensures that any pulsations or exotic behaviour in an engine is measured, and the unique design of the PTFM pitot tube means reverse flows can be measured with the same guarantee of sensitivity. The interface can be run standalone with a laptop, or seamlessly integrated to run alongside an analyser system without adding any more steps to the test cycle process.

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