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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Asphalt Testing Equipment

    ELE International

    ELE international manufactures a comprehensive range of field and laboratory asphalt testing equipment to ensure compliance with quality and performance specifications. Traditional methods of binder content analysis involved the use of solvents, but due to environmental concerns ELE has developed an Asphalt Binder Analyser which uses an ignition method and thereby avoids the use of harmful solvents. Loss on heating and a rolling thin-film oven are used for testing bitumen, flash and fire point are measured with the Cleveland Flash Cup Apparatus, and the Ring and Ball test enables the measurement of the softening point.

  • Accelerometers

    Monitran Ltd.

    Monitran General Purpose Analysis Sensors are ideal for use with portable and on-line vibration analysers, providing the user with a complete spectrum of vibration intensity against frequency. Changes in this spectrum allow the user to determine the health of the machinery to which the sensor is attached. Most analysers will store the spectral values and monitor changes over a period of time, allowing prediction of expected component life and enabling efficient planning of maintenance schedules.

  • FPI Tuneable Diode Laser Gas Analysers

    Quantitech Limited

    The LGA range of process gas analysers delivers the well-established benefits of TDLAS technology, (high specificity, fast response, super-low maintenance) with proven reliability in harsh operating environments and the advantage of world-leading low ownership costs. Developed out of Stanford University California, the cradle of TDLAS commercialisation, FPi was established in China in 2002 LGA solutions are displacing traditional analytical techniques.

  • Magnetic Stripe Analysers

    Barnes International Ltd

    Companies who aim to deliver the highest quality magnetic media products to their clients choose Barnes Magnetic Stripe Analysers. They are used by magnetic stripe card producers, card and ticket manufacturers and bureaus for ISO and CQM testing, production quality control, encoding equipment maintenance and development.

  • 3-Phase Power and Energy Analyser

    PQ55A - Beha-Amprobe

    * Cpmprehensive real-time monitoring, recording and analysis of 3-phase systems* Voltage measurement (true RMS)* Current measurement (true RMS)* Power factor measurement* Phase angle measurement* Power analysis (active, apparent and reactive power)* 4. Current clamp for neutral line current measurement* Suitable for use in housing construction, offices and small businesses

  • Energy Analyser

    Duca-LCD96 - Ducati energia S. p. A.

    Energy Analyser for front-panel mounting 96x96, for Single-Phase/Three-Phase systems with 5-lines wide LCD screen, Co-generation Energy measurement and "Wide Range" Power Supply (24 - 240 Vac/dc). Optional RS485 serial line interface, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, Analog interface 4-20mA, pulse readings.

  • Energy Analyser

    DUCA-LCD - Ducati energia S. p. A.

    Energy Analyser for DIN-rail mounting (4 modules), for Single-Phase/Three-Phase systems with Graphic LCD screen, Co-generation Energy measurement and "Wide Range" Power Supply (24 - 240 Vac/dc); voltage and current waveforms and harmonics measurement and visualization; 2 digital output for pulses or alarms; 2 digital pulse input. Optional RS485 serial line interface (Modbus or ASCII_DUCBUS), Ethernet Interface (Webserver / Modbus-TCP).

  • Chemical Analysis and Corrosion Testing

    Keighley Laboratories LTD

    Performing chemical analysis of metal alloys including both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.Chemical analysis involves determining the chemical constituents of metals and related materials.An industry leader and co-operating laboratory for qualifying Calibration Standards for Chemical Analysis.Our chemical laboratory processes include Spectroscopy – Optical Emission Inductively Coupled Plasma, gas analysers, wet chemical, Intercrystalline/ Intergranular Corrosion (including G28, G48 etc).

  • Line Tester

    LT51 - H Heuer Instruments Pty Ltd.

    The LT51 Line Tester is a portable handheld battery powered instrument for Data, DSL, Telephone, Voice Copper Line testing. It combines the features of several pieces of test equipment such as a Level Meter / Spectrum Analyser, Distortion Analyser, Oscillator, Handheld DMM and TDR in the one small lightweight package.

  • Dust and Opacity Compliance Monitors

    Ametek Land

    LAND has a range of opacity, dust, smoke and particulates monitors which are the most advanced available, using patented measurement technology to give high accuracy. The analysers (which comprise a transmitter and a reflector) are mounted across the stack, the optical measurement technique uses no moving parts, giving the highest possible reliability with very low maintenance.

  • Power, Energy and Disturbance Analysers

    Chauvin Arnoux Metrix

    Designed for test and maintenance departments working in industrial or administrative buildings, it can be used to obtain a snapshot of the main features characterizing the quality of the electrical network.

  • MDS Spectrum Analyser

    Aidiga Ltd.

    Display and storage of real time radio spectrum in four different time domains.Display and storage of real time spectrum occupation and signal activity of the specified frequency ranges, communication channels.Real time signal finding in specified frequency ranges and listening to the found signals by additional "drop frequency" receiver.Long lasting radio spectrum monitoring and data registration for the post-time analysis.

  • MDS Audio Spectrum Analyser

    Aidiga Ltd.

    Display and storage of actual audio or radio spectrum in the four different time domains.Display and storage actual spectrum occupation of the specified frequency ranges and channels.Channels count - 1 (mono)Vertical resolution - 16 bit (max dynamic range - 96 dB)Digitizer - audio cardAudio data recording - NOMax-hold spectrum data - YES

  • Network Analysers

    Algodue elettronica

    DIN 96x96 ultra compact version, only 39 mm depthFully bi-directional four quadrants measurements for all energies and powersMain electrical parameters measured and displayed for a cost-effective consumption analysisVersion for 1 or 5A CT and for direct connection up to 6APossibility to connect by PTUp to 8 MB for data recording (ENH version)Possibility to record all energy counters (ENH version)Up to 24 parameters selectable among real time measurements for MIN/AVG/MAX recording (ENH version)MODBUS RTU/ASCII communication by RS485 port or MODBUS TCP communication by Ethernet portPossibility to manage the instrument in remote mode by WintoolNET software or by Web server interface2 digital outputs, 1 digital input, 1 analog output (optional)


    STAR3DIN - Elcontrol Energy Net S.r.l.

    The STAR3 din is the latest instrument available from Elcontrol Energy Net. This high quality panel energy analyser provides brillant features at a price never reached before. The new bright LCD display, the harmonic analysis, the wide set of measured parameters including the TDH available in all the models, the multi-protocol capability of the RS485 port and the high accuracy class 0.5%, the 3 years warranty period, allow to consider the STAR3 the new state of art of the of the panel analysers market.

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