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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Gasmet Portable FTIR Emissions Gas Analyser

    DX4000 - Quantitech Limited

    A Portable FTIR analyser with heated gas sample cell capable of the simultaneous measurement of up to 50 compounds.With applications in environmental, emissions and process analysis, the DX4000 measures combustion gases, VOCs and GHGs - all measured at sub-ppm concentrations.

  • Handheld Circuit Breaker And Timer Analyser

    CAT-H Series - Amperis sl

    The operation of the breaker can be initiated in different ways (e.g. from a control room, by a local breaker or externally by a test device) depending on the test conditions. Various time measurement triggers are available to record a measurement under a different test condition:*Coil control channel*Continuous current clamping channel*DC voltage channel

  • Handheld RF Spectrum Analyser

    HSA-Q1 - JJN Electronics

    The HSA-Q1 is a fully integrated portable RF Spectrum Analyser designed specifically for professional countermeasures use. With a frequency range of 0 to 13.4 GHz and sweep time of just half a second, it offers unprecented performance in a truly handheld package.

  • Handheld Serial Data Analyser

    SDA-02 - New Forest Electronics

    Non-intrusively displays, captures and analyses electrical asynchronous data. Directly accepts RS232, RS485/422 and CMOS/TTL signal levels. Modbus over Serial Line protocol capability (RTU & ASCII), automatically checks & generates CRC/LRC, can act as master or slave.

  • Handheld XRF analyser

    X-MET8000 EXPERT GEO - Oxford Instruments plc

    Handheld XRF analyser for environmental soil screening and mining analysis. The X-MET8000 Expert Geo is a handheld XRF analyser for geochemistry applications including fast on-site environmental screening, mining exploration, planning and grade control. Easy to use and designed to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions, the X-MET8000 Expert Geo offers results in seconds with real time data sharing for fast decision making.

  • Handheld XRF Analysers

    X-MET8000 range - Hitachi High-Technologies Corp.

    The X-MET8000 range of handheld X-ray fluorescence (HHXRF) analysers delivers the performance needed for rapid alloy grade identification and accurate chemistry of a wide variety of materials (solid and powder metals, polymers, wood, solutions, soil, ores, minerals etc). The X-MET is practical, rugged and easy to use to deliver results you can trust.

  • Hand-Helod Grain Protein & Moisture Meter

    Grainsense - Calibre

    GrainSense is a revolutionary hand-held grain moisture metre which provides direct and in field data on Grain protein. GrainSense provides the ability for measure grain protein, moisture and nitrogen levels in the first truly portable format. Packaged in a robust and handheld format, the GrainSense moisture analyser provides real time results on grain nitrogen and moisture levels direct to you in the field - allowing you to manage your farm and crops based on direct data, saving you money and time.

  • Home Network Analyser

    microVB - Bridge Technologies Co AS

    The microVB is a breakthrough in both form-factor and functionality for real-time analysis of customer home network performance. This unobtrusive device provides deep packet inspection and end-to-end visibility in broadcast quality media delivery over any IP based infrastructure including OTT media in unmanaged networks.

  • Lactoscan MCC Milk Analyser


    The Lactoscan MCC Milk Analyser makes quick analysis of milk and liquid Dairy products in just 30 seconds. The MCC uses Ultrasonic analysis to determine a wide range of parameters with just a small milk or Dairy sample.

  • Level Test Set

    ET 91 - Elektronika

    100 Hz to 2.4 MHz selective/wideband Level Meter & Generator,with Spectrum Analyser and Z/RL/LCL Bridge

  • LISN & Voltage Probes

    Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    All commercial LISNs include an artificial hand connection and a transient limiter. This adds a 30dB insertion loss. A 30dB pre-amplifier is included which can be connected in the RF output feed to return the insertion loss to 0dB. The Voltage Probe requirement is covered by our PLIP (Power LIne Interference Probe). This fully meets the requirements of CISPR16, but has additional features:*Fully galvanic isolation between input and output (>1kV), for the safety of operator and analyser!*Shrouded safety clips for attachment to the line to be measured.*Filtered frequency response matched to Band A and B.*Current limiting on the output.*Visual indication of high voltage input.

  • MDS Audio Oscilloscope / Spectrum Analyser

    Aidiga Ltd.

    Sampling frequency: 8 000 - 192 000 HzVertical resolution: 16 bitSound card selection: YESChannels count: 2Channels modes: independent, I master - II slave, II master - I slaveMath: Ch1=Ch1+Ch2; Ch1=Ch1-Ch2; Ch2=Ch2+Ch1; Ch2=Ch2-Ch1Signal reconstruction: YESPretrigger: YESTrigger events: above, below, free runInternal trigger: YESExternal trigger: two channel mode - NO, single channel mode - YESData visualisation modes: single, continuous displayFFT points count: 8 - 2 097 152FFT Window functions: Rectangular, Gauss, Hamming, Hann, Bartlett, Triangular, Bartlett-Hann, Blackman, Nutall, Blackman-Harris, Blackman-Nutall, Flat TopOscilloscope amplitude axis units of measurement: Volts (nV...kV), Sample Value (smp)

  • MDS Data Analyser

    Aidiga Ltd.

    Read and display in a single Waterfall diagram of selected data files.Max, Average, Min mathematical functions on selected data area.Copying data from selected visual area to a single data file.Filtering of collected data with Background spectrum.Rainbow Color based signal recurrency visualisation.Custom data processing (analysis) modules.

  • Metals Analyser

    Vulcan - Oxford Instruments plc

    Vulcan is the fastest metals analyser available, taking just one second to measure metal alloys - that’s faster than any XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyser or any other laser product on the market. In quality control and quality assurance this means that large inventories of incoming raw materials or finished parts can be checked very quickly. Large quantities of scrap metal can be sorted in scrapyards easily and fast. Vulcan offers high performance and guarantees very high accuracy and precision for its analysis results. For example, when analysing aluminium, it not only provides the commercial grade of aluminium but also its accurate chemical composition. As Vulcan is so simple to operate, possible user error has been significantly reduced if not almost completely eliminated, so the results obtained from analysis will be reliable and consistent.

  • MiniSonic Support Software

    Lindos Electronics

    The DigiSonic, MiniSonic and LA100 Audio Analysers can operate either as convenientstand-alone units or under remote control. By running the Lin4win PCsoftware supplied with every unit the user benefits from a clear controlpanel which displays both channels on large bar graphs as well as digitalreadouts to 0.01dB resolution. Lin4Win automatically detects which hardware unit is being usedand configures the available features accordingly.Sequence results can be read from the measuring set to display a detailed results page (the same is produced through direct printing from an LA100).Scalable graphs of frequency response andthe ability to cut and paste results allows the user to easily produce theirown in-house reports in what ever DTP package they choose.

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