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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Energy Analyser

    Duca-LCD96 - Ducati energia S. p. A.

    Energy Analyser for front-panel mounting 96x96, for Single-Phase/Three-Phase systems with 5-lines wide LCD screen, Co-generation Energy measurement and "Wide Range" Power Supply (24 - 240 Vac/dc). Optional RS485 serial line interface, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, Analog interface 4-20mA, pulse readings.

  • Energy Analyser

    DUCA-LCD - Ducati energia S. p. A.

    Energy Analyser for DIN-rail mounting (4 modules), for Single-Phase/Three-Phase systems with Graphic LCD screen, Co-generation Energy measurement and "Wide Range" Power Supply (24 - 240 Vac/dc); voltage and current waveforms and harmonics measurement and visualization; 2 digital output for pulses or alarms; 2 digital pulse input. Optional RS485 serial line interface (Modbus or ASCII_DUCBUS), Ethernet Interface (Webserver / Modbus-TCP).

  • Software - for controlling Cleverscope

    Cleverscope Ltd.

    Cleverscope Windows Application Software. Note we have added the Frequency Response Analyser (FRA) and Streaming capability to our Cleverscope application and so now it is available with all variants of our products, including units you have already bought. For power supply and power plane measurements you do need the isolated CS701 signal generator.We also now have the CS448 with four 1kV isolated channels with CMRR > 100 dB at 50 MHz.

  • Solder Paste Analyser

    SPA 1000 - Gen3 Systems Limited

    The SPA 1000 also introduces new process control capability by accurately measuring the suitability of the solder paste prior to its implementation on the production line. It achieves this by determining the "Open-Time" for the paste. It also performs the Slump Test and both of these methods provide a "Go/No Go" answer in less than 30 minutes to ensure minimum delay for the production line.

  • Sorter

    IV-200I - In.D Solution

    IV-200I is a sorter for package in pocket tape that features a lot summary information. This product is used for mapping data with Defect Code Data/Report as well as exporting data or report archiving. IV-200I works well with an In.D X-ray Image Analyser.

  • Sound and Vibration Analyser

    SVAN 977 - Acu-Vib Electronics Acoustic & Vibration

    The SVAN 977 provides broadband results with all the standard weighting filters and also offers an incredible time history logging capability providing broadband results and spectra with adjustable double (long and short) logging steps. Audio recording can be performed simultaneously with time history logging as either a separate wave file or as audio events inside time history files. This solution enables noise source recognition and data post-processing. Manual and automatic triggering of audio recording is also available. Measurement results are recorded in three acoustic or vibration profiles enabling measurements to be performed with 3 different filters (e.g. A, C, Z) and 3 different detector time constants (e.g. Fast, Slow, Impulse).

  • Source to Object Code Analyser

    RTT-STO - Verified Systems International GMBH

    RTT-STO is a software analysis tool-suite that automatically performs static program analyses of C code and assembly required to receive certification credit for source-to-object code validation in the context of safety-critical avionics software.

  • Spectrometer

    MB3000 - PIMACS CO., LTD.

    The ABB MB3000 is the most reliable FT-IR laboratory analyser in the market with the lowest cost of ownership. Combined with the intuitive Horizon MBTM FTIR software, the MB3000 will facilitate acquisition, processing and analysis of samples.

  • SpW-10X Router ASIC Evaluation Kit

    AT7910E - STAR-Dundee

    The SpW-10X Router ASIC Evaluation Kit is designed to provide the user with an easy platform to evaluate the SpW10-X Router ASIC from Atmel. Also known as the AT7910E, the SpW-10X Router ASIC is the most versatile, configurable, and easiest to use radiation tolerant SpaceWire routing device available. The Evaluation Kit is ready to work “out-the-box” and can save months of development whilst reducing risk and costs. With 8 SpaceWire ports on the front, two parallel FIFO ports and a time-code interface on the back much of the evaluation work can be performed without opening the unit. However, inside the unit each signal from the ASIC is brought out to a standard 0.1” pitch header to allow an easy connection to a logic analyser or oscilloscope. To ensure authenticity, various input and output signals are not buffered, enabling the user to closely monitor the behaviour of the ASIC. Included with the SpW-10X Router ASIC Evaluation Kit is a power brick and a full user manual highlighting test points and switches.


    KoCoS Messtechnik AG

    Wafer edge and notch profile measurementThe use of smaller and smaller patterns in the semiconductor industry calls for increasingly advanced materials of extremely high quality. In response to the steady improvements in the quality of wafers, KoCoS Automation has developed WATOM, a wafer edge and notch profile measurement tool which heralds a new era of extremely precise wafer geometry measurement.WATOM supports quality assurance throughout the wafer manufacturing process, starting at the very beginning and continuing on through to wafer reclaim.The WATOM Edge and Notch Wafer Geometry Analyser sets the worldwide benchmark for the quality assurance of geometrical measurements in semiconductor wafer manufacturing, combining the highest quality standards with top-class service. These high-precision, laser-based edge profile measurement tools are specially designed for optimum integration in manufacturing lines within the semiconductor industry.

  • Wave Solder Machine Analyser

    WaveShuttle Pro - Solderstar Ltd

    The WaveShuttle Pro is an intelligent fixture that measures all key parameters from a single pass through the wave soldering machine. Thermocouples are combined with titanium contact sensors, allowing manufacturers to gain a true performance measurement of the wave soldering process.

  • Waviness, Roundness and Form Analyser

    SKF Condition Monitoring Center

    Waviness testers from SKF allow analysis of the waviness on the components and thus give the production engineer a powerful tool to improve the production process. Because low noise and vibration of bearings is becoming more important, there is a high demand on the measuring accuracy and resolution.

  • Weld Testers

    ACM Instruments

    The Weld Tester is our most versatile electrochemical monitoring instrument. Housed in a substantial metal case with brushed anodised aluminium front panel and green military specification connectors this equipment looks functional and professional. The top row of connectors are exactly the same as provided on a Gill 12 whilst the bottom row are for the additional weld segments. Using the same Potentiostat, Galvanostat, Zero Resistance Ammeter with integrated Frequency Response Analyser and Sweep Generator as a Gill 12 allows all the tests supplied with the Gill 12 to be supplied with the Weld Tester.

  • Wholegrain NIR Analyser

    Perten IM9500 Plus - Calibre

    The Inframatic 9500 Plus NIR analyser is the fastest grain analyser on the market, built to meet the requirements of grain handing operations. It measures a wide range of grains and oilseeds for protein, moisture and more in 40 seconds.

  • Wi-Fi signal analysers

    PROMAX Electronica

    An advanced Wi-Fi analyser is essential to avoid channel interferences in large public or corporate wireless networks.

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