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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

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  • ARINC 429 Test & Simulation Interface for PCI Express

    PCIe-C429X - Avionics Interface Technologies

    16, 32, or 64 ARINC 429 Channels (up to 32 Tx & 32 Rx) - Programmable Tx channel output amplitude - Programmable High/Low Speed Operation - Eight (8) Discrete I/O (Four (4) inputs, and four (4) outputs) - Concurrent operation of all Tx/Rx Channels at high data rates - Full error injection and detection - Data capture filtering, 100% bus recording, and physical bus replay - Rate-oriented Label Transmission - Label Selective Trigger for Capture/Filtering - IRIG-B time code encoder/decoder with free-wheeling mode - Application Interface supporting C/C++, C# and VB.NET Development - Device driver support: Windows, Linux, LabVIEW Real-Time (others on request) - Compatible with AIT’s Flight Simulyzer GUI Bus Analyzer Software

  • Herbal Sensor

    CANNA Dx™ - CDx, Inc.

    Our first sensor, Canna, will enable you to identify the most important chemicals in cannabis and then relate them to how you feel when using that specific chemical combination. By using MyDx™ to detect THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid and Terpene ratios coupled with an extensive database of countless chemical combinations and their associated feelings, you will finally have the ability to find the best chemical profile that works for you all in one convenient, portable THC tester. By doing so, you also join a growing community of users that test and add new chemical combinations and related feelings each week. This is the perfect cannabis analyzer that allows you to do your own THC testing without the need to go to an expensive central laboratory.

  • Fibre Channel PXI Express Test & Simulation Instrument

    PXIe-FC4 - Avionics Interface Technologies

    3U PXIe form factor will fit into any PXIe or hybrid slot - Supports Point-to-Point, Switched Fabric, and Arbitrated Loop topologies - Two independent Fibre Channel ports - Two SFP sockets accept fiber or copper transceivers - Each port supports 1, 2, and 4 Gbps speeds - Comprehensive decoding of FC-1, FC-2, and Upper Layer Protocol (ULP) frames - Triggering and Filtering - Error Injection on any Header or Payload Parameter - Data Capture to on-board memory or disk file - Live Capture and Current Value Monitoring - IRIG-B Time Code Encoder/Decoder for Data Correlation - In-line Port Configuration for Transparent Analyzer - Supports multiple ULPs including FC-AE-ASM, FC-AE-RDMA, FC-AE-1553, and FC-AV - Supports HS-1760E applications, including AS5653, AS5625, and AS5627fcXplorer Windows-based FC Simulator and Analyzer Test Software

  • RC BGA Interposer, LPDDR4 200-ball, Rigid, Connects Using 2x U4207A

    W6602A - Keysight Technologies

    The W6602A LPDDR4 rigid RC BGA interposer for LPDDR4 200-ball DRAM enables capture of simultaneous read and write traffic at data rates and has been tested to 3200 MT/s. Two U4207A zero Ω, 34-channel, soft touch pro, single-ended, 4 x 160-pin direct connect probes are required to connect the W6602A LPDDR4 BGA interposer into two U4164A logic analyzer modules. The W6602A LPDDR4 rigid RC BGA interposer allows signal access to the LPDDR4 signals critical to your debug and validation effort through a U4164A logic analyzer system. The probe works in existing designs and eliminates the need for up-front planning or redesign. The probe connects directly to the balls of the DRAM using a LPDDR4 200-ball riser (included) or an optional 3rd party socket (not provided), enabling operation and acquisition of LPDDR4 signals.

  • Automated Measurement Expert (AMX), VNA Plugin

    S94702A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight automated measurement expert (AMX) is a smart software solution for automated multiport S-parameter measurements with the PXIe vector network analyzers M937xA/M9485A or the benchtop E5080A ENA network analyzer. The S94702A AMX VNA plugin adds S-parameter measurement capabilities to the Keysight test automation platform (TAP). The combination of the TAP and the VNA plugin forms the AMX backend software, which makes the VNA setups and executes the test sequences in the PXIe controller according to the optimized test sequence files generated by the AMX test plan builder. Other instrument plugins allow you to control the DUT mode, expand the number of test ports with the PXI switches or multiport test set, and use external instruments such as a DC power supply and a digital multimeter. The AMX backend software also provides step-by-step calibration wizard for full multiport calibration using the 4-port ECal module.

  • Preamplifiers

    LNA Series - Teseq AG

    Low noise amplifier with 12.5 dB of gain covering the nominal frequency range 1 MHz to 3 GHz and can be used in the range from 200 kHz to 4 GHz. With its high gain and low noise figure, it will significantly increase the sensitivity of virtually all spectrum analyzers and other RF measuring instruments. All measuring instruments have a 'noise figure', which is a measure of how good the instrument is at measuring low level signals, the lower this figure, the better, although the lowest signal level will still be governed by the measurement bandwidth. A typical spectrum analyzer may have a noise figure of 20 dB or more, whereas a typical receiver may have a noise figure of 10 dB. The preamplifier has a noise figure of typically 4 dB, significantly enhancing the low level performance of such instruments, enabling signals that were previously masked by noise to be seen.

  • Spectrum Analysis

    S95090B - Keysight Technologies

    The S95090B spectrum analyzer (SA) measurement software adds high-performance microwave spectrum analysis to PXI VNAs. With fast stepped-FFT sweeps resulting from optimized data processing, the SA software application provides quick spurious searches over broad frequency ranges. The S95090B software uses the PXI network analyzer's test and reference receivers to complete simultaneous spectrum measurements. Multi-channel SA measurements leverage the PXI VNA's internal swept-signal generators for efficient measurements of spurious signals emanating from mixers and frequency converters. The S95090B spectrum analyzer software application employs source-power and receiver-response calibration as well as fixture de-embedding, providing in-fixture and on-wafer spectrum measurements with the highest level of accuracy. Optional external attenuators should be connected with the VNA’s test ports to avoid receiver compression when measuring large signals.

  • Battery Internal Resistance Tester

    FST-7000 - Foresight Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Battery Conductance Tester is a portable digital measurement device for testing lead acid stationary batteries health and aging condition precisely within seconds. With the help of this device either single cells / blocks or large, multi group battery banks can be measured within a short time and the precisely measured data are processed and reported by given analyzer software automatically.

  • AC Power Sources

    i-iX Series II - AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc.

    The iX Series II represents a new generation of AC and DC power source that addresses increasing demands on test equipment to perform more functions at a lower cost. By combining a flexible AC/DC power source with a high performance power analyzer, the iX Series II systems are capable of handling complex applications that have traditionally required multiple instruments.

  • Transient Limiters

    Com-Power Corporation

    Transient limiter LIT-153A and LIT-930A protects a spectrum analyzer input from high-level transients from the line impedance stabilization networks during EMC conducted emissions testing. It has a combined frequency range of 9 kHz to 30 MHz. The built in high pass filter helps reduce 50/60 Hz line feed through. (see application notes)

  • Signal Integrity Measurement Systems

    GigaTest Labs

    GigaTest Labs is a Keysight Technologies Solutions Partner, offering fully configured signal integrity measurement systems for high bandwidth signal integrity characterization. Our wealth of experience with Keysight's Vector Network Analyzer and Time Domain Resonance Oscilloscope tools will help you navigate and understand different instrument capabilities & configuration options that will benefit your engineering team.

  • Complete Power Analysis System

    PK3564-PRO - Summit Technology, Inc.

    PK3564-PRO complete Power Analysis System includes PS3550 Power Analyzer, AC charger, Quick-Start manual, deluxe voltage leads, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, SD memory card, CAS3 hard-shell carrying case, PSM-A Software, Mini Line-to-DC Converter, Bluetooth Adapter, USB Communications Cable, and 1-year deluxe warranty.

  • Complete Power Analysis System

    PK3564-PRO+ - Summit Technology, Inc.

    PK3564-PRO+ complete Power Analysis System includes PS3550 Power Analyzer, AC charger, Quick-Start manual, deluxe voltage leads, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, SD memory card, PSM-A Software, Mini Line-to-DC Converter, Bluetooth Adapter, USB Communications Cable, CASW Weather-Resistant Carrying/Operating Case, and 2-year deluxe warranty.

  • Microprocessor Development System

    DS-85 - Ceibo Inc.

    * Real-Time and Transparent In-Circuit Emulator * Windows Debugger - Update 2009 * Symbolic Debugger compatible with Intel Object Files * 64K Hardware Breakpoints * 64K of Internal Memory * 32K x 32 Bit Trace Memory and Logic Analyzer with External Probes * Serially linked to IBM PC or Compatible Hosts * On-line Assembler and Disassembler * Source and Listing Windows

  • Fluke Test Equipment


    Fluke Test Equipment includes electrical test equipment, environmental test equipment, mechanical test equipment and more. Fiberinthebox supply a large range of Fluke Test Equipment, such as Fluke Fluke NetTool Inline Network Service Kit, Fluke Networks AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester, Fluke Networks Cable Strippers, Fluke Power Meter, Fluke Power Analyzers.

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