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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Analysis, Troubleshooting App

    Netspot - Etwok llc

    NetSpot is the only professional app for wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting on Mac OS X. It''s a FREE Wi-Fi analyzer. No need to be a network expert to improve your home or office Wi-Fi today! All you need is your MacBook running Mac OS X 10.6+ and NetSpot which works over any 802.11 network.

  • Fluke Test Equipment


    Fluke Test Equipment includes electrical test equipment, environmental test equipment, mechanical test equipment and more. Fiberinthebox supply a large range of Fluke Test Equipment, such as Fluke Fluke NetTool Inline Network Service Kit, Fluke Networks AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester, Fluke Networks Cable Strippers, Fluke Power Meter, Fluke Power Analyzers.

  • Microprocessor Development System

    DS-85 - Ceibo Inc.

    * Real-Time and Transparent In-Circuit Emulator * Windows Debugger - Update 2009 * Symbolic Debugger compatible with Intel Object Files * 64K Hardware Breakpoints * 64K of Internal Memory * 32K x 32 Bit Trace Memory and Logic Analyzer with External Probes * Serially linked to IBM PC or Compatible Hosts * On-line Assembler and Disassembler * Source and Listing Windows

  • Vacuum Process And Chamber Environment Monitors

    MKS Instruments

    Our process monitors are innovative in-situ process monitoring instruments that are fully integrated, application-specific packages, including component residual gas analyzers (RGAs), analytical equipment, and control software. Process mass spectrometers are used in varied applications, including; Semiconductor, Thin Film (CVD, Etch, PVD and degas), pharmaceutical lyophylization and bulk gas purity monitoring.

  • Tunable Laser Source

    dBm Optics, Inc.

    dBm Optics offers tunable laser sources for a variety of applications. For passive optical component testing, the TLS and either the dBm ComponentSpectrum Analyzer® (CSA) or the Model 4650 Swept Spectrometer® are designed to work hand-in-hand for fast, high-accuracy characterization ofinsertion loss (IL), polarization dependent loss (PDL) and optical return loss (ORL).

  • Insight Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

    Ametek Land

    Insight is a Windows based data acquisition software program, used for logging stack emissions measurement data directly from a LANCOM portable gas analyzer. Emissions data can be analyzed either as it is collected in real time, or during review of logged data. A range of statistical and graphical tools allow the user to perform measurements, manipulate, report, present and print data.

  • Complete Power Analysis System

    PK3564-PRO - Summit Technology, Inc.

    PK3564-PRO complete Power Analysis System includes PS3550 Power Analyzer, AC charger, Quick-Start manual, deluxe voltage leads, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, SD memory card, CAS3 hard-shell carrying case, PSM-A Software, Mini Line-to-DC Converter, Bluetooth Adapter, USB Communications Cable, and 1-year deluxe warranty.

  • Complete Power Analysis System

    PK3564-PRO+ - Summit Technology, Inc.

    PK3564-PRO+ complete Power Analysis System includes PS3550 Power Analyzer, AC charger, Quick-Start manual, deluxe voltage leads, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, SD memory card, PSM-A Software, Mini Line-to-DC Converter, Bluetooth Adapter, USB Communications Cable, CASW Weather-Resistant Carrying/Operating Case, and 2-year deluxe warranty.

  • Automated Meter Teste

    4 SERIES - Powermetrix Systems

    The 4 Series Automated Meter Tester is yet another innovative product introduced by Powermetrix. This analyzer boasts many features that make it the most functional, versatile, and user-friendly meter tester on the market today. It is a closed-link meter testing solution that sources current up to 30A or 50A (depending on model) and operates on all voltages up to 530V with no switch changes required. It also facilitates testing of most ANSI socket based meters using our newly-engineered universal zero insertion force meter socket. All this functionality comes in a field-rugged case yet is still the lightest product in its class by a wide margin. With models featuring internal reference standards of 0.02% and 0.04% accuracy, there is a 4 Series Automated Meter Tester available to fit virtually any need.

  • (B1500A-A20, B1500AU-020) Multi Frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit (MFCMU)

    B1520A - Keysight Technologies

    Keysight B1520A Multi Frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit (MFCMU) of Keysight B1500A is backed up by Keysight LCR meter technology and knowledge for many years. It can expand accurate capacitance measurement capability on the Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer. The combination of MFCMU and Source/Measure Units (SMUs) makes Keysight B1500A complete IV and CV measurement solution from basic IV to various capacitance measurements such as CV, C-t, C-f and Quasi-Static CV (QS-CV) in a box. Along with analysis and data management capability of EasyEXPERT software, it is very powerful and useful to perform IV and CV characterizations for a wide range of devices such as semiconductor, carbon nanotube (CNT), carbon nanowire (CNW), active/passive component, material and any electric devices that require accurate and precise IV and CV measurement.

  • Data Storage Media/Head Manufacturing

    KLA-Tencor Corp

    Growth in data storage and management system is being driven by a wave of innovative consumer electronics with small form factors and immense data storage capacities. Our process control equipments and yield management solutions help customers rapidly understand and resolve complex manufacturing problems, resulting in faster time to market and increased product yields. In the front-end and back-end of thin-film head wafer manufacturing, we are the leading provider of the same process control equipment with which we serve the semiconductor industry. We offer an extensive range of process control test equipment and surface profilers with particular strength in photolithography and magnetics control. In substrate and media manufacturing data for process control, we offer metrology and defect inspection systems with KLA-Tencor''s optical surface analyzers and magnetic and optical mappers.

  • Herbal Sensor

    CANNA Dx™ - CDx, Inc.

    Our first sensor, Canna, will enable you to identify the most important chemicals in cannabis and then relate them to how you feel when using that specific chemical combination. By using MyDx™ to detect THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid and Terpene ratios coupled with an extensive database of countless chemical combinations and their associated feelings, you will finally have the ability to find the best chemical profile that works for you all in one convenient, portable THC tester. By doing so, you also join a growing community of users that test and add new chemical combinations and related feelings each week. This is the perfect cannabis analyzer that allows you to do your own THC testing without the need to go to an expensive central laboratory.

  • High Performance Zero Air System

    Model T701H - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The T701H adds Modbus TCP/IP connectivity to the proven reliability and performance of our high purity zero air system. This allows remote monitoring of key instrument functions including dewpoint status, scrubber temperature, box temperature and output pressure. Additionally, this digital access provides the ability to remotely disable the internal pump, allowing longer service intervals and less power consumption. The user can also remotely start instrument warm-up prior to arrival at the site.The T701H is a fully self-contained source of high purity zero air for dilution calibrators. It is ideal for use with highly sensitive analyzers in ambient background and trace level applications. The T701H includes a dewpoint sensor, an oil and diaphragm-free pump, scrubbers to remove SO2, NO, NO2, O3, H2S and NH3, plus high performance scrubbers to remove CO and Hydrocarbons.

  • PSLab


    PSLab is a small USB powered hardware extension for your Android phone or PC that lets you measure all kinds of things. PSLab comes with a built-in Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, Power Source, and we are constantly adding more digital instruments. PSLab is many devices in one. Simply connect two wires to the relevant pins and start measuring. You can use our Open Source Android or desktop apps to view and collect the data. You can also plug in hundreds of compatible I2C standard sensors to the PSLab pin slots. It works without the need for programming. So, what experiments you do is just limited to your imagination! PSLab is developed by FOSSASIA and OpnTec in collaboration with a global community of Open Source developers.

  • Real-Time RF Drone & Radar Detection System

    Aaronia AG

    Find here our latest product: The RF Drone or Radar Detection System. It is based on the Aaronia IsoLOG 3D Tracking Array Antenna, a rugged or remote-controllable Spectran V5 Real-time Spectrum Analyzer and a new Software Plugin for the RTSA Suite Software. All parts work perfectly together and allow a 24/7 monitoring and recording (full gapless data-streaming with up to 4TB/day). Each Sector/Antenna gets its own real-time view and is based on RF and µW detection. All views are combined to a 360° view including a 360° picture or 360° live video of the surrounding area/landscape. This gives full control over any RF emissions happening around. The system can provide an optical or audio alert if critical values are exceeded. Collect data and compare them to find out irregularities.

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