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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Multifunction Sampler For Shimadzu SALD Series

    SALD-MS Series - Shimadzu Corp.

    The most basic or most typical means of measurement used in laser diffraction particle size analyzers is circulation measurement. Circulation measurement is achieved on the SALD-2201 and SALD-7101 by the SALD-MS series multifunction sampler. As shown in the configuration and structure figures below, particle size distribution is measured while the particle group dispersed in liquid medium is circulated between the dispersing bath in the multifunction sampler and the flow cell located inside the measuring unit (optical system).

  • Accessory Kit, Type-N to BNC, 50 Ohms

    11854A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 11854A accessory kit furnishes the RF components required for measurement of devices with 50 ohm, BNC connectors and when using a network analyzer with a type-N configuration. The BNC accessory kit contains two type-N male to BNC female adapters, two type-N male to BNC male adapters, two type-N female to BNC female adapters, two type-N female to BNC male adapters, a BNC male short, and a storage case.

  • Cross-Spectrum CPB (Constant Percentage Bandwidth) Analysis

    ZETLAB Company

    CPB analysis is used for fractional octave spectral processing of signals coming from the input channels of FFT spectrum analyzers (in real time or recorded time realization view mode), as well as for viewing various spectral characteristics of signals. CPB analysis is used for separating signals into basic constituents in the frequency area in 1/3-, 1/12-, 1/24-octave spectral bands. The software is used for noise spectral analysis within the scope of acoustic and vibrational measurements.

  • Emission Measurement Systems

    HORIBA, Ltd.

    HORIBA develops and manufactures products and systems for testing of all types of engines: heavy-duty to small utility, onroad systems to non-road, marine to locomotive, automotive to aeronautic. Our extensive product line includes analyzers, analytical systems, dilution/ sampling systems, dynamometers and automation systems to assist engineers to evaluate and advance: exhaust gas and particulate emissions, engine performance, fuel economy, fuelcell reformer efficiency, other parameters of engine and vehicle.

  • fA Leakage Switch Mainframe

    B2200A - Keysight Technologies

    The B2200A reduces the cost of test by enabling characterization tests to be automated, without compromising the measurement performance of the semiconductor parameter analyzer. It supports a 4-SMU, full-Kelvin configuration and a capacitance meter, with room for future expansion. Includes 14 inputs, each with a unique internal measurement path, and a distinctive capacitance measurement compensation feature for two of the inputs. Provides front panel control via keypad or optional light pen, and supports instruments such as pulse generators.

  • Fuel Oil Testers

    ChongqingTop Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    The crude sediment analyzer uses advanced technology in Japan, in line with GB/T6531. The sample was amount in the sleeve of refractory porous material, uses hot toluene extraction, until the residue reached a constant weight. The amount of residue expressed by weight percentage, as the "extract sediment".Extraction method uses infrared heating, good temperature performance, on open flame when heating, heating uniformity, high thermal efficiency, safe and economical, reliable and durable.

  • High Performance Netlist Debugging and Netlist Viewing

    Concept Engineering GmbH

    GateVision PRO is the third generation of graphical gate-level netlist analyzers and netlist viewers from Concept Engineering. Please check out the Demo Video: Basic Features. Completely rewritten to run on modern 32/64bit platforms, GateVision PRO provides the designer of even the largest chips and SoCs with intuitive design navigation, netlist viewing, waveform viewing, logic cone extraction, interactive logic cone viewing for netlist debugging and design documentation.

  • Log Analysis Reporting Suite

    Cyfin - Wavecrest Computing, Inc.

    Cyfin is a customizable employee Web-use forensic log file analyzer and reporting solution. It is used by a variety of business and government organizations around the world. Scalability - Most scalable commercial log data analysis tool. Forensics - Capable of generating extremely detailed user audit reports. Comprehensive - Dashboard charting and trending system. Compatibility - Palo Alto, IronPort, SonicWall, WatchGuard, and many others. Regulatory Compliance - Covers requirements such as CIPA, HIPAA, & others.

  • N6700 Modular Power System Mainframes

    Keysight Technologies

    The N6705A is 4-slot mainframe that accepts 1 to 4 modules in any combination. Modules are ordered separately. Maximum output power is 600W. The DC Power Analyzer is designed for bench testing in R&D. It is a highly integrated instrument that combines up to four advanced DC power supplies, DMM, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator and datalogger. It provides an easy-to-use interface, with all sourcing and measuring functions available from the front panel.

  • Protocol Solutions

    PCI EXPRESS® - Keysight Technologies

    Keysight´s Digital Test Console PCI Express protocol test solution supports all speeds of PCIe, 2.5 GT/s (Gen1), 5.0 GT/s (Gen2) through PCIe 8GT/s (Gen3). The Digital Test Console is the industry´s most complete test solution for PCIe 3.0, with a PCIe analyzer, PCIe LTSSM exerciser and both mid-bus as well as slot interposer probes utilizing the ESP (Equalizing Snoop Probe) technology.

  • Psychrometers

    Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc

    The In-Duct Hot-Wire Anemometer & Psychrometer accessory head, AAT3 allows HVACR professionals to measure air velocity, temperature, and %RH all in one tool. The engineered 38" telescoping probe with laser etching and quick-response sensor provides quick and easy airflow measurements from the correct location--near the evaporator. When using with the Fieldpiece HVAC Guide System Analyzers, the AAT3 can automatically calculate target super heat and target evaporator exit temperature.

  • PXI Quad 4 to 1 Mux 1.3GHz 50Ohm SMB

    40-749-511 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The 40-749 is a quad 4 to 1 RF MUX available in 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm versions occupying a single PXI slot. The module is available with SMB or SMA connectors for 50 Ohm versions or, 1.0/2.3 or Mini SMB connectors for 75 Ohm versions.Applications for the 40-749 include routing high frequency signals to and from oscilloscopes, analyzers, signal generators and synthesizers, telecoms tributary switching, video/audio switching and switching high frequency logic signals.

  • RF / MW switch

    Acery Technologies

    The RF / MW switch includes a variety of RF and microwave switch modules - RF multiplexers, which are available for use in the 34980A multifunction switch / measurement unit, providing broadband switching from DC to 20GHz . Use these modules to route test signals between your device under test and a signal source, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or other instrument. The switch / attenuator driver module also controls the external switches and attenuators of the 34980A.

  • S-parameter Measurement System

    DPS21 - KEYCOM Corp

    Unlike a coaxial tube type or a wave guide tube type, this method does not make errors caused by air-gap as specimens are not put into a fixture. Practical data can be obtained even at the rough, uneven surfaces where the specimen is placed on.It enables compactness and measuring specimens by plane wave because of direct installment of lens with an antenna.It enables measurement by monitoring S21 and S11 parameter with connections of a test fixture to a vector network analyzer and PC.

  • Stream Valve/ASI


    MPEG-2 or H.264 Transport Stream Playback and Capture Application with DVB ASI In and Out for continuous playback and/or capture of selected ( by PIDs) Transport Streams from a "bouquet" by time or by MB. (Use with DVB Master FD to "build your own" (T Streamer ASI ). Includes a simple TS analyzer that recognizes SI and PSIP tables, a software based TS viewer (VLC), and miscellaneous transport streams for test purposes only.