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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • AC Power Analyser

    PA series - Aarohi Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd

    The PA  series is the enhanced version of Aarohi’s 2th generation of compact power analyzer. The world’s best-selling power analyzer is the instrument of choice for a wide range of applications in production testing, quality assurance and Research & Development. Aarohi power analyzers are easy to use, cost effective and accurate for diverse applications such as the testing of electric devices, the development and evaluation of Pump Industries, Motor  Industries, home appliances , AC motor driven instruments. The outstanding performance of the AES  PPTQ and motor analyzer software enables users to easily test their instruments & record data.

  • Portable Photosynthesis System

    LI-6400XT - Li-Cor Environmental, Inc.

    The LI-6400 was the first photosynthesis measurement system to put the CO2 and H2O gas analyzers in the sensor head. These dual path, non-dispersive infrared analyzers feature an open path design with the optical bench of the sample analyzer open directly to the leaf chamber mixing volume. Leaf dynamics are measured in real time, preventing confounding correlations between gas exchange and changes in environmental driving variables.

  • 3U to 6U cPCI Adapter

    CPCI-3U6U-ADA - Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    The CompactPCI adapter board attaches to a 3U CompactPCI device and allows it to be installed in a 6U slot. By installing this adapter on a Vanguard CompactPCI Bus Analyzer, designers can install the analyzer in a 6U cPCI system and debug the PCI/PCI-X bus.

  • Proactive VMware vSphere Management Solution

    Runecast Analyzer - Runecast

    Runecast Analyzer is a proactive VMware vSphere management solution that installs as an OVA format virtual appliance. Runecast Analyzer uses current VMware Knowledge Base articles and Runecast expertise to analyze the virtual infrastructure and expose potential issues and best practice violations, before they cause major outages. Version 1.5 delivers the ability to analyze and manage multiple VMware vSphere vCenters via one dashboard. vCenter is the central management component of a VMware infrastructure and previous versions of Runecast Analyzer supported only one vCenter connection at a time. With the majority of enterprise customers having several vCenter servers, it meant they needed to deploy and use several instances of Runecast Analyzer. The single point of control that Runecast Analyzer 1.5 delivers means less overhead for hosting and maintaining several Runecast instances.

  • Adapter

    ZET 430 - ZETLAB Company

    *Aligns sensor output signal with the FFT spectrum analyzer input;*Sends the FFT spectrum analyzer generator signal to the sensor calibration input;*Provides power supply to the sensor from the integrated ±12 V power supply unit.

  • Electrochemical Interface

    Maccor Series 4000, Model 4200, and Model 4300 Automated Test Systems - Maccor, Inc.

    The Maccor Series 4000, Model 4200, and Model 4300 Automated Test Systems can be configured with an M option. This option adds a Multiplexer to the test system which allows the channels to be connected to a Princeton Applied Research PARSTAT 4000 or Solartron Analytical 1260/87 impedance analyzer. With the impedance analyzer connected to the test system via the multiplexer the user can then program impedance tests in the Maccor test procedure which when reached will cause the test system to automatically disconnect the Maccor test channel from the device and connect the impedance analyzer to the device. When the impedance test is completed the test system will then automatically disconnect the impedance analyzer from the device and connect the Maccor test channel back to the device and continue with the programmed test procedure. For the Series 4000 Automated Test System, multiple multiplexers and impedance analyzers may be connected to a single test system. Contact the Maccor sales department with any questions concerning this option and for information concerning other supported models of impedance analyzers.

  • DIMM Interposer Probe

    FS2361 - FuturePlus Systems

    The FS2361 is a logic analyzer probe used to test DDR3 DIMM memory. When used with the triggering and analysis capabilities of Keysight’s U4154/64 Logic Analyzer modules, it gives the user an extremely effective tool for debugging, testing and verifying DDR3 DIMMs.

  • Telecom & Data Test

    Electro Standards Laboratories

    iagnostic tools such as Breakout Boxes/Interface Analyzers designed for use at the data interfaces of modems, multiplexers, terminals, and computers. Electro Standards Laboratories' Series of Breakout Boxes/Interface Analyzers are virtually indestructible and compatible with RS232, HSSI(SCSI-2), EIA/TIA RS530 interfaces.

  • Accessories

    Keysight Technologies

    To get the best performance from your hardware, you need the right accessories.Keysight offers a complete range of accessories for network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and more... you’ll have everything you need for any application.

  • C165 Wireless Kit

    C165BTKIT - UEi Test & Measurement Instruments

    EOS Long Life Combustion Analyzer w/ Wireless & Printer

  • Sound Level Meter

    831 - Larson Davis, Inc.

    This versatile instrument, with high definition display, performs the functions of several instruments. It puts the combined features of a precision Class 1 sound level meter, environmental noise analyzer, personal noise dosimeter, and a real-time frequency analyzer in the palm of your hand.

  • Traffic Analytics Tool

    NetFlow Analyzer - ManageEngine

    NetFlow Analyzer, a complete traffic analytics tool, leverages flow technologies to provide real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance. NetFlow Analyzer, primarily a bandwidth monitoring tool, has been optimizing thousands of networks across the World by giving holistic view about their network bandwidth and traffic patterns. NetFlow Analyzer is a unified solution that collects, analyzes and reports about what your network bandwidth is being used for and by whom.

  • ED-XRF Spectrometer

    SPECTROSCOUT - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    The new portable SPECTROSCOUT ED-XRF analyzers deliver much of the analytical power of top-grade laboratory benchtop analyzers. They provide fast, dependable, truly lab-quality results in the field or on the production floor all at a surprisingly low cost. The SPECTROSCOUT analyzers provide exceptional performance, at wide concentration levels, for all of the relevant elements in the range of Na-U. SPECTROSCOUT impresses with unprecedented precision and speed making it the ideal portable XRF for onsite applications where results matter.

  • Materials Measurement Suite

    N1500A - Keysight Technologies

    With Keysight N1500A materials measurement software suite, you can determine the intrinsic electromagnetic properties of many dielectric and magnetic materials. The complete system is based on a versatile Keysight network analyzer which measures the material’s response to RF or microwave energy. The N1500A software controls the network analyzer and calculates results. Depending on the Keysight network analyzer and sample holder or fixture used, frequencies can extend from a few hundred MHz into the low THz.

  • Spartan Test Modules


    Millitech series STM Spartan Test Modules provide V- and E-Band test sets for extending network analyzer coverage to 54-69 (V) or 68-90 GHz (E). Built in detectors allow compatibility with Scalar Network Analyzers (SNA). The RX module can function as a down-converter for spectrum analyzer testing. STM Spartan test modules provide a cost effective solution to V and E band measurements for insertion loss, gain, phase, etc.

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