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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • PC Controlled Bench Top Power Analyzer

    PA2100 - Powertek LLC

    The PA2100 is a PC controlled bench top power analyzer, allowing several electrical power measurements to be taken simultaneously during testing - from just one set of input connections. The PA2100's power measurement ability is a must in research and development, manufacturing and required for certification and traceability of manufactured goods. In addition to power measurements, apparent power (VA), harmonics, voltage, current, power factor can all be viewed and stored with ease. The PA2100 wattmeter simply connects between the ac supply and the load, various current transformer options allow measurement with any size of current from 10mA to 10000A. Typical watt meter applications include appliance testing; microwave ovens, electric stoves, heating, air conditioning, TVs, monitors, computers, electronic lighting, fans and motor controllers. Powertek wattmeters are equipped with 4mm/banana safety terminals along with optional "breakout" boxes and clamp current probes for fast and safe measurement.

  • Wiring Analyzers for Cables, Wire Harnesses, Backplanes

    CableEye M2Z, M3Z, M4 - CAMI Research Inc. (CableEye®)

    Fast ● Simple ● Precise Advanced wiring analyzer scans for continuity (opens, shorts), miswires, resistance, capacitance, components (resistors, diodes, LEDs, capacitors), insulation resistance, intermittent connections. For diagnostic and Pass/Fail Testing All CableEye® testers are suitable for production, fault diagnosis, QC (Quality Control), assembly, and prototyping of standard or custom cables. Each combines test, fault location, design, documentation, labeling, and database storage in one instrument. Tests can be performed on long cables (with or without connectors) or no cables (e.g. connectors, backplanes, PCBs, components). Standard Features & Benefits:

    • USB certified, PC-based tester for a versatile, fast, robust system with long life-cycle.
    • Multilingual, dynamic, graphic-rich display (netlist & wiring schematic) provides clarity and speeds diagnostics.
    • 128 Test Points, expandable to 1024 providing flexibility as your product line changes.
    • Real-time screening for intermittent connections for pinpointing elusive faults and improving quality.
    • Automation scripting in a simple, intuitive language allowing non-programmers to reduce operator error by automating repetitive steps.
    • Pop-Up Work Instructions. choose the exact amount of detail, imagery, language and automation you need to ensure your work instructions and tests are carried out flawlessly.
    • Flexible tolerancing: optionally define as percentages or absolute terms, as well as asymmetrically (e.g. +0%/-10%) for improved yields.
    • Barcode-tracking & archival data-logging to achieve error-proof test process and improved traceability & productivity.
    • Print PASS/FAIL labels, test reports (with or without color wiring schematics/netlists) and log reports to satisfy ISO9000 reporting requirements.
    • Compatible with laptop and touchscreen PCs for fieldwork and rack/off-bench mounting.
    Includes: CB15C board set (Item 745C) for common computer and peripheral device cables; comprehensive PC software with Database of >200 standard cables; 2 yr Product Support Subscription comprising Warranty, free tech support, and free software upgrades. Select Add-On Options: Hardware: 128-point Expansion Modules (attach to base); Environmental Sensor Software: PinMap™ fixture editor, Connector Designer™ connector editor, or Autobuild™ guided assembly modules |@CAMI_CableEye |+1.978.266.2655

  • Chemitec Sensors And Analyzers To Monitor Oxidants In Water

    Liquid Analytical Resource

    Chemitec's S494 series of amperometric probes provide continuous, accurate monitoring of chlorine and other oxidants in clean water applications. A range of sensors assures accurate measurement of oxidation, with sensors optimized for Chlorine (total, organic or inorganic), Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bromine, or Chlorites.

  • Complete Application Visibility - AddOn for Firewall Analyzer

    AppViz - AlgoSec, Inc.

    Never misplace an application on your network. Automatically discover and identify your business applications and their network connectivity.

  • Digital Power Meter (Harmonic Analyzer Model)

    LS2010 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Measure Vrms, lrms, W, PF, Hz; • Harmonic distortion analysis for voltage & current, display total harmonic and 0-50 times; • Component harmonic, selectable for absolutely or relatively harmonic display; • Voltage range: 10.0-600.0V, Current range: 0.010-20.00A, Auto range; • Accuracy: ± (0.4%reading + 0.1%range + 1digit); • Simultaneously display Vrms, lrms, W, PF value on 4 windows, suitable for production line; • Can test every kinds of curve; Print both data & curve; • Communication port for PC, run under WinXP or Win7.

  • Email Phising & Malicious attachments Online Analyzer

    φhishXposed - CyberHat

    PhishXposed is an online service that analyzes suspicious Emails and facilitates thequick detection of phishing emails and malicious attachments.

  • Fibre Channel, Ethernet, & MIL-Firewire Protocol Analyzer

    Cipher - Avionics Interface Technologies

    Supports Multiple Network Protocols including Ethernet, FibreChannel, & MIL-Firewire (AS5643) - High Performance Filtering & Search - Built-in protocol decoders for: FC-AE-ASM, FC-AE-RDMA, FCAE-1553, AS5643, Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, UDP - User defined “protocol decoders” for custom & proprietary protocols - Database architecture for handling very large data sets - Multiple, Simultaneous views of data sets with time correlation of data across multiple views. - Compatible with common network analysis tools such as - Wireshark (e.g. Imports/Exports to PCAPNG) - Compatible with AIT’s Fibre Channel Test - Instruments for live capture, triggering, and filtering.

  • Frequency Extension Heads for Vector Network Analyzers

    FEV - Farran Technology Ltd

    These frequency extension modules connect to your existing test ports and leverage the inherent microwave network analyzer’s performance and features to display full port S-parameters: Two measurement architecture available: 1-path/2-port and fully reversing 2 port. Waveguide calibration kits are available as separate accessories.

  • Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 13.6 GHz

    N9343C - Keysight Technologies

    Obtain field-ready performance: portable, rugged, fanless design, clear viewing both day and night, maximum 4-hour batteryGet benchtop performance with 144 dBm DANL, 1.3 dB amplitude accuracy, and < 0.7 s full span sweep timeReduce test setup time by 95% and deliver automated fielding test using the innovative task planner

  • Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 20 GHz

    N9344C - Keysight Technologies

    Obtain field-ready performance: portable, rugged, fanless design, clear viewing both day and night, maximum 4-hour batteryGet benchtop performance with 144 dBm DANL, 1.3 dB amplitude accuracy, and < 0.95 s full span sweep timeReduce test setup time by 95% and deliver automated fielding test using the innovative task planner

  • Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 7 GHz

    N9342C - Keysight Technologies

    Obtain field-ready performance: portable, rugged, fanless design, clear viewing both day and night, maximum 4-hour batteryGet benchtop performance with 152 dBm DANL, 1.5 dB amplitude accuracy, and < 0.4 s full span sweep timeReduce test setup time by 95% using the innovative task planner

  • High Frequency Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

    CS-8820 - Wuxi Tianmu Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

    1. Infrared detector with low noise, high sensitivity and high stability. 2. The modular design of the whole machine improves the reliability of the instrument. 3. The electronic balance is automatically connected. 4, WINDOWS full Chinese operation interface, easy to operate, easy to master. 5. Dynamic display of various data and carbon in the analysis process. 6, measuring linear range is wide, and can be expanded. 7, high-frequency circuit design is reasonable, high-frequency furnace power is adjustable, suitable for different material sample analysis requirements. 8. The automatic cleaning device of the burner can reduce the influence of dust on the analysis results. 9. The burner heating device makes the conversion rate of sulfur tend to be consistent, which improves the stability of sulfur determination. 10, measuring linear range is wide, and can be expanded. 11. The software is fully functional, providing more than forty functions such as file help, system monitoring, channel selection, mathematical statistics, result correction, breakpoint correction, and system diagnosis.

  • High Range Chemiluminescence NO/NO2/NOX Analyzer

    Model T200H - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T200H combines the proven chemiluminescence principle with a number of innovative features to provide reliable and repeatable NO, NO2, and NOx measurements for extractive type CEM systems. A high-efficiency stainless steel thermal NO2 converter provides durable and consistent operation under the harshest conditions (other converter options also available).The T200H may be fitted with an optional, internal paramagnetic O2 sensor or an infrared absorption CO2 sensor, reducing integration and operating costs significantly.

  • MIL-STD-1553 Simulator & Analyzer Applications Software

    F-SIM-1553 - Avionics Interface Technologies

    Software GUI Application for Operating AIT MIL-STD-1553 Interfaces - Bus Monitor Captures & Recordings - Simulate Bus Controller and Remote Terminals (up to 31) - Operate Multiple Bus Channels (and MIL-STD-1553 Modules) Simultaneously - Replay Previously Captured Bus Data - Full Error Injection & Detection - Engineering Unit Displays & Software Widgets - MIL-STD-1553 A/B Mode Code operations - Also Supports ARINC 429, ARINC 664, Ethernet, & Data Load operations

  • Over-the-Air Radio Waveform Analyzer Service

    DiagnostX - LocusUSA

    Service enables LMR managers to have all of their active radios evaluated for performance and alignment Over-the-Air, without user intervention. A detailed monthly report will be sent identifying those radios as “Failed”, “Passed” and “Never Received”. This service supports P25 Trunked, P25 Conventional and Legacy systems. Available January 2018

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