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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Tube Analyzer

    WKS Informatik GmbH

    Tube Analyzer is an innovative product used for the detection, analysis and logging of short sporadic errors for the automotive industry. It complies with the requirements of the LV 124 and provides high-resolution analysis with 100kHz for up to 400 pins in parallel.

  • Power Analyzers

    Dewetron GmbH

    Real drive and test bench applicationMultiple power analyzer in one instrumentUltra flexible channel configurationWide range of fundamental frequencyCAN interface for automotive and test bench linkInternal current transducer supply and TEDS support

  • Discrete Analyzers

    SMARTCHEM - Unity Scientific

    The SMARTCHEM® line of automated analyzers from AMS Alliance utilize the discrete reaction design for maximum versatility and flexibilty options.  Discrete analyzers utilize individual reaction wells to mix and develop the colorimetric reaction, allowing for a wide variety of assays to be performed from one sample. Custom runs of multiple chemistries per sample are available at the click of a mouse and can be set up for unattended operation. These instruments are ideal for drinking water, wastewater, soil testing, environmental and university or research applications where multiple assays and high throughput are required.

  • Exposure Analyzer

    358 - OAI

    This instrument is designed for use with the ASM High Intensity, Canon, Nikon, and Ultratech High Intensity Wafer Steppers. The microprocessor based Model 358 Exposure Analyzer performs measurement, storage and recall of nine series of readings.

  • Cable Analyzer

    MM-HTDR MediaManifold - Crestron Electronics, Inc.

    The Crestron MM-HTDR MediaManifold Cable Analyzer is a portable handheld device used to determine the length and integrity of RG6 cable runs. Using "time domain reflectometry," the MM-HTDR can measure cable lengths up to 1099 feet.

  • Impedance Analyzers

    Keysight Technologies

    The E4990A Impedance Analyzer with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 120 MHz provides an industry best 0.045% (typ.) basic accuracy over a wide impedance range, with a 40 V built-in DC bias source.

  • Logic Analyzer

    Ant18e - RockyLogic Ltd

    The Ant18e logic analyzer is compact, easy to use, powerful, and inexpensive. The Ant18e features high speed data acquisition, state (synchronous) and timing (asynchronous) acquisition modes, Trigger-In and Trigger-Out connections, and a user-level programming interface. 

  • MPEG Analyzers

    StreamScope - Triveni Digital

    StreamScope MPEG analyzers enable you to troubleshoot all aspects of ATSC 1.0 transport streams, with real-time multiple signal analysis over all layers, ensuring DTV services meet industry and viewer standards.

  • Multi-Layer analyzers

    Gfast Xpert - TraceSpan Communications Ltd.

    The Gfast Xpert analyzer tests and compares the functionality of DPUs, DSLAMs and CPEs and tests the interoperability of products from different vendors. It is a powerful tool for service providers, equipment vendors and technology and chipset companies.

  • RF Analyzers

    GS Instruments Co., Ltd

    RF analyzers are high-tech equipments that are complex and for expert purposes such as wireless telecommunication applications, RF components manufacturing, antenna site installation/maintenance etc. Protek offers total solutions in the test equipment field with these leading-edge products.

  • FBGA-IRS Analyzer

    BaySpec, Inc.

    BaySpec's WaveCapture fiber Bragg grating interrogation analyzer with integrated reference source (FBGA-IRS) is an integrated spectral engine covering multiple wavelengths simultaneously for precise and rapid fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor system measurements.

  • Security Analyzer

    Mu-4000 - Mu Security

    The Mu-4000 Security Analyzer is a security analysis platform that embodies a systematic and repeatable process to identify programming implementation flaws in protocol implementations that create security vulnerabilities or robustness weaknesses in any IP-based system, application or network device.

  • GC Analyzers

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent’s GC Analyzer portfolio can combine multiple methods into a single system, with proven results, and significantly reduce time required from system arrival to final calibration and validation. With our preconfigured gas chromatograph hardware and method-specific separation tools, you can spend more time focusing on sample processing than on method and system development. Our specific GC Analyzer solutions provide the components and specifications to quickly install new methods for a fast return on investment in various application areas, such as environmental, gas impurities, forensics, pharmaceuticals, dissolved gas, energy, and chemical applications.

  • Raman analyzers

    Inspector 500 - SciAps, Inc.

    The "500" class of Raman analyzers is equipped with higher wavelength Raman excitation (1030 nm laser) for the specialized case of testing samples that exhibit high fluorescence. For example, samples consisting of complex molecules or samples with a number of impurities are excellent candidates for the Inspector 500 (1030 nm laser). While such samples may challenge the Inspector 300, the 500 allows for the specific Raman peaks to stand out in the spectrum. As with the rest of the SciAps Agent series of Raman analyzers, the Inspector 500 offers high stability, the same intuitive software and interface, fast processing speed, and seamless report generation and data management.

  • Particle Analyzers

    MRC ltd.

    Particle analyzers determine the size and distribution of particles in a material.Particle size analyzers work in many areas of research and development, product testing, manufacturing and quality control. Particle size analysis is important in characterizing a wide range of product performance factors.There are several many analytical techniques and approaches for particle size analysis.It depends on the range, the nature of the sample, the method of analysis and the sampling output.Particle size analysis is a very important test and is used for quality control in many different industries like Food and beverages,Pharmaceuticals,Aerosols and more.The tests should be adjusted according to the different materials.