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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Network Analyzer Test Cable Kit 26.5 GHz

    Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

    Pasternack spectrum / vector network analyzer test cable kit offers broad VNA calibration coverage for the most popular models including Agilent® / Keysight®, Anritsu®, Rohde & Schwarz®, Tektronix® and other RF network analyzer equipment up to 26.5 GHz that can benefit from interchangeable testing connectors on a 3.5mm NMD cable. Our highly flexible, yet phase stable, RF microwave test equipment cables work with VNA / network analyzers that use 3.5mm NMD connector test ports. The Pasternack spectrum/vector network analyzer cable offers excellent electrical characteristics with outstanding phase and amplitude stability for use with RF testing equipment systems.RF / microwave analyzer cable kit with separately available interchangeable test connectors from Pasternack offers spectrum / VNA network analyzer coverage for the most popular models from Agilent® / Keysight®, Anritsu®, Rohde & Schwarz®, Tektronix® and other standard and portable handheld RF analyzers. Our unique vector / network analyzer cable kit with separately purchased interchangeable RF connector ends allow you to use the same test cable for different RF connector series, providing better testing results. This interchangeable connector spectrum/VNA cable has quick change 7mm (PC-7), Type N in male and female and 3.5mm in male and female connectors available (purchased separately). The Pasternack test cable for network analyzers has an operational frequency range from DC to 26.5GHz. This VNA cables kit contains one pair of test cables with NMD 3.5mm ends packed in a durable, protective wood box with spaces for the separately purchased test connectors.Pasternack ISO 9001:2008 registered Irvine, CA facilities ship our RF, microwave and millimeter wave 3.5mm test port network analyzer cable kits from stock the same day as you purchase them. We offer one of the broadest and deepest line of in-stock inventory that ships same day, so Pasternack is where to buy Agilent® / Keysight®, Anritsu®, Rohde & Schwarz®, Tektronix® RF test equipment spectrum VNA network analyzer cable kits. Pasternack expert technical support and knowledgeable, friendly customer service team members are available to assist you with your specific RF part needs.Agilent® / Keysight® is a trademark of KeysightAnritsu® is a trademark of AnritsuRohde & Schwarz® is a trademark of Rohde & SchwarzTektronix® is a trademark of Tektronix

  • Precisive® 5 Application Specific Gas Analyzers

    MKS Instruments

    The Precisive® Gas Analyzer is a real-time gas analyzer based on MKS' unique Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS™) platform. The Precisive suite of products are calibrated for the measurement of a wide range of gases across multiple process industries. The real-time, continuous measurement capability provides immediate analysis ensuring control of critical process parameters.

  • Fifo Serial Analyzer 2 TO 1 Breakout Boxes

    FLL221/FLL221S - Fifo Electronics

    The FLL221 BreakOut Box is designed to be used with the FLL and FSA serial analyzers when they run on PC's with only one ComPort. The serial line passes through FLL221 using the 9-pin connectors. Data from both pin 2 and 3 of the serial line is available on the FLL221 output. The output cable from FLL221 is connected to the ComPort of the PC running the analyzer.

  • Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer 10 MHz to 4.2 GHz

    SH-42S-TC - Bird Technologies

    The SignalHawk SH-42S-TC is a new generation of Spectrum Analyzer that offers superb functionality in a small, very affordable package. This highly portable unit fits easily in one hand and offers the user an amazing intuitive user interface. Built upon an Android platform, users will find a high-resolution touch screen with familiar, easy to use, methods for setting up and using the spectrum analyzer.

  • Water-Vapor Isotope Analyzers (H2O, δ2H, δ17O, δ18O)

    Los Gatos Research, Inc.

    Now you can accurately measure δ17O, δ18O and δ2H in ambient water vapor (to over 60,000 ppm) rapidly with high precision in a measurement time of less than 0.5 seconds. Our Water Vapor Isotope Analyzer requires only 180 watts of power and does not require any sample preparation or user intervention, which enables long-term studies of water-vapor isotopes with unprecedented performance. In addition, the Water Vapor Isotope Analyzer provides simultaneous measurements of water vapor mole fraction [H2O] with ppm-level precision. For measurements of liquid water as well as water vapor in one instrument, please refer to LGR's new Isotopic Water Analyzer.

  • Fifo Serial Analyzer 2 TO 2 Breakout Box

    FLL222 - Fifo Electronics

    The FLL222 Break Out Box is designed to be used with the FLL and FSA serial analyzers to monitor full duplex bidirectional data. The serial line passes through FLL222 using the 9-pin connectors on the unit. Data from pin 2 of the serial line is available on pin 2 in the first output cable. Pin 3 data is available on pin 2 of the second cable. The output cables can be plugged into the COM ports of the PC running the serial analyzer.

  • Rugged Portable Phase Stable RF Analyzer Cables

    Fairview Microwave Inc.

    Fairview Microwave’s line of phase stable RF analyzer cables consists of 19 models designed to deliver optimal amplitude and phase stability with flexure. These portable test cables feature VSWR as low as 1.2:1 and a maximum operating frequency of 27 GHz, depending on the model. These rugged RF test cables feature crush resistance of 1,200 psi and an operating temperature range of -55°C to +105°C. These test cables for handheld RF analyzers are offered with 7/16, N, SMA, TNC or 3.5mm connector options.

  • PXIe, 9 GHz PXI Vector Network Analyzer

    PXIe-S5090 / 787251-01 - NI

    PXIe, 9 GHz PXI Vector Network Analyzer - The PXIe-S5090 is a 2-port Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) that helps you measure amplitude, phase, and impedance. You also can use the PXIe-S5090 to perform time-domain analysis and to calculate the S-parameters of 2-port RF devices. It … features a 300 kHz to 9 GHz frequency range, a wide dynamic range, and high sweep speeds for automated design validation and production test. Additionally, the PXIe-S5090 supports automatic precision calibration, full vector analysis, and reference plane extensions.

  • Isotopic Water Analyzer (Liquid+Vapor) - Enhanced Performance

    Los Gatos Research, Inc.

    LGR’s Isotopic Water Analyzer (model IWA-45EP) is the world’s most advanced instrument for measurements of both isotopic liquid water (including wines) and water vapor. The IWA-45EP combines the features of LGR’s Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer and Water Vapor Isotope Analyzer (Enhanced Performance model) in a single instrument. For liquid water samples, the IWA-45EP reports measurements at a rate of over 800 injections per day. With the typical operating procedure (6 injections per sample), this measurement rate yields over 130 total samples per day. For continuous measurements of water vapor, the IWA-45EP reports δ17O , δ18O and δ2H and water vapor mole fraction over a range of mole fractions greater than 60000 ppm H2O in air. Changing between operational modes could not be simpler - with only a simple switch, the user can switch from measuring liquid water to measuring water vapor, or vice versa.

  • IntegraVision Power Analyzer, 2 Channels, 1-Phase AC

    PA2201A - Keysight Technologies

    Achieve better power analyzer accuracyAddress multiple test scenarios with the flexibility of wide-ranging, isolated inputsVisualize transients, in-rush currents & state changes with a high-speed digitizerAnalyze voltage, current and power in the time and frequency domains12.1" touchscreen

  • IntegraVision Power Analyzer, 4 Channels, 3-Phase AC

    PA2203A - Keysight Technologies

    Achieve better power analyzer accuracyAddress multiple test scenarios with the flexibility of wide-ranging, isolated inputsVisualize transients, in-rush currents & state changes with a high-speed digitizerAnalyze voltage, current and power in the time and frequency domains12.1" touchscreen

  • Carbonyl Sulfide Analyzers (OCS/COS, CO2, CO, H2O)

    Los Gatos Research, Inc.

    To address exciting new opportunities for studying gross photosynthesis, LGR's OCS Analyzer (Carbonyl Sulfide or COS) simultaneously reports measurements of carbonyl sulfide (OCS or COS), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide, and water vapor (H2O) in air continuously with extraordinary precision and sensitivity.

  • BusXpert Micro II PCI Express (PCIe) Analyzer


    The BusXpert Micro II PCI Express® (PCIe®) analyzer is SerialTek’s third analyzer designed and optimized for equipment manufacturers that are developing storage products and solutions using PCI Express technology. With support for data rates of 2.5 GT/s, 5.0 GT/s (Gen 2) and 8.0 GT/s (Gen 3) and bus widths of x1, x2 and x4, the Micro II provides accurate capture, analysis and deep insight of PCIe traffic at all layers of the protocol stack. It offers the same ease-of-use, multiple display views, powerful triggering, and attractive price points that are the hallmarks of SerialTek storage protocol products, and adds the benefits of a small form factor and zero calibration.

  • Industrial Emissions Analyzers (CO, CO2, H2O, O2)

    Los Gatos Research, Inc.

    LGR’s new Industrial Emissions Analyzer (CO, CO2, H2O, O2), IEA, is the world’s first laser-based instrument capable of simultaneous measurements of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and oxygen. The IEA is simple to use, sensitive, and rugged which makes it ideal for continuous emissions monitoring, industrial process control and compliance monitoring applications.

  • Software For SALD-2300 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

    LabSolutions SALD - Shimadzu Corp.

    Providing Secure, Confident Data Management on a Network System! The SALD-2300 laser diffraction particle size analyzer is now compatible with data integrity requirements. Connecting LabSolutions SALD to the LabSolutions system, with its proven compatibility with ER/ES regulations, enables confident, reliable data management. In addition to SALD data, consolidated management is available for LC, GC, and UV data.

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