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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

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  • Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer - Ultimate Edition

    TP322610 - Total Phase Inc.

    The Beagle™ USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer, the winner of Best in Test 2012, is a world-class USB 3.0 bus monitor that provides real-time interactive capture and analysis of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 traffic (up to 5 Gbps).The Beagle™ USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer - Ultimate Edition is our newest flagship model. Building upon the success of the award winning Beagle™ USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer, the Ultimate model is a state-of-the-art USB bus monitor that provides real-time capture and analysis of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 data. By adding a USB 3.0 downlink and multi-analyzer synchronization to the platform, we have created a blazing fast, advanced tool, which is loaded with interactive and flexible features for even the most experienced USB developer. Free Data Center Software and cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X make the Beagle USB 5000 v2 analyzer - Ultimate edition a user-friendly and versatile tool for any engineer working with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0.

  • Wi-Fi Hound 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    A full-featured WiFi Troubleshooter/RF Spectrum Analyzer at an affordable price. Triplett's WiFi Hound is a 2.4 GHz/5GHz spectrum analyzer designed to help you troubleshoot and isolate problems that impact the quality of your wireless networks. With its user-friendly display, you will properly analyze the wireless environment and successfully troubleshoot: see and isolate radio interference and document the problems by creating a custom-branded, high quality, detailed, full-color report for your client with the click of a button. This perfectly portable device is the ideal solution for field techs and wireless professionals. Designed for live environments and ideal for smart homes or businesses.

  • Pre-configured Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer (B1505A with modules and fixture)

    B1505AP - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight B1505AP pre-configured Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer provides off-the-shelf solutions for various power device characterization requirements. Each option has all required B1505A hardware and software including mainframe, cables, test fixture etc. required to test discrete power devices. The B1505AP utilizes the same mainframe and modules as the B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer and may be expanded in exactly the same way.The Keysight B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer is the only single box solution available with the capability to characterize high power devices from the sub-picoamp level to 10 kV & 1500 A. Select your B1505AP application solution based upon maximum voltage, maximum current and necessity for capacitance measurement from eight different preconfigured packages.The B1505A software environment is based on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and allows users to check device characteristics and detect device faults with the convenience of a curve tracer. Just like a conventional curve tracer the B1505A supports rotary knob control variable sweep capabilities. This allows real-time evaluation of parameters such as breakdown voltage. Also supported is "Oscilloscope View" that visually assists the operator in optimizing voltage and current being applied to the device. The measurement setup information and data are automatically stored to the B1505A's built-in hard disk drive. They may also be copied to USB memory sticks and other portable storage devices. Measurement data may be easily copied into engineering reports with the device measurement summary.A robust test fixture solution is important to insure operator safety, (due to the generated high voltage and current) as well as to support the wide variety of power device package types. A previous conventional curve tracer limitation was that some power devices could not be evaluated due to their size and it was sometimes necessary to jury-rig an adapter in order to test the device. However, the B1505A's test fixture can accept a wide variety of devices, such as power MOSFETs, diodes, IGBTs etc. regardless of their size or shape. This is achieved via a large test fixture adapter with customizable test fixture modules. In addition, the test fixture's built-in interlock mechanism ensures that high voltages and currents can be safely applied to the test devices.

  • PXIe Multiport Vector Network Analyzer, 1 MHz to 9 GHz

    M9485A - Keysight Technologies

    1 MHz to 9 GHzUp to 12-ports in one chassis, 24-ports in two chassisVarious applications - full N-port cal, FOM, Pulse, time-domain, noise figure and gain compression analysis capabilityImprove accuracy, yield & margins with the best PXI VNA speed, dynamic range, trace noise and stabilityImprove throughput with fast cycle time: 5 msec at 201 points, 2-port calVarious configuration with standard test set and configurable test set

  • Kodiak™ Next-Generation Gen4 PCIe®/NVMe™ Analyzer


    PCIe/NVMe Analysis Platform with Embedded Hardware, Real-Time Protocol Processor™, Calibration-Free SI-Fi™ Probing and Automatic Equalization, Internal SSD Storage, Touchscreen LCD, and Standard PCIe Cabling.

  • Software Video Analyzer and Scope for DC, UHD, HD, SD and IPTV

    VQMA - VideoQ Inc

    4th generation of VideoQ best-selling software product, also included in VQTS series products. Self-contained software solution, replacing expensive and bulky competitive boxes. Manual or automated performance measurement of video cameras, video processors and/or video capture devices. Measures system quality by analysis of video files or captured 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, DVI/HDMI/DP/LVDS signals.

  • Powered Device Analyzer for IEEE 802.3bt / 802.3at PoE PD Analysis

    PDA-604A - Sifos Technologies, Inc.

    The One-Box solution for 802.3 PD verification including flexible emulation of PSE behaviors, scaleable feature configurations, and plug ’n’ play testing using a Windows PC. Key features include:• Scaleable PSE and Cable Plant Emulations• Optional Automated PD Conformance Test Suite(s)• Optional Automated Load Monitor Assesses Average, Peak, Tcut Window, and MPS Power Compliances• Accurate Metering: Voltage, Current, Power Sampling at PD Interface• 10/100/1000Base-T Switched Network Interface for Remote PD Control• USB Interface for Plug'n Play Instrument Control• PDA Interactive Graphical User Interface• PowerShell PDA Interactive Scripting Environment• Binary API (DLL) for Integration to other Programming Environments• Extensive Reference Documentation• Compliance Tested for Safety and Emissions

  • ISA Bus Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553 A/B Simulator / Analyzer / Tester

    CIC101-4 - Andor Design Corp.

    Price: Request QuoteMIL-STD-1553 A, B Simulator/Analyzer/Tester ISA BUS Interface Card. The CIC101 can be used for Validation Testing,Production Testing, full bus simulation and monitoring, as ageneral purpose 1553 interface or a stand alone bus Analyzer. It provides precise message scheduling andmeasurements. Major and minor frame times areindependent of message sequences or retransmissions onerrors. The start of all command messages may be set to beindependent of message length, response time or length ofresponse. The CIC101 features a calibrated Message timingand low jitter RT responses.

  • SerialTek SAS/SATA BusXpert Analyzers, BusMod Error Injectors, BusGen BIST Generator

    Keysight Technologies

    SerialTek´s SAS/SATA test solutions represent the industry’s most advanced protocol analysis, error injection, and BIST generation tools. Hardware and software innovations such as a PCIe® to Host connection, Trace Indexing, bi-directional injection, and microprocessor-assisted InstaSearch improve the user experience when developing and debugging SAS and/or SATA products. These technologies, along with the industry´s largest analyzer buffer size of 36GB, and a simple, robust GUI allow users to efficiently display, manipulate, error inject, trigger and save traces at speeds not seen in any other competitive offering. The BusXpert, BusMod, and BusGen are available in several configurations varying on protocol line rate, port count, buffer size and platform. Both the PRO and Micro platforms are lightweight, highly portable and easily upgraded.

  • VDI Millimeter-Wave Frequency Extension Modules for PXA, MXA, EXA Signal Analyzers

    Keysight Technologies

    These modules offer low conversion loss and excellent noise figure. Standard features include dual operating modes. First, the module can function as a high performance down-converting mixer. The second operating mode functions as a block down-converter with a broadband IF up to 20 GHz. Power to the module is provided via an included external DC power supply. These frequency extenders minimize conversion loss by multiplying and amplifying the LO signal internally, thus taking advantage of the benefits of low harmonic mixing. This architecture also preserves the X-Series precision frequency resolution and low phase noise, extending those qualities into the millimeter and sub-millimeter bands.

  • Device Current Waveform Analyzer, 1 GSa/s, 14/16-bit, 2 Channel

    CX3322A - Keysight Technologies

    The CX3322A is a 2-channel model for engineers and researchers who just need one or two current waveform measurements at one time. Using a single channel current sensor (CX1101A, CX1103A) and a passive prove interface (CX1151A) enables power measurements. The bandwidth and the memory depth per channel are option and can be selected from 50 MHz, 100 MHz and 200 MHz, and 16 Mpts, 64 Mpts and 256 Mpts, respectively. The number of channels is not upgradable, but upgrade products for both bandwidth and memory depth options are also available for customers who need more performance after purchasing the product. You could also minimize the initial investment for later upgrade with this affordable 2-channel model.

  • Device Current Waveform Analyzer, 1 GSa/s, 14/16-bit, 4 Channel

    CX3324A - Keysight Technologies

    The CX3324A is a 4-channel model for engineers and researchers who need more than two channels for current waveform measurements at one time. Using a passive prove interface (CX1151A) with a current sensor (CX1101A, CX1102A, CX1103A) enables power measurements. The bandwidth and the memory depth per channel are option and can be selected from 50 MHz, 100 MHz and 200 MHz, and 16 Mpts, 64 Mpts and 256 Mpts, respectively. Upgrade products for both bandwidth and memory depth options are also available for customers who need more performance after purchasing the product. 8-channel digital channel (CX1152A) can be used with this 4-channel model so that you have more flexibility of triggering.

  • 3.5mm Short Open Load Thru 4-in-1 Analyzer Calibration Kit

    Fairview Microwave Inc.

    Fairview Microwave’s portable calibration kits consist of two models, both with a compact, lightweight, 4-in-1 design package. These short-open-load-through (SOLT) calibration kits feature precision 3.5mm connectors, have a 26.5 GHz calibration capability, gold plated short-open-load-thru and include a handy lanyard. These SOLT calibration kits have a phase deviation of +/-2 degrees maximum and return loss of 30 dB minimum and feature an impedance level of 50 Ohms nominal. They are ideal for telecommunications, military electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace and consumer electronics industries.

  • Base Model Custom-Configured DC Power Analyzer, 600 W, Modular, 4 Slots

    N6715C - Keysight Technologies

    The N6715C DC Power Analyzer is a build-to-order system that is shipped as a fully tested and assembled DC Power Analyzer. Each N6715C consists of one N6705C mainframe (described below) plus 1 to 4 DC Power Modules and up to 600 W total DC Power Module output power. To specify which modules you want installed in the N6715C, modules are ordered as options to the N6715C.

  • 2 Channel IV Analyzer / Source Monitor Unit (Two Medium Power SMUs)

    E5262A - Keysight Technologies

    Keysight E5262A and E5263A 2ch IV Analyzers are the low cost solution for current-voltage characterization. The E5262A and E5263A support two channels of SMUs (Source/Monitor Units) for voltage/current sourcing and voltage/current measurement with the best in the class current measurement performance as low as 5 pA. The EasyEXPERT group+ GUI based characterization software is furnished and available on your PC to support all the tasks required in the characterization from the measurement setup to the data analysis. Powerful integration of SMU's versatile measurement capabilities and GUI based characterization software makes the E5262A and E5263A the best solutions for characterization and evaluation of two or three terminal devices such as materials and active/passive components with uncompromised measurement reliability and efficiency.