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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Portable Power Analyzers

    Circutor, sa

    A range of portable analyzers that can be configured from an app that analyses the accessible electrical parameters remotely. MYeBOX® measures and records the electrical parameters in single, two or three-phase installations (with and without neutral).

  • Power Analysers

    Mors Smitt Group

    The quality of all kinds of products is vital and the energy network as well. This does not mean that the electricity network is actually clean. Different processes are detected, such as Flicker, surges and voltage dips. It is necessary to include these processes to a minimum. The power analysers will help the user to draw conclusions on the basis of periodic measurements, so that these problems can be solved.  The European regulation EN 50160 is one of the most important regulations for measurements of LV-installations. The essential values for LV-installations are subscribed in this regulation. Besides the EN50160  there is another important standard, the EN 61000-4-30. This standard ensures that different PQ instruments use the same definitions, and measurement techniques, for various power quality parameters: sags/dips, swells, frequency, harmonics, Flicker etc.. Use of this standard ensures that users use the same terms, measurements and definitions. In order to measure and analyse a LV-installation, according to the EN 50160, two power analysers are available within the Nieaf-Smitt program:

  • Process Analytics

    PAC L.P.

    PAC offers a full range of on-line instruments for distillation, sulfur/nitrogen, viscosity, flash point, and reid vapour pressure (RVP) analyses by recognized PAC brands Antek, ISL, PSPI, and Cambridge Viscosity. These brands have long histories of providing innovative, highly dependable, and exceptionally accurate instrumentation.

  • Process EDXRF Spectrometer

    NEX LS - Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc

    Featuring advanced third generation EDXRF technology, the Rigaku NEX LS represents the next evolution of scanning multi-element process coatings analyzers for web or coil applications. To deliver superior analytical performance and reliability, the EDXRF measuring head assembly was derived from the established Rigaku NEX Series high-resolution benchtop instrumentation. With this proven technology, the Rigaku NEX LS delivers rapid, non-destructive, multi-element analyses — for coat weight, coating thickness and/or composition — for elements from aluminum (Al) through uranium (U). The measuring head is mounted on a rigid beam and is equipped with a linear traversing mechanism positioned over a roller so that the head-to-surface distance is constant. Common applications include silicone release coaters, converters, denesting Si for vacuum-formed plastics, RoHS compliance, conversion coatings, metalized plastic, top coatings on metal coil and fire retardants on fabric.

  • Remote Monitoring Device System for Manufacturing

    DAMO - DA-Design Oy

    DAMO is a new generation operation and condition monitoring device for OEM machinery, specifically for rotating machines. DAMO helps to increase operational time of processes and helps to avoid superfluous shutdowns. DAMO monitors, stores events and operational history of machines 24/7. It records, analyses and stores operational data, prints out graphics, estimates maintenance periods, generates warnings and alarms to users. The device also gives preliminary information for maintenance and traces the causes. DAMO has versatile wired and wireless connectivity to sensors and networks.

  • Rock Mechanics


    The program analyses the behaviour of the rock slopes under seismic conditions. It evaluates the displacements of a rock block subject to dynamic forces, on the basis of a given accelerogram.

  • Signal Analyzer

    Anritsu Corporation

    Choose from an extensive selection of signal analyzer products from DC to 44.5 GHz and extendable to 325 GHz.With excellent total level accuracy, dynamic range and performance, Anritsu spectrum/signal analyzers not only can capture wideband signals but FFT technology supports multifunction signal analyses in both the time and frequency domains. Moreover, the built-in signal generators on some models outputs both continuous wave (CW) and modulated signals for use as a reference signal source.

  • Software NoiseImage

    gfai tech GmbH

    Display a variety of analyses simultaneously: time-, frequency-, rpm- and space-selective.

  • Spectrometer - OSA

    HighFinesse GmbH

    HighFinesse optical spectrometers LSA and HDSA are designed to analyse the multi-line or broadband spectrum of (un-)known light sources like cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, super luminescence diodes, semiconductor laser diodes and LEDs. They are suitable to analyze the spectrum of telecom signals, resolve Fabry-Perot modes of a gain chip, and produce a spectral measurement of gas absorption.

  • Speech Quality Test and Verification Services

    Syntech Systems Ltd.

    Syntech offer a range of PESQ/POLQA testing services and consultancy. We can test multiple scenarios across a number of different circuit types and termination points. At the end of testing we will analyse and collate your results into a detailed report. We provide independent measurement and assessment of speech quality as part of our in-depth testing and consultancy services.

  • Stylus Profilometry

    Dektak® - Bruker Nano Surfaces

    Bruker's Dektak stylus profilers are the product of over four decades of proprietary technology advances. They provide repeatable, accurate measurements on varied surfaces, from traditional 2D roughness surface characterization and step height measurements to advanced 3D mapping and film stress analyses. Dektak surface profilers have been widely accepted as a superior solution for measuring thin film thickness, stress, and surface roughness and form in applications ranging from educational research verification to semiconductor process control.

  • Suspension Component Test Systems

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    Acoustic quality, vehicle dynamics and stability, and driver comfort play an increasingly important role in the development of new chassis and suspension systems – both passive and active. Noises in suspension components can cause customer dissatisfaction and lead to high warranty costs and are difficult to diagnose especially on historically-used, noisy hydraulic test rigs. The MB Suspension Component Test Rig (SCTR) enables dynamic simulation of real road excitations and synthesized waveforms, performing industry-standard Force-Velocity and Force-Displacement tests and low speed friction tests, and assessing other NVH and structure-borne noises for comprehensive performance characterization and sound and vibration analyses on a wide variety of chassis components.

  • Switch Analyser

    SA10 - Amperis sl

    The SA10 unit is designed to be used together with a notebook computer even if some fundamental test can be done stand-alone. Advantages with the notebook solution are many, versatility, customisability and simplicity. Just carry the notebook computer to your offi ce and set up tests, analyse test results, print test reports etc.

  • Switch Analyser Unit

    SA5A - Elcon International AB

    The SA5A has been developed for professionals users that wish to fully analyse their medium voltage circuit breakers.

  • Trash Analyzer

    TB500 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Cotton Trash Analyzer, to analyses lint, trash and dust content within a sample of raw cotton fiber up to 100 grams. Also used to determine non-fiber content of synthetic fibers and to open and clean fibers for further testing. The analyzer uses the carding principle with air separation of lint and non-lint content.