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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Read-Write Analyzers

    Guzik Technical Enterprises

    Guzik Read/Write Analyzers (RWA) work in conjunction with Spinstands to write data to the disk media and read back the signal for detailed analysis. We have two RWA-4000 series available for For Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording (TDMR) and non-TDMR technologies. The RWA 4000 series offer upto 8Gbit/sec maximum write data rate and 3.5 GHz analog bandwidth for all parametric measurements. Each RWA features a pattern generator with 1psec resolution of bit pre-compensation and supports PRML chip integration. Servo writing and processing is provided for Guzik Spinstand models. Select the pre-amplifier (UP14) as well as a variety of enhancements including programmable filters and PRML chip adapters.

  • Registrar Of Parameters Of Electrical Devices

    ViTec Co. Ltd

    The measuring unit of the Recorder is implemented on the basis of the high-performance modular real-time measuring system CompactRIO (National Instruments) and is housed in a special transport case with IP67 protection degree with the instrument front panel and connectors for connecting the power supply (s), the user's computer ARM and the sources of measured voltage signals of the current.To connect to the Recorder sources of voltage signal up to 1000V (amplitude value) of DC and AC current, high-voltage converters of the company CV3-100 (LEM) are used. The program and hardware of the Registrar provides the user with a wide range of service functions for configuring oscilloscope modes and registering parameters of electrical devices , spectral and statistical analysis of recorded measurement information, calibration of measuring channels.

  • Software-based Electroacoustic Test System

    SoundCheck - Listen Inc

    The SoundCheck®system from Listen includes everything you need to perform audio measurements on a wide range of devices – the software, the audio interface, other test interfaces and accessories, and test sequences. The system is centered around the SoundCheck software. This powerful package controls and communicates with the measurement hardware, and includes all the stimuli, algorithms and analysis functionality needed to develop and run virtually any electroacoustic or audio electronic test. It is paired with hardware ranging from a simple, all-in one audio test box to sophisticated discrete components for a complete test system. In addition to Listen hardware, a range of 3rd party products and test accessories are fully supported within SoundCheck.

  • SwRI Software

    NASGRO® - Southwest Research Institute

    NASGRO is a suite of fracture mechanics and fatigue crack growth analysis computer programs that perform assessments of structural life, compute stress intensity factors, and process and store fatigue crack growth properties. Working closely with NASA and industry, SwRI releases new versions of NASGRO annually with many new features. Recent enhancements include many new K solutions, residual stress capabilities, increased speed, new GUIs, residual strength diagrams, spectrum editing, temperature effects, cyclic shakedown models, cycle counting algorithms, and a revised material database. NASGRO received an R&D 100 Award in 2003 and the NASA Software of the Year award in 2003.

  • UV Transmittance Analyzer

    UV-2000S/F - SphereOptics GmbH

    One touch sample analysis, with results in less than five seconds (per location, per slide)Manual translation stage for accurate sample positioning, pre-and post-irradiationEasy-to-use, menu-driven application softwareSimple instrument performance validation routine ensures accurate, repeatable measurementsUV-2000S: Automatic calculation of SPF, UVA to UVB ratio, critical wavelength, 2007 COLIPA UVA-PF method, 2008 Boots Star Rating and proposed 2009 FDA UVA:UVB ratio methodUV-2000F: Automatic calculation of UPF parameters per AS/NZS 4399:1996, EN 13758-1:2002, AATCC 183:2004, GB/T18830:2009, Japan Garment association standard and user defined methods

  • Versatile quality control testing system

    QuickSun® 550Ei - Endeas Oy

    QuickSun 550Ei is a versatile testing system for qualifying of PV modules with dimensions up to 105 x 205 cm2. Basic set up includes a top class solar simulator which measures modules in sunny side up position enabling e.g. soiling simulations. Several additional measurement methods can be integrated to the same system including high resolution EL imaging with analysis software from one of the most recognized EL system suppliers. Also hot spot revealing IR images can be recorded by applying either forward or reverse bias current, and true nA scale leakage current measurements can be performed with sensitive enough instruments.

  • Walking Test

    PGA-710B - Eurostat Group

    A unique electrostatic data analysis device for use with Prostat’s PFK-100 Field meter/Charge Plate Monitor Set.• Records, plots, analyzes and automatically constructs reports of body voltage generation, electrostatic decay, voltageretention, ionizer performance and other static measuring functions.• Creates detailed reports to help determine the risk of equaling or exceeding damaging or hazardous HBM dischargevoltages in static sensitive facilities.• Analyze Footwear & Flooring Combinations: Records personnel walking voltages in accordance with ANSI/ESD STM97.2 Body Voltage measurements as required by ANSI/ESD S 20.20 ESD Program Standard• Other Equipment Applications include voltage generation of chairs, carts and process equipment

  • Professional Mobile Photometer

    P34 - Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

    The photometer P34 Professional meets all the requirements of modern water analysis. The device has a backlit display. Measuring range, reagent type as well as an automatic countdown timer for accurate response times are displayed. The internal memory stores up to 1,000 events with date, time and sample ID. The data can be retrieved at any time and transferred via an optional infrared module. The photometer P34 Professional serves, among others, to detect alkalinity, aluminum, bromine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, cyanuric acid, iron, urea, hardness, iodine, copper, sodium hypochlorite, ozone, PHMB, phosphate, pH, oxygen, acid, sulphate and hydrogen peroxide using various methods.

  • Power Analyzer

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    E-Mobility - eDrive, and Electric Vehicle TestingAdvanced and easy to use solutions for complete electric and hybrid vehicle testing in the development, validation and production phase. One-stop solutions for electric motor and inverter testing, battery and battery charge testing, combustion analysis, hydrogen engine testing and more.

  • Vehicle Dynamics

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    Vehicle Dynamics TestingComplete data acquisition and analysis system for vehicle dynamics testing. The solution offers a set of automated test maneuvers for vehicle dynamics. The entire solution is based on the Dewesoft data acquisition systems and offers standard test maneuvers and quick pass/fail evaluation for the driver.

  • LC Software

    LabSolutions CS - Shimadzu Corp.

    LCs and GCs are used extensively in quality control and research and development departments in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, and food. Recently, an increasing demand for food safety and environmental analysis and measurement has led to a dramatic increase in the number of samples being analyzed which, in turn, has resulted in demands for faster, easier-to-use instruments and software. In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance to regulations and guidelines, such as CSV and PIC/S GMP, U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Data Integrity and so on, and the proper, efficient management of instruments and analytical data are required. With this background, faster, more efficient management of instruments and data is essential. LabSolutions is a network-compatible analysis data system capable of meeting these needs.

  • Plastics Testing Equipment

    Dongguan Amade Instruments Technology Co., Ltd

    Plastics testing equipment include a series of instruments intended to carry out testings of component analysis, formula analysis, performance determination, aging resistance test etc on various plastic materials and plastic products in accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, HB international standards. Mechanical & physical & chemical property testings include tensile strength, bending strength, friction coefficient, creep resistance property, tearing strength, shearing property, impact resistance property, compression performance, hardness, resilience property, fatigue strength, melt index, heat deflection temperature, melt viscosity, density, flammability characteristics, resistance to aging under UV, xenon, ozone, high/low temperature etc.

  • Protocol Analyzer

    PGY-SSMlite SD - Prodigy Technovations Pvt. Ltd.

    PGY-SSMlite SD Protocol Analyzer is the most feature rich comprehensive Protocol Analyzer available to capture and debug SD protocol data. PGY-SSMlite Protocol Analyzer supports SD, Protocol analysis for wide data rate up to 200MHz SDR mode (UHS-I). The innovative active probe has minimum electrical loading on device under test (DUT) and allows the protocol data capture without affecting the performance DUT. PGY-SSMlite protocol analyzer allows industry first continuous streaming of protocol data from PGY-SSMlite Protocol Analyzer to host system (using USB3.0 or GbE interface). Comprehensive decoding of data, protocol tests, and error analysis enables verification of communication of SD host and device.

  • Application Software


    Application software is a key element of a premium measurement system. Applying this software approach to a broad range of radiation detector hardware and data acquisition systems, ORTEC offers comprehensive nuclear measurement solutions that provide integrated hardware control, analysis, and display in a single, easy-to-use package.

  • Simple Static Malware Analyzer

    SSMA - secrary[dot]com

    Analyze PE file’s header and sections (number of sections, entropy of sections/PE file, suspicious section names, suspicious flags in the characteristics of the PE file, etc.) Searches for possible domains, e-mail addresses, IP addresses in the strings of the file. Checks if domain is blacklisted based on’s Ransomware Domain Blocklist and’s blocklist. Looks for Windows functions commonly used by malware. Get results from VirusTotal and/or upload files. Malware detection based on Yara-rules Detect well-known software packers. Detect the existence of cryptographic algorithms. Detect anti-debug and anti-virtualization techniques used by malware to evade automated analysis. Find if documents have been crafted to leverage malicious code.