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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Wavefront Measurement Systems Using the Shack-Hartmann Sensor

    Lumetrics Inc.

    Lumetrics has applied the ingenious Shack-Hartmann sensor to a range of wavefront measurement systems ideal for analyzing optics-related products and materials, from contact lenses to intraocular lenses to laser beam analysis, surface measurement, and phase parameters. While Shack-Hartmann technology may be widely adopted in the wavefront metrology industry, Lumetrics has applied the technology in unique ways and added industry-leading hardware and software features to our systems that offer you significant advantages over our competitors.

  • Wireless Protocol Emulation

    MAPS - GL Communications Inc.

    Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is a protocol simulation and conformance test tool that supports a variety of protocols such as SIP, MEGACO, MGCP, SS7, ISDN, GSM, MAP, CAS, LTE, UMTS, SS7 SIGTRAN, ISDN SIGTRAN, SIP I, GSM AoIP, Diameter and others. This message automation tool covers solutions for both protocol simulation and protocol analysis. Along with automation capability, the application gives users the unlimited ability to edit messages and control scenarios.

  • X-Ray Optics & Sources


    XOS is the leading global manufacturer of polycapillary optics and Doubly Curved Crystal (DCC) optics which enhance the performance of X-ray and neutron analytical instrumentation; X-ray fluorescence, X-ray and neutron diffraction, and electron beam systems. Our optics are amongst the most precise products manufactured anywhere in the world. We specialize in the development and manufacture of X-ray and neutron optics for the enhancement of applications, including material composition and thin film analysis; material stress, strain, structure, phase, and texture.

  • XRF

    G Series - Bowman

    The G Series’ two most distinctive features are precision video imaging, and “bottom-up” measurement using a motorized Z-axis with laser-based auto-focus. The latter is a feature unique to Bowman. An available manual XY stage with 1.5 X 1.5” travel facilitates easy positioning of small and large parts. The chamber is relatively small when compared to other models like the B Series. The smaller chamber and footprint is well suited for jewelry and other precious metal analysis applications, and components such as connectors and fasteners.

  • Gasmet Portable FTIR Ambient Air Gas Analyser

    DX4040 - Quantitech Limited

    The Gasmet DX4040, the only truly portable FTIR gas analyser in the world, is a lightweight battery operated system capable of measuring multiple gases (both organic & inorganic) at low concentrations simultaneously in real-time. The system has been developed based on the highly successful Gasmet DX4030 and shares the same optical components and internal hardware. Significant advances have been implemented to the operating software and control apparatus to make the Gasmet DX4040 one of the most versatile gas analysis solutions available.

  • PXIe, 500 MHz, 2.5 GS/s, 10-Bit PXI Oscilloscope

    PXIe-5160 / 782621-01 - NI

    PXIe, 500 MHz, 2.5 GS/s, 10-Bit PXI Oscilloscope—The PXIe-5160 high-speed oscilloscope device has two or four channels that sample at up to 2.5 GS/s with flexible settings for coupling, voltage range, and filtering. PXI oscilloscopes also feature a number of triggering modes, deep onboard memory, and an instrument driver that includes data streaming and analysis functions. This device is ideal for applications with fast signals that require up to 500 MHz of analog bandwidth and flexible measurement configurations.

  • Ethanol In Gasoline Analyzer

    InfraCal 2 ATR-E - Spectro Scientific

    The InfraCal 2 Ethanol Blend Analyzer for measuring percent ethanol in gasoline is the ideal solution where a quick, accurate, on-site measurement is required and a single, repetitive ethanol blend analysis is needed. The InfraCal 2 ATR-E is based on proven IR technology, and used by fuel terminals, laboratories and regulatory agencies worldwide. The compact, easy-to-use InfraCal 2 ATR-E has a measurement range of 0-20 & 70-98%% ethanol in gasoline and an accuracy of +/- 0.2%. These results are comparable to ASTM D4815.

  • 100Hz/120Hz/1kHz Handheld LCR Meter

    U1731C - Keysight Technologies

    Now you can measure at frequencies as high as 100 kHz, a capability that is typically found only in benchtop meters. With the auto identification, Ai which conveniently displays component type and detailed component analysis such as Z, ESR, DCR, you can get measurements done faster. Better yet, the battery lasts up to 16 hours, ideal for testing on the go. With the U1730 Series, you can perform quick, basic LCR measurements at your convenience, without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Azure Data Explorer

    Microsoft Azure

    Azure Data Explorer is a fast, fully managed data analytics service for real-time analysis on large volumes of data streaming from applications, websites, IoT devices, and more. Ask questions and iteratively explore data on the fly to improve products, enhance customer experiences, monitor devices, and boost operations. Quickly identify patterns, anomalies, and trends in your data. Explore new questions and get answers in minutes. Run as many queries as you need, thanks to the optimized cost structure.

  • Spark Spectrometer

    Spark8000 - NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    Spark 8000 can be widely used in metallurgy, casting, machinery, steel and non-ferrous metal industries. Spark 8000 can be widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, mechanical and electrical equipment, engineering machinery, electronic and electrical engineering, education, scientific research and other fields of raw materials, parts, product technology research and development, and can be used for Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, Zn, Pb, Sn, Mn Sample analysis of other metals and their alloys.

  • Data Loggers

    McLAREN Applied Technologies

    The unit can acquire data from on-board interfaces at rates of up to 10 kilosamples per second, and from remote units via communications links. A high-performance on-board PowerPC microprocessor offering over 1000MIPS processing power hosts customer applications for real-time data analysis. Application code may be autocoded using our Graphical Development Environment (GDE) from Matlab/Simulink control modules. Data is logged to 2GB of on-board Flash memory and downloaded for analysis via a Gigabit Ethernet network connection.

  • Electrical Equipment ATS

    8900 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    8900 electrical equipment ATS can completion that amount measurement and test procedure in once automatically.This strong function not only can be report formatted simply, but reduce the careless mistake of the artificial writing and improper test. Chroma 8900 electrical equipment ATS is suitable for all electrical equipment test solution within Electrical Safety Test. Chroma 8900 electrical equipment ATS solve the Electrical Safety Test and special FUNCTION test solution. The system can combine different testers in the system accordding with different test request what your need. The software is all open architecture structure which can offer the corresponding program and the most flexible test item in accordance with special test procedure to the customer for special products. The all open architecture software of 8900 systems includes the strong report editor and generator, statistical analysis and functions of management. Management of various types of different test reports and operation that these functions make the system have the ability to control quality and reduce risk. These statistical analysis and report function are indispensable for quality control and product line testing in a modern electrical manufacturer.

  • Strain Gauges

    Y Series - FiberSensing

    Y series foil strain gauges (SG) can be used in many areas, for static or dynamic stress analysis. They measure highly precisely, are robust, extremely flexible and can be installed on different materials due to seven different types of temperature response matching. Y series universal SG are available in many versions for a wide range of applications - thanks to properties such as geometry, nominal (rated) resistance and measuring grid length that can be combined as required. Over 260 frequently used types (“preferential strain gauge”) are immediately available immediately from stock.

  • 802.11ac Sniffer/Injector For Qualcomm QCA6174/QCA9378

    Bloodhound - Intelligraphics Inc.

    802.11 ac based sniffer/injector allows law enforcement agencies to target and proactively surveil Wi-Fi communications in real-time so they can make informed decisions, both remotely and at the mission location. Agencies can more effectively identify and evaluate threats, prevent casualties, and protect critical infrastructure. The addition of flow analysis can be combined with data analytics to enhance the ability of retailers, mall operators, entertainment, public transportation, and healthcare facilities to better understand how people enter, interact, move through physical spaces as well as improve their security.

  • Testing Method

    Backdrill Defect Detection - Introbotix

    Backdrill is the process of creating vias in multilayered printed wiring boards to allow signals to flow from one layer of the board to another. Backdrilling is performed as a finishing step in the manufacturing process of PWBs. Proper back drill length is a critical component for manufacturers to minimize signal integrity issues in printed wiring boards. Unfortunately ensuring the drilling is done accurately has proved difficult to measure after the fact. Several methods such as sophisticated as optical analysis or as simple as placing a “stopper” on the drill bit have all had shortcomings.