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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Telemetry Repeater

    TRT400 - Systems Engineering & Management

    SEMCO's TRT Telemetry Repeaters provide for reception and re-transmission of telemetry down-links in applications determined by link margin analysis. The TRT unit typically consists of a receive antenna and SEMCO's R100, R200 or R400 Series Receiver that is configured to support the required transmitted frequency bands. The demodulated telemetry signal is then re-transmitted in a different frequency band by a 5, 10 or 20 watt transmitter and antenna installed in the TRT Repeater. The TRT is housed in a ruggedized, portable enclosure and is designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments

  • Test Software

    American Probe & Technologies, Inc.

    This new series of software allows you to analyze materials or semiconductor leakage with all of the capabilities of your HP 4140B to resolutions of 1 fA @ 100VDC. Completely rewritten in Visual Basic for Windows XP operating system, it offers Virtual Front Panel Operation of 4140B for I-V & CV Analysis and allows operator to virtually control the 4140B for any instrument operation. I-V Plots with options of displaying current over time. CV Plots with high resolution plotting capability.

  • Thermal Protective Performance Tester (TPP)

    Sataton Instruments Technology CO., Ltd

    Thermal protective performance tester (TPP) is to determine the heat transmission of protective clothing or textiles exposed to flame and radiant heat resources. The tester which can provide thermal protection index (TPI) calculated by software is the recommended tool for evaluation the potential of second degree burn of the materials to block convective and radiant heat penetration. Analysis software can display real-time temperature curve and automatically detect heat time curve to show Stoll curve for rating the thermal protective performance of tested textiles.

  • Three phase power quality analyzer with 6000A current probe

    GF438II - Beijing GFUVE Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    GF438II handheld three phase power quality analyzer offer the best ability in power quality analysis, GF438II handheld power quality analyzer help locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot power quality problems in three phase and single phase power distribution systems. Additionally, GFUVE patented energy loss algorithm, unified power measurement, measuring and counting energy losses due to harmonics and unbalance issues, allowing the user to pinpoint the origin of energy losses in the system.

  • Tone Analyzer Service

    IBM developerWorks

    The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer Service uses linguistic analysis to detect three types of tones from written text: emotions, social tendencies, and writing style. Emotions identified include things like anger, fear, joy, sadness, and disgust. Identified social tendencies include things from the Big Five personality traits used by some psychologists. These include openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional range. Identified writing styles include confident, analytical, and tentative.

  • Universal Radiometer

    Rm-3700 - Laser Probe Inc.

    The Rm-3700 Single Channel Universal Radiometer, when used with the correct probe, can measure cw and average power (in Watts), as well as the energy (in Joules) of individual pulses up to 2 kHz, over a wide range of intensities and wavelengths. A high-speed Rs-232 computer interface, full statistical analysis of pulse sets, battery/AC power, and audible tuning are just some of the standard features. This tremendous versatility makes it the ideal instrument for research labs, universities, hospitals, and other facilities with multiple light sources and applications.

  • USB Products

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight´s compact USB modular products are a series of modules that are flexible to be used standalone or plugged into a compatible chassis to make synchronized measurements as a modular unit. Essential measurements can be made with a laptop PC and these modules through USB high-speed 2.0 connections. Through individual windows, the Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) software provides a friendly soft front-panel interface for each of the modular products. This helps to perform quick configuration and measurement acquisition as well as flexible analysis of measured data.

  • Vibration Controllers

    M+P International

    m+p VibControl vibration controllers for advanced vibration control and shock testing from 4 to hundreds of input channels are used by many of the leading environmental test laboratories throughout the world. The endusers appreciate the intuitive operation, the extensive analysis and reporting functions, the numerous upgrade possibilities and, of course, the excellent stability and high quality level of the m+p vibration control systems. Applications range from normal to very extreme conditions, and also include rough transportation circumstances.

  • Wattmeters


    Monitor 4 sensors simultaneously for peak, Average power and coax SWR. Direct USB 2.0 full speed interface. Backlit LCD display for stand-alone operation- Your PC is optional. Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analysis of the RF Modulation- Observe IM and "Splatter" frequency components realtime. Complete system includes (1) sensor, WN-2 unit, AC power module and software on CDROM. Wide range of sensors cover 100 milliwatt to 8KW, 1.6 Mhz to 470 Mhz.

  • Wavefront Measurement Systems Using the Shack-Hartmann Sensor

    Lumetrics Inc.

    Lumetrics has applied the ingenious Shack-Hartmann sensor to a range of wavefront measurement systems ideal for analyzing optics-related products and materials, from contact lenses to intraocular lenses to laser beam analysis, surface measurement, and phase parameters. While Shack-Hartmann technology may be widely adopted in the wavefront metrology industry, Lumetrics has applied the technology in unique ways and added industry-leading hardware and software features to our systems that offer you significant advantages over our competitors.

  • Wireless Protocol Emulation

    MAPS - GL Communications Inc.

    Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is a protocol simulation and conformance test tool that supports a variety of protocols such as SIP, MEGACO, MGCP, SS7, ISDN, GSM, MAP, CAS, LTE, UMTS, SS7 SIGTRAN, ISDN SIGTRAN, SIP I, GSM AoIP, Diameter and others. This message automation tool covers solutions for both protocol simulation and protocol analysis. Along with automation capability, the application gives users the unlimited ability to edit messages and control scenarios.

  • X-Ray Optics & Sources


    XOS is the leading global manufacturer of polycapillary optics and Doubly Curved Crystal (DCC) optics which enhance the performance of X-ray and neutron analytical instrumentation; X-ray fluorescence, X-ray and neutron diffraction, and electron beam systems. Our optics are amongst the most precise products manufactured anywhere in the world. We specialize in the development and manufacture of X-ray and neutron optics for the enhancement of applications, including material composition and thin film analysis; material stress, strain, structure, phase, and texture.

  • XRF

    G Series - Bowman

    The G Series’ two most distinctive features are precision video imaging, and “bottom-up” measurement using a motorized Z-axis with laser-based auto-focus. The latter is a feature unique to Bowman. An available manual XY stage with 1.5 X 1.5” travel facilitates easy positioning of small and large parts. The chamber is relatively small when compared to other models like the B Series. The smaller chamber and footprint is well suited for jewelry and other precious metal analysis applications, and components such as connectors and fasteners.

  • AC Power Source/Analysers

    Keysight 6800C Series - Amplicon Ltd.

    The Keysight 6800C series of AC power source/power analysers are designed for applications that require precise, accurate measurements as well as efficient analysis of AC power. This performance series offers up to 1750 VA. The Keysight 6800C series of AC sources provide a complete AC test solution with a built in arbitrary waveform generator to simulate many types of power waveforms. The Keysight 6800C series are also able to produce DC power, either alone or as a DC offset to a AC power waveform.

  • Oscilloscope Device

    PCI-5114 / 779745-02 - NI

    125 MHz Bandwidth, 2-Channel, 8-Bit PCI Oscilloscope Device—The PCI‑5114 low-cost oscilloscope device has two channels that sample up to 250 MS/s with flexible settings for coupling, impedance, voltage range, and filtering. Oscilloscope devices also feature a number of triggering modes, deep onboard memory, and an instrument driver that includes data streaming and analysis functions. This device is ideal for applications with fast signals that require flexible measurement configurations and up to 125 MHz of analog bandwidth.