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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Color Screen Sound Level Meter

    AWA6228+ - Hangzhou Aihua Instruments Co., Ltd.

    * A handhold noise measuring instrument* Multifunction and user- friendly sound level meter(sound level meter, integrating SLM, 1/1 OCT,   1/3 OCT analyzer, FFT analyzer, Noise dosimeter)* 240×320 color screen* Measurement range up to 142dB* Synchronously do integrating measure, statistical, real-time 1/1 OCT, 1/3 OCT, FFT analysis and noise dosimeter measure* Comply with IEC 61672 Class 1 and IEC61260 Class 1 and IEC 61252

  • Dairy Analyzer

    Unity Scientific

    The Unity Scientific Dairy Analyzer is based on the SpectraStar XT, the next generation high performance NIR analyzer based on the TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy technology. The SpectraStar XT incorporates a rotating top window (RTW) system for the ultimate in sampling flexibility, allowing the customer to make measurements of all finished product and intermediate sample types. The SpectraStar XT's quick analysis time provides real-time feedback that allows the process to be controlled, optimizing the process and providing rapid payback.

  • Data Acquisition System

    CANHEAD - FiberSensing

    The CANHEAD system acquires data from static and quasi-static measurements and is ideal for use in long-term monitoring, fatigue testing and static structural testing, for example, in aerospace and construction. The data acquisition system is installed close to the measuring points, which significantly reduces wiring expenditure. This saves material and installation costs. CANHEAD, combined with the MGCplus data acquisition system as the communication master and HBM’s data acquisition software catman, provides the optimum solution for data acquisition and analysis with medium and high channel counts.

  • Digital And Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

    MSO/DPO70000 Series - Tektronix, Inc.

    The MSO/DPO70000 is one of the most advanced oscilloscopes in its class: enabling today’s engineer to see signals better with minimal noise, debug signal anomalies faster, reduce debug time, and utilize measurement and analysis tools for automated compliance testing and other verifications. In addition, the MSO/DPO70000 is perfect for analog/digital design and debug, data communications and high-speed serial communications. See how you can use the MSO/DPO70000 for your next project to find and analyze a wide range of mixed-signal anomalies.

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

    Aplab Limited

    200 / 100 / 70MHz Bandwidths 1GSa/s Real Time Sample Rate Trigger Mode : Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slop, Overtime, Alternative Trigger etc. Provides Software for PC Real-time Analysis Five Math Functions, +, -, *, /, and FFT functions 32 Automatic Measurements and Track Measurement via Cursor Automatically Large (7") Color Display, WVGA (800 x 480) Support U Disk and Local Files Storage Pass / Fail Function Enables to Output Testing Results


    STAR3DIN - Elcontrol Energy Net S.r.l.

    The STAR3 din is the latest instrument available from Elcontrol Energy Net. This high quality panel energy analyser provides brillant features at a price never reached before. The new bright LCD display, the harmonic analysis, the wide set of measured parameters including the TDH available in all the models, the multi-protocol capability of the RS485 port and the high accuracy class 0.5%, the 3 years warranty period, allow to consider the STAR3 the new state of art of the of the panel analysers market.

  • Dummy IC Packages w/ Internal Daisy Chain Circuitry

    TopLine Corp.

    Daisy Chain provides engineers with a simple tool to learn valuable information about causes of failures. Such failure analysis paves the way for scientists and engineers to improve assembly processes. Critical applications involving environmental life cycle testing require daisy chain packages with dummy silicon die. The Daisy Chain permits electrical continuity testing, while the dummy silicon die replicates the thermal mass of a "live" device. Si Die, QFN, Lead Frame Packages and BGA devices and more.

  • Dynatrace Application Monitoring


    Start Dynatracing your applications in minutes with easy deployment and zero-configuration.Auto-discover and map all applications and transaction-flows in your distributed environment.Leverage self-learning baselines with alerts, out-of-the-box dashboards and auto-correlated system monitoring.Find problems before your users notice them with smart, early production error detection.Configure, manage and update easily with a centralized configuration consoleeven for thousands systems.Enable easy access for everyone who needs it. Provide one system valuable to all stakeholders by de-coupling system access and performance analysis.

  • Easycheck Fiber Endface Inspector

    CA3002 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The integrated style design makes the size compact and operation easy. You are no longer to worry about so many cables between monitor and microscope, greatly saving the time for operation and worktable space, thus creating more productivity. Easycheck have a series different model according to different application, it has photo capture function; for transceiver checking; X、Y adjustable; image auto analysis and judgement, etc. The user can choose the desired model per the requirement.

  • ECM Noise Under RF Test System

    BK8020 - BaKo Co., Ltd

    The BaKo Type BK8020 ECM Noise Under RF Test System tests microphones under RF noise, using a 'Direct Injection Test' in the frequency range of 5MHz~2.5GHz with an amplitude modulated (AM) disturbance signal of 1kHz. You run the system using the controlling PC, which allows automatic configuration and which runs the test sequence automatically. When you finish testing, you can print data as an MS Excel report or save it for comparison and analysis.

  • Econco Division

    Econco - Communications & Power Industries

    Econco Division, a wholly owned subsidiary of CPI, has been a recognized leader in rebuilt power tubes since 1969. Its 40,000 square foot facility incorporates state-of-the-art testing systems that ensure production consistency and product reliability. Tubes sent in for rebuild are given a complete internal inspection and failure analysis. They are then rebuilt by hand and retested to the original tube specifications. Econco maintains an extensive inventory of rebuilt tubes for immediate shipment to their worldwide customer base.

  • EMF Spectrum Analyzer

    Aaronia AG

    Professional EMF measurement devices use a frequency dependant measurementapproach, the so-called spectrum analysis. In a certain frequencyrange, the individuals signals and their respective strengths are being brokendown, for example into a "bargraph" display (see SPECTRAN screenshoton the right). The height of the individual bars represents the correspondingsignal strength. For the 3 strongest signal sources, SPECTRAN canautomatically displays the frequency and signal level, thanks to its "AutoMarker" feature. Of course, you can also setup the filter width and the frequencyrange to be analysed as you like.

  • EMPro 3D EM Simulation Software

    Keysight Technologies

    Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is Keysight EEsof EDA's electromagnetic (EM) simulationsoftware design platform for analyzing the 3DEM effects of components such as high-speed and RF IC packages, bondwires, antennas, on-chip and off-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects. EMPro EM simulation software features a modern design, simulation and analysis environment, high capacity simulation technologies and integration with the industry's leading RF and microwave circuit design environment, Advanced Design System (ADS) for fast and efficient RF and microwave circuit design.

  • ENA Vector Network Analyzer

    E5071C - Keysight Technologies

    9 kHz to 4.5/6.5/8.5/14/20 GHz2- or 4-port, 50 ohm, S-parameter test setImprove accuracy, yield and margins with wide dynamic range 130 dB, fast measurement speed 8 msand excellent temperature stability 0.005 dB/CObtain design confidence through complete characterization of high-speed serial interconnects with enhanced time domain analysis optionProtect your investment with upgradability across all of the options Every spec verified, adjustments included Lock in support & peak performance from the start

  • Engineering Data Management SOoftware

    EDM - Crystal instruments

    Crystal Instruments' Engineering Data Management (EDM) software comes with each system. EDM provides a common user interface for both VCS and Dynamic Signal Analysis (DSA) applications. A single interface with the same look and feel means that test specifications can be transferred from engineering to production without change or error and test data can be compared directly between one system and another. EDM provides a consistent user interface regardless of the application and independent of the number of hardware channels.