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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Software

    Mosaic - Fuzhou Tucsen Photonics Co.,Ltd

    In the field of high-end research microscopy, the pursuit of ever increasing camera performance is endless. In order to capitalize on the performance advantages of the camera, the application software plays a very important role. Tucsen has addressed these image processing needs with its all new Mosaic package. Encapsulating image processing algorithms, extensive industry applications, it reflects Tucsens ongoing commitment to provide users with more professional image analysis and processing solutions!

  • Source Code Analyzer

    QA-C - PRQA Programming Research

    QA·C offers a simple way of analysing your code against your chosen coding standard, providing an effective and accurate solution to improving your software. Deploying industry standard metrics and providing code structure visualisations, QA·C brings a level of clarity to complex code, identifying issues long before they reach production. Through analysis your software becomes more robust, more maintainable and much more reliable.

  • Stimulus Induced Fault Testing

    SIFT - FA Instruments

    SIFT allows for the analysis of numerous stimuli to identify speed, fault, and parametric differences in silicon. The heart of the SIFT technique revolves around intentionally disturbing devices with external stimuli and comparing the test criteria to reference parts or timing/voltage sensitivities. Synchronous interfacing is possible to any tester without any wiring or program changes. The system can be based on either a motorized probe station or portable microscope stand for test head applications.

  • Test software


    SAT (semi-automatic test) module is a PC with installed frame grabber card and specialized software optimized for testing surveillance imaging systems or modules of such systems. Generally SAT module enables capture and analysis of images generated by tested electro-optical imaging systems like thermal imagers, TV cameras or video cameras used in the test system.. The PC is the heart of the SAT module and is connected both to the test system and to the tested imager.

  • Test System

    ETS788 - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    The 55/110 MHz ETS788 system boasts the same small footprint and cool quiet CMOS architecture as our ETS780 but with the new high-performance precision components of our Griffin series. This powerful member of the HiLevel family takes advantage of all of the tried and true features that have served users so successfully to date. Learn why the ETS788 is the perfect cost-effective solution for higher performance in Design Verification, Production and Failure Analysis.

  • Time History Recording to Throughput Disc

    M+P International

    For the most critical tests time history data can be recorded in parallel with vibration control with no reduction in control performance. The real-time throughput data capture function of the m+p VibControl system allows you to record all selected channels continuously in the time domain on the embedded data server (“throughput to disc”) irrespective of the channel count and the frequency range utilized. This means that you can always access all the original data for analysis purposes.

  • Transceiver Adapter Module For FlexRIO


    Transceiver Adapter Modules for FlexRIO feature multiple inputs, outputs, and digital I/O lines for applications that require the acquisition and generation of IF or baseband signals with in‐line, real‐time processing. Example applications include RF modulation and demodulation, channel emulation, signals intelligence, real‐time spectrum analysis, and software defined radio (SDR). Transceiver Adapter Modules also provide digital I/O capability for interfacing with external hardware.

  • Real-time Lubricant Analyzer

    RT-Lube - Micromem Inc.

    Instrument platform that is capable of real time, on site detection of wear elements in lubricating fluids. Currently the process to test lubricants is to take a manual sample for lab testing. This approach is expensive, labor intensive and time consuming. The RT-Lube Analyzer can replace this manual approach by automatically sampling, on a pre-scheduled basis, the fluid under consideration. The analysis is immediate and is communicated back to cloud based storage systems where the analytics can take place.

  • Real-Time Heating Value Gas Analyzer

    MAX100-BTU - Extrel CMS, LLC

    The MAX100-BTU provides a rapid, high precision measurement of heating value and gas composition for optimal combustion control and environmental compliance. The MAX100-BTU uses cutting-edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to deliver a continuous online analysis of fuel gas and vent streams containing hydrocarbons, H2, CO, CO2, H2O, H2S and other gases. It has the speed necessary to analyze the total composition of the sample and report the Heating Value in seconds.

  • System for Online Localization of Sound Sources in Real Time

    HEAD Visor - HEAD acoustics GmbH

    HEAD VISOR literally allows you to expand your senses and to handle acoustic tasks in a completely new way. Immediately after turning the system on, you will see a video image with a synchronously superimposed high-resolution map of the sound sources. The influence of modifications, analysis settings etc. can be monitored directly. You don't even have to start a recording. Thanks to the FreezeBuffer, sound events can be conveniently captured and analyzed even retroactively.

  • Portable XRF Spectometer

    Port-X600 - NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    The Generation III handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer,PORT-X600 can save a lot of time for people to make qualitative and quantitative analysis on geological samples, alloy samples and rare earth samples during production, manufacturing, transportation and going through customs. With no demands for sample preparation or special requirements on size and shape of samples, the product can detect the elements (simple substance and compound) contents in solid materials and finish the test in short 5-20 seconds.

  • Phased Array Corrosion Mapping Software

    Concerto - The Phased Array Company

    Concerto is a UT acquisition and analysis software specially designed for Phased Array corrosion mapping. For the tough field conditions that operators deal with Concerto features no menu, less than 18 icons, and few controls so that operators can easily work and not be bothered by complex GUIs.  Concerto is simple and easy to work with yet WT, Surface, and back wall C-scan can still be analyzed and setting can be changed using the same acquired data.

  • Scanning XPS/HAXPES Microprobe

    PHI Quantes - Physical Electronics

    The PHI Quantes is the only commercially available automated, high-throughput lab-based HAXPES spectrometer. It is a unique scanning X-ray photoelectron microprobe that combines a high energy (HAXPES) monochromatic X-ray source (Chromium Kα) with a conventional monochromatic soft X-ray source (Aluminum Kα). Both sources are high flux focused X-ray beams that can be scanned across the sample surface and can be used to define analysis points, areas, lines, and maps with 100% confidence.

  • Current Clamps and Transducers

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    High-accuracy Current Sensors and TransducersHigh-accuracy sensors for AC/DC current measurement and power analysis. From current clamps to high-precision zero flux current transducers and Rogowsky coils.

  • Automated DC Parametric Curve Tracer

    MultiTrace - Robson Technologies, Inc.

    MultiTrace curve tracer is a mid-sized benchtop model supporting pin counts from 216-625 pins and includes the PGA-625 fixture as a standard interface. MultiTrace supports a wide range of test applications: Failure analysis, Reliability testing, Counterfeit device analysis, Nondestructive electrical counterfeit test, Opens, shorts leakage testing (OSL), Post decap electrical inspection, Optical fault localization, ESD testing, Latch-up testing, Supply current measurements, and more!