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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Illumination Design Software

    LightTools - Synopsys, Inc.

    LightTools is a 3D optical engineering and design software product that supports virtual prototyping, simulation, optimization, and photorealistic renderings of illumination applications. Its unique design and analysis capabilities, combined with ease of use, support for rapid design iterations, and automatic system optimization, help to ensure the delivery of illumination designs according to specifications and schedule. See feature details.

  • In-Circuit Tester

    FA931V - OKA-NO (S) PTE LTD

    New generation OKANO FA-931V makes program generation and data analysis on PC easy. The circuit board is the foundation of virtually all electronics systems. Today's high technology has made possible the design of more complex electronic circuits on denser printed circuit boards. Repairs and reworks are time consuming, costly and can have a serious impact on productivity and profitability.

  • Inline Planer Moisture System

    MC Pro 2500 - Finna Sensors

    Maximize grade recovery with SCSFP’s highly accurate lineal planer meter. A full moisture map of each piece ensures you are properly tracking moisture content at the planer. The system easily couples with lineal auto graders for moisture content handoff. Integration via ProTrac software, with barcode or manual tracking, provides advanced kiln analysis and drying reports.

  • Innovative Peak Power and I-V-Curve Measurement Device

    PVPM2540C - PV-Engineering GmbH

    The PVPM2540C is a mobile measuring device with integrated battery supply and external battery charger in a durable aluminium housing. The device has its own industrial miniature PC and a high-contrast LCD display and thus its function is independent of other devices. However if desired a PC can be attached for data transfer and further analysis of the measured values over a standard USB interface.

  • IQ Test Team Edition

    McCabe - McCabe Software

    McCabe IQ Test Team Edition provides comprehensive test / code coverage to focus, monitor, and document software testing processes. Using industry-standard testing methods and advanced dynamic analysis techniques, McCabe IQ Test Team Edition accurately assesses the thoroughness of your testing and aids in gauging the time and resources needed to ensure a well-tested application.


    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    KRYPTON CPU - Small, Rugged, IP67 Data Logger and ComputerKRYPTON CPU is the smallest, a highly portable and extremely rugged IP67 data logger and data processing computer for data recording and analysis in extremely harsh environments with wide operating temperature range -40 to +70°C. It perfectly completes the KRYPTON data acquisition modules to form a stand-alone DAQ system.

  • Light Flicker Meter

    LiFli - Fauser Elektrotechnik

    The LiFli light flicker meter enables fast evaluation of light sources on the flickering part (flicker / flicker). Especially in the case of LED lamps, the flicker portion can be determined only by one measurement, since it is in the range of 0% to 100% for these luminous means.Audio features enable the flicker to be reproduced acoustically. A voltage output for further analysis by means of oscilloscope or voltage analyzer is available.

  • Low Frequency Vibration Signal Conditioner

    IMV Corporation

    A compact Signal Amplifier to make optimal signal processing being connected with the Servo type Accelerometers. It is used for Vibration Acceleration Measurement, Waveform Observation, for various Analysis in combination with the AC Voltage Meter, Oscilloscope, FFT Analyzer respectively. Furthermore, Voltage signals from the Microphones or Sound Level Meters can be output to the instruments like Recorders along with the Vibration Signals.

  • Magnet Analyzer

    DMT Co.,Ltd

    Since miniaturization and high accuracy is the most important theme in the motor industry, a progression in the field of magnetizing ripple analysis is demanded. Taking advantage of our spindle motor design experiences, we develop and manufacture many magnet analyzers with high accuracy, functionality, and operability. We also produce a magnet analyzer which fulfills each customer's needs.

  • MassLynx Mass Spectrometry Software

    Waters Corporation

    Waters MassLynx™ Software improves your MS system with its intuitive interface, intelligent instrument control, and software features built around the focus of your analysis: the sample. With much of its development driven by input from our extensive user base, MassLynx has evolved into a powerful software package that delivers the versatility and flexibility you require.

  • MDS Spectrum Analyser

    Aidiga Ltd.

    Display and storage of real time radio spectrum in four different time domains.Display and storage of real time spectrum occupation and signal activity of the specified frequency ranges, communication channels.Real time signal finding in specified frequency ranges and listening to the found signals by additional "drop frequency" receiver.Long lasting radio spectrum monitoring and data registration for the post-time analysis.

  • Microelectronic Services

    Das Test Haus

    Services for ASIC houses and Integrated Device Manufacturers are IC Wafer / Final Test, IC assembly, Test Program development, product engineering, Flash / EEPROM programming, characterisation / capability studies, yield enhancement, design verification and failure / yield analysis. Das Test Haus are specialists for wafer test, low power, mixed signal and eeprom test.

  • MOSFETs, MESFETs, and Schottky Diodes

    Semiconductor Module - COMSOL, Inc.

    The Semiconductor Module allows for detailed analysis of semiconductor device operation at the fundamental physics level. The module is based on the drift-diffusion equations, using isothermal or nonisothermal transport models. It is useful for simulating a range of practical devices including bipolar, metal semiconductor field-effect transistors (MESFETs), metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), Schottky diodes, thyristors, and P-N junctions.

  • Multibus Development and Test Tool for ECUs and Networks

    CANoe - Vector Informatik GmbH

    The versatile software tool for development, testing and analysis of ECUs and entire networks. Bus systems: CAN, CAN FD, LIN, MOST, FlexRay, Ethernet, WLAN, Car2x ITS G5, AFDX, J1708, ARINC429 > Protocols: TCP/IP, SOME/IP, CANopen, J1939, ISO 11783, J1587, MCnet, GMLAN, K-Line, CANaerospace and ARINC 825. Others upon request.

  • Multi Element Portable


    XOS offers multi-element XRF portable analyzers for industries like consumer products safety and environmental (soil and water). Imagine a smarter analysis solution free of compromise: easy sample prep and operation, rapid testing, compliance flexibility, and industry-leading precision. Powered by HDXRF, these analyzers deliver direct measurement without the need for consumable gasses or sample conversion.