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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • RelayDoc

    MRD Rail Technologies Pty Ltd

    RelayDoc makes testing relays easy. Simply plug in a relay and select test. No training required! RelayDoc tests all the important parameters of a relay against the manufacturer’s specification. Test reports are displayed on the touch screen and stored onboard for viewing and retrieval. They are also synchronised to a cloud database providing analysis and reporting tools.

  • 4-Channel Vibration Analyzer Kit

    HD2030.K1 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2030 is a portable vibration analyzer able to perform spectral and statistical analysis. The instrument can supply all the measurement parameters required by the current normative concerning the operators protection from the risk connected with the vibrations and is able to measure in hand-arm and whole body modes. It is also possible to evaluate the annoyance on persons due to vibration in buildings.

  • Transformer Test Equipment

    IBEKO Power AB

    DV Power test instruments perform various diagnostic tests on power and instrument transformers. Even more, a unique feature is a condition assessment of on-load tap changers. Performing a transformer test before their breakage can be crucial.Test instruments are portable and enclosed in durable metal cases. Also, the 19” rack-mounted version suitable for factories is available as well.Applications supported by DV Power transformer test equipment include:Winding resistance measurement (IEC 60076-1)Analysis of on-load tap changers (IEC 60214-1)Heat run test (IEC 60076-2)Automatic transformer demagnetizationTurns ratio measurement of power and instrument transformers (IEC 60076-1)Excitation current measurementPhase angle measurementTransformer vector group detectionDemagnetization status verificationAll of the above-mentioned measurements are performed with the highest accuracy.The advanced DV-Win PC software collects both numerical and graphical results. As a result of that, these features provide an easier and more efficient analysis. After the test, DV-Win software generates a test report with a single click. Furthermore, a user can easily customize the test report and save it in different formats, such as XLS or PDF.Finally, the analysis of on-load tap changers is performed by the new method called dynamic resistance measurement (DRM). This is a non-intrusive method. Therefore, it allows detecting problems in on-load tap changers without disassembling them.

  • Kaiser Raman Analyzers

    Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.

    High performance instruments to harness the power of Raman spectroscopy. Kaiser Raman Analyzers represent the state of the art in Raman spectroscopy. We are the choice for Raman analysis, both in the laboratory and on the process line. All Kaiser Raman systems share common technology and allow easy transfer of protocols from the R&D lab to manufacturing.

  • Sound Level Meter

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    Class 1 Sound Level Meter and Noise MeasurementThe golden standard for sound noise level meter reimagined with the Dewesoft approach. Easy to set up and use while ensuring maximum accuracy with certified compliance with international standards. No matter the type of acoustics measurement, a sound level meter is always at the heart of the sound analysis.

  • Plastic Analyzer

    Shimadzu Corp.

    The Plastic Analyzer method package includes an FTIR spectral library for plastics degraded by UV rays and heat. Utilizing searches of this library demonstrates its effectiveness in the analysis of unknown samples that are difficult to identify with standard libraries. Examples include plastics degraded by exposure to UV rays as well as contaminants and defective items altered by heating.

  • Nexis GC-2030 BIDUFRGA

    UFRGA Series - Shimadzu Corp.

    The Ultrafast RGA system utilizes the new Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector (BID) technology coupled with Nexis GC-2030 to create new system GC for ultrafast, high-sensitivity analysis. Since the electrode creating Helium plasma is totally isolated from the carrier gas, there is no chance to contaminate this electrode with a dirty sample. This enables long-term stability.

  • Geophysical Surveying Service

    Surface Search Inc.

    Surface Search Inc. provides shallow geophysical surveying and data analysis services for a wide variety of industry groups. We are experienced in acquiring geophysical data using multiple surface geophysics methodologies. Our surveys are typically designed to image/map subsurface features from only a few centimetres up to hundreds of metres in depth.

  • Logic Analyzers

    LXinstruments GmbH

    We have analyzers from the high-end range available for you with a timing / status analysis of up to 4GHz and up to 136 channels (can be interconnected for more channels) as well as with up to 32 GB RAM. A large range of bus triggers (incl. SD3.0 / eMMC4.5 etc.) and protocol analyzers (incl. ESPI, SD3.0 etc.) are offered.

  • Basic Spectrum Analyzers

    BSA - Keysight Technologies

    ncrease productivity on a budget with reliable performance up to 7 GHzGet higher test efficiency with optimized measurement speed and value-added featuresReduce learning curve and enhance testing productivity with improved usability featuresMeet a wider range of demanding RF test needs with multiple functionalities covering spectrum analysis, signal monitoring and transmission/reflection measurements

  • Cannabis Testing

    Sartorius AG

    Sartorius offers a variety of high-quality products that ensure most accurate test results and allow your testing lab to run smoothly at all times. Our products not only support you in performing super-fast determination of your samples’ moisture and weight, but also in the process of safely preparing of your samples for analytical or microbiological analysis.

  • Chromatography Instruments & Equipment

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

    Put our latest innovations in ion, gas and liquid chromatography to work in your laboratory. We’ve focused on developing leading-edge workflow solutions—from sample preparation, chromatographic separation, seamless integration with mass spectrometry, and data management and analysis—to meet today’s ever increasing demands for analytical performance, productivity and ease of use.

  • Condition Monitoring System


    Cut costs and boost productivity with a condition-monitoring tool designed for ease of use and scalability. The Dynapar OnSite™ system is a powerful predictive maintenance system targeted at preventing failures before they occur. It can slash unscheduled downtime, improve efficiency of route-based vibration analysis, and provide real-time analytics and trending to warn of possible machine failures.

  • Customer Feedback Analytics

    Analytics - Apptentive

    The Apptentive dashboard provides key insights into who your customers are, what they care about, and how to communicate with them. Apptentive works from day one using machine learning and semantic analysis to bubble up key trends, so you can stop guessing what customers want and recognize issues not readily seen.

  • Custom Solutions


    Optimet offers custom measurement solutions according to customer needs. The custom solutions are based on its unique 3D conoscopic holography measurement sensors together with a variety of customized objective lenses, periscopes and other relay optics, motion synchronization, special algorithms, surface oriented measurement solutions, data processing and analysis and more.