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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Metals Analyser

    Vulcan - Oxford Instruments plc

    Vulcan is the fastest metals analyser available, taking just one second to measure metal alloys - that’s faster than any XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyser or any other laser product on the market. In quality control and quality assurance this means that large inventories of incoming raw materials or finished parts can be checked very quickly. Large quantities of scrap metal can be sorted in scrapyards easily and fast. Vulcan offers high performance and guarantees very high accuracy and precision for its analysis results. For example, when analysing aluminium, it not only provides the commercial grade of aluminium but also its accurate chemical composition. As Vulcan is so simple to operate, possible user error has been significantly reduced if not almost completely eliminated, so the results obtained from analysis will be reliable and consistent.

  • MultiBeam System

    FIB - JEOL Ltd.

    An easy-to-use, out-lens type scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with a Schottky electron gun, as well as a new FIB column capable of large current processing (maximum ion current 90nA) installed into one chamber. JIB-4610F enables high-resolution SEM observation after high-speed cross-section milling with FIB, and high-speed analysis with a variety of analytical instruments, such as energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) that takes advantage of the Schottky electron gun delivering a large probe current (200nA), electron back scatter diffraction (EBSD) to perform crystallographic characterization, and cathodoluminescence (CLD). In addition, the 3D analysis function Cut & See is included in the standard configuration, allowing cross-section milling to be executed automatically at fixed intervals, while acquiring SEM images for each cross section.

  • Polarization Controller

    8169A - Keysight Technologies

    The 8169A Polarization Controller, with single-mode fiber input and output, is used to change light from any polarized or unpolarized light source into any well-defined state of polarization. The design based on bulk-optic zero-order waveplates and a high-performance linear polarizer at the input provides optimum determination and repeatability of polarization states over a wide wavelength range. The 8169A is especially well suited for use together with a tunable laser to make swept-wavelength measurements of the polarization dependence of fiberoptic devices, by setting a set of relatively orthogonal polarization states for Mueller Matrix analysis. These measurements are supported by a Plug&Play driver and coordinated operation of the 8169A with a Keysight tunable laser and power meters can be enhanced with the Photonic Foundations Library software package. The fundamental basis of this flexible instrument also supports many general applications requiring polarization control and analysis.

  • Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

    17040 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    Conforms to international standards for battery testing: IEC, ISO, UL, and GB/T, etc.Regenerative battery energy discharge (Eff. >90%, PF >0.95, I_THD <5%)Multiple voltage and current ranges for auto ranging function to provide optimum resolutionHigh accuracy current/voltage measurement (0.05%FS/0.02%FS)2ms current slew rate (-90% ~ 90%)Dynamic (current/power) driving profile simulation tests for NEDC, FUDS, HPPCTest channel parallel functionTest data analysis functionData recovery protection (after power failure)Automatic protection for error conditionBattery simulator (option)High power testing equipment- Voltage range : 80~1000V - Current range : 0~750A - Power range : 0~300kWCustomized integration functions- Integrated temperature chamber - BMS data analysis - Multi-channel voltage/temperature recording

  • ICP-OES Analyzer

    SPECTRO ARCOS - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    The SPECTRO ARCOS ICP-OES excels in industrial and academic applications for the most advanced elemental analysis of metals, chemicals, petrochemicals, and other materials.Its unique new MultiView plasma interface option provides truly uncompromising axial-view and radial-view plasma observation in a single instrument. The periscope-free MultiView mechanism lets an operator literally "turn" a radial-view instrument into an axial-view device, or vice-versa, in 90 seconds or less. Visit the MultiView Q&A section in the ARCOS Resource Center for answers to frequently asked questions. Plasma power enters a whole new era with the system's innovative generator. This unique, compact and extremely rugged component is based on laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) technology. It delivers the highest plasma power available today, enabling previously impossible feats of analysis at the highest plasma loads.

  • SilverCreek SNMP Tests

    InterWorking Labs, Inc.

    Set up in less than five minutes - Windows or LinuxCustomize tests via Wizards, Script Generators, and moreAutomate operation with unambiguous test resultsIntegrate with other test harnesses and test toolsIncludes conformance, compliance, vulnerability, robustness, stress, and performance testingInvestigate failures and quickly resolve them with powerful diagnostic and analysis tools

  • Single Phase Reference Standard Meter

    Guangzhou GENY Electric Co.,

    ingle Phase Electronic Energy Standard Meter Model ID: SZ-01A-K3E Features: High class accuracy up to 0.02% Wide testing range, 5V...480V in voltage, 1mA...120A in current Testing mode includes active powe, reactive power, cross connected reactive power Harmonic analysis.

  • Analog, digital channel power

    RA2009D - Radiasun International Group Ltd.

    RA2009D comes with a solution that can handle digital TV and maintain the analog spectrum, enable technicians to use it in the most demanding situations with a single, rugged instrument, wherever it is needed.The new QAM View digital analysis option adds forward path digital signal testing that includes constellation, pre/post FEC BER, MER.

  • Advanced Optical CD (OCD) Metrology System

    Atlas® II+ - Nanometrics Incorporated

    The Atlas II+ OCD system is Nanometrics’ next-generation tool for high-performance process control metrology. Incorporating innovations in optical components, precision wafer positioning, and new software analysis, the Atlas II+ enables measurements of the smallest semiconductor design features in development, including complex device structures at 1x nm technology nodes.

  • Analytical Probe Station with Laser Cutting System

    LCS- 4000 Series - MicroXact, Inc.

    he LCS-4000 Probe Station with Integrated Laser Cutting System gives the user maximum flexibility in semiconductor diagnostic cutting, failure analysis, trimming, marking and topside layer removal. All of these functions can be performed on a microscopic level, all on this one system which provides a high level of performance that is remarkably easy to use.

  • Automated Relay Test System

    Relay Master - Ultra-Tech Enterprises, Inc.,

    Relay Master is an automatic relay test system capable of testing from one to 64 relays simultaneously without having to remove them from the rack.  System automation improves efficiency and reduces track time requirements.  The PC-based system stores test parameters and results in a database for ease of reliability and trending analysis. 

  • BACnet Quick Test (BQT)

    PolarSoft Inc.

    BQT is an easy-to-use all-purpose BACnet device discovery, analysis and testing tool for Windows. BQT runs under Windows 7/8/10, Server 2008/2012 and XP, and provides a simple set of client features tailored to the needs of end-users, installers and product developers who just want to run some quick tests.

  • Charge Plate Analyzer


    1. Easiest,most reliable way to check effectiveness of all ionization2. Meets ESD Associtation Standard ANSI/ESD STM 3.1.3. Removable,cable-connected plate/probe permits precise 4. Separate time and voltage displays for decay rate analysis.5. Two ranges measure from 0 to ±5kV,0 to ±1KV.

  • Clock Domain Crossing Sign-off Solution

    Meridian CDC - Real Intent, Inc.

    Meridian CDC is the fastest, highest capacity and most precise CDC solution in the market. It performs comprehensive structural and functional analysis to ensure that signals crossing asynchronous clock domains on ASIC, or FPGA devices are received reliably. Meridian CDC is the only solution that enables all aspects of CDC sign-off for giga-gate SoC designs.

  • DCA-M Sampling Oscilloscope

    N1094B - Keysight Technologies

    Optional 20/30 GHz or 20/33/40/50 GHz bandwidth2.4 mm input typeHigh sensitivity with 310 V (20 GHz), 600 V (50 GHz) noise floorsFastest throughput with high 250 kHz sample rateAccurate high data rate analysis with <170 fs jitterSmaller footprint due to compact design