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increase the amplitude of a signal.

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  • Bias Tee (T)

    Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

    Pasternack bias tee (aka bias T) category is passive coaxial components primarily used in applications where you need to inject DC currents or voltages into RF circuits. Bias tee components are designed to inject DC current into an RF circuit without affecting the RF signal through the main transmission path. Our lines of bias tees are used for applications where DC power is needed to power amplifiers on antennas or other RF circuits.The “tee” in the name bias tee is derived from the shape of the 3 ports which is typically in the shape of a T. 50 Ohm bias tees or bias Ts from Pasternack are available with two different bias connector designs including solder pin and SMA female. Other connector configurations for our bias tees include 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, Type N and SMA.Pasternack’s bias tee series has maximum voltage ratings between 24 and 100 volts. Maximum DC current for our bias tees ranges from 200 mA to 7,000 mA (milli-amps). Many of our RF bias tees are RoHS and REACH compliant.Like the other over 40,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave components from Pasternack, this bias tee category is in-stock. Not only in stock, but these bias Ts will ship the same day as they are purchased.

  • Wideband, Passive, In-Phase Quadrature RF Mixers

    HMC819x Series - Analog Devices Inc.

    Supporting the entire 2.5 to 42 GHz spectrum, the HMC819x mixers provide significant benefits compared to alternative discrete options available today and are ideal solutions for industrial applications such as test and measurement and defense electronics that require wideband support. Over 10 discrete components would be required to cover this same frequency range, as compared to what can be achieved with ADI’s three new devices without any compromise in performance. ADI’s HMC819x mixers are the industry’s only wideband solutions available in a standard SMT package, allowing them to be integrated efficiently in order to decrease overall design time and risk, while speeding time to market. The HMC819x series’ RF and LO bandwidth of 2.5 to 42 GHz along with wide IF bandwidth enable military or test and measurement applications to simplify design implementation while still maintaining superb RF performance. The series achieves exceptional isolation on the order of 35 dB or greater for both LO to RF and LO to IF isolation and greater than 20 dB of RF to IF isolation. The inherent I/Q architecture of the mixers accomplishes image/sideband rejection of 25 dBc or greater without the use of expensive external filtering thus overall reducing bill of materials cost. Input IP3 greater than 20 dBm is realized over the wide bandwidth while maintaining low conversion loss and high dynamic range. Well-matched LO driver amplifiers have been listed to drive the LO port of each mixer with low input power.

  • Transformer Capacity and Load Load Tester

    NRRL-H - Wuhan Nanrui Electric Co,. Ltd

    NRRL-H Transformer Capacity and Load Load Tester is developed by Wuhan NANR Electrical specifically forresolving the problem, it’s a high precision instruments developed specificallyfor transformer capacity and loss parameter measurements. It comes with a high-performancerechargeable battery, can work without external power supply, the charging timecan be measured hundreds times continuously; Meanwhile, the internal digital combinedas three-phase standardsine wave signal (not simple inverter AC output, which ensure the accuracy of eachtested project data under the non-rated conditions ), the power amplifier canprovide precise phase AC testing source; and measure transformer capacity andtransformers three-phase short-circuit loss tests without external powersource, voltage regulator, voltage booster and other auxiliary equipment,simplifying wiring, improved work efficiency greatly; the accuracy of capacitytesting results up to 100%. It can be used as two kinds of devices: Activetransformer capacity tester + transformer loss parameter tester. It can measurethe  transformer capacity, load current,load loss, short-circuit loss, impedance voltage and a series of parameters forprecision frequency measurements. The NRRL-H Transformer Capacity and Load Load Tester has a small size, light weight, high measuring accuracy,good stability, easy to operate etc., which completely replace the conventionalmethod of using multi-table transformer losses and capacity measurement method,simple to connect the wires, test and record, and have greatly improved workefficiency. It has a big screen as a graphic LCD window, graphical menuoperation and with a character prompt, set the parameters in a multi-screendisplay interface, interactive user-friendly, easy to use, is the preferred productfor electric users at all levels .

  • Digital Wireless Monitor System with Dante Inputs

    Duet - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    Lectrosonics announces the introduction of a new digital wireless monitor (IEM) system, the Duet. The new system consists of the M2T dual-stereo half-rack transmitter and M2R diversity belt pack receiver. The Duet covers the UHF frequencies of 470-608 MHz in a single range, uses digital modulation for transmission, and can accept analog or Dante digital inputs. The new system is designed and developed with professional touring, installation, theater, filmmaking and broadcast customers in mind. The M2T half-rack transmitter houses two independent stereo transmitters allowing for up to four stereo or dual-mono transmissions in a single rack space. The audio inputs can be individually configured to be analog or Dante compatible. The analog input connectors are full size XLR/TRS combo types for balanced line level analog signals while the input preamp circuits use a special balanced amplifier with very high common mode rejection to minimize hum and noise. A Dante Ultimo™ interface via dual RJ45 connectors accepts Dante networked audio inputs and can cascade the digital stream to additional units via CAT6 cables. An additional RJ45 jack provides an Ethernet connection for programming and control via Wireless Designer™ software and a USB jack on the front panel allows for firmware updates. The transmitter features a full color, backlit LCD for high visibility in any environment, while the chassis is all-metal and can be racked singly or in pairs using included rack mount hardware.

  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) Series

    Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

    Our lines of voltage controlled oscillator, commonly referred to as VCO, series covers select bands from 10 MHz to 11 GHz in a variety of package options. This line of voltage controlled oscillators is most commonly deployed in applications such as phase locked loops, frequency synthesizers, electronic jamming equipment and function generators.Pasternack’s voltage controlled oscillator products are a type of oscillator where the frequency of the output signal can be varied by adjusting the amplitude of the input tuning voltage. The VCO performance characteristics play a critical role in overall system performance. Unlike oscillators with a single fixed frequency, VCOs have a range of frequencies making them desirable with designers.Our comprehensive and growing portfolio of VCO part numbers include models in true surface mount and coaxial packaged versions available from stock. Some voltage controlled oscillator models have added features which include integrated buffer amplifiers and input modulation ports. Tuning voltages can range from 0 to 20 volts, output power ranges from 0 to +12.5 dBm, and all models have an operational temperature range covering -40°C to +85°C. These VCOs also boast exceptional phase noise performance as low as -125 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset. All designs are highly reliable and are designed to meet a series of MIL-STD-202 environmental test conditions, which include shock, vibration, and temperature cycle.

  • AM Isocoupler

    CoLoCoil - LBA Group, Inc

    Multiple antennas and future add-ons are no problem for the CoLoCoil AM isocoupler. Even with different coax cable size requirements!LBA's modular approach allows the operator to start with one CoLoCoil, and build out to 6, 9, or more supporting 50 or more antennas!Practically "plug and play", expansions are fast, minimize AM station impact, and maintain full grounding and lightning protection!Truly the state-of-the-art in AM collocation, backed by over 25 years of colocation experience!The LBA CoLoCoil AM Isocoupler system permits trouble-free colocation of all wireless antennas on AM broadcast antenna towers including directional arrays! With the CoLoCoil, most wireless installations have virtually no effect on the host AM tower, and the AM station has no effect on wireless system coaxial cables and antennas. CoLoCoil isocoupler modular systems are transparent to AC or DC voltages on coaxial cables. Thus, they present no problem to coaxial-powered tower top amplifiers, smart antennas, and other devices even supporting AC and strobe tower lighting systems!LBA CoLoCoil modular iscoupler systems are ideal for PCS, Broadband and Cellular collocation. They feature a unique patent-pending configuration that allows the addition of multiple coaxial cable modules. New antennas can be accommodated at any time without system redesign. Modules are factory-adjusted to minimize field set-up, and only high stability components are used to eliminate periodic readjustment. Rugged coaxial connectors used at the input and output are the only RF path connections used, virtually eliminating intermodulation. RF path reliability and performance is that of the coaxial cable alone! Each coaxial path is sweep tested and measured for insertion loss before shipment and the documentation furnished to the user.All modular CoLoCoil isocouplers are rated to work with AM RF voltages typical on AM towers of 10,000 watts or less. Custom systems are available for all AM power levels. Custom isocouplers accommodate high power levels, special configurations and performance. Even non-coaxial cables, such as for active antennas and tower lighting, can be incorporated in custom CoLoCoil co-location modules.CoLoCoil AM isocoupler modules are optionally equipped with a unique isolation and safety monitoring system. Front panel indicators permit instant visualization of isolation circuit status and RF presence. Alarm connections are provided for interface with site status and interlock systems.For safety of user personnel, CoLoCoil isocoupler modules are designed so that no high RF voltages are accessible. A highly effective RF grounding system eliminates the AM "hot cabinet" problem. Additional features of the system include color-coding of all coaxial input/outputs and numbering for ready circuit identification and user inventory. A direct DC static ground and rugged spark gap provide lightning protection.