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Test of aloft craft and equipment .

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  • EMC/EMI, Lightning, Environmental Simulation and Composites Testing

    Retlif Accredited Testing Laboratories

    Retlif Testing Laboratories provides EMC/EMI, Lightning, Environmental Simulation and Composites testing for aerospace, avionics, commercial aviation, rail and transit, maritime, military, homeland security, medical, and transportation applications.Globally recognized an an independent testing leader, Retlif strategically focuses on test results with a mission to provide tangible value through testing and engineering. That value encompasses performance data that speeds R&D and engineering expertise that readily guides products through complex regulatory structures. Put Us To The Test™.

  • Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite

    NewFasant - NewFasant

    NewFasant is an Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite that provides solutions for the defense and civil scopes: Naval, Aerospace and Automotive Industries, analysis of Antenna and RF components, and many more. Yhe main applications are: Electromagnetic Compatibility. Antenna Design. Antennas mounted on complex structures. Radar Cross Section (RCS), including ISAR and Doppler frequency shifts. Infrared. Radio Propagation. Radio system analysis. Design of passive microwave components. Radomes: analysis and design. Reflectarrays: analysis and design.

  • Specialty Lab Testing Services

    The Specialty Lab, Inc.

    Serving the Testing and Consulting needs for the Aerospace, Automotive, Bio-Medical, Military, Electrical and Electronics Product Industries since 1995 with technical excellence and exemplary customer service. Failure Analysis, Electronics Qualification, Screening, Environmental Test, Shock, Vibration, Package Test, and Transportation Simulation. Our customers come from a diverse group of manufacturers, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

  • PXI Digital I/O Module

    National Instruments

    PXI Digital I/O Modules offer up to 96 channels of digital I/O, with compatibility for a variety of voltage and isolation levels. Some models include programmable input filters to eliminate glitches/spikes and provide debouncing for digital switches/relays through a software-selectable digital filter. PXI Digital I/O Modules are ideal for a range of applications, from manufacturing test and industrial control to advanced aerospace and laboratory research.

  • Switch Module

    SMX-5002 - AMETEK VTI

    The VTI SMX-5xxx Series of general purpose switches deliver exceptional performance and reliability by implementing extensive signal path shielding, isolation and built-in health monitoring. Embedded virtual schematic control simplifies setup and debugging, allowing all relays to be engaged independent of application software and device drivers.Ideally suited for a wide range of discrete signal switching, the SMX-5xxx Series provides uncompromised measurement integrity ideal for the most demanding aerospace, defense and automotive automated test equipment (ATE) applications.

  • RF Signal Generators, Programmable Attenuators & Hybrid Mixers

    DS Instruments

    unique RF Test Equipment including Signal Generators, Digital Attenuators, Mixers, RF Switches, Tracking Generators and Frequency Counters. Our products are compact, affordable and reliable, making them attractive to engineers and technicians in aerospace, education, military, communications, and laboratories overseas. Our most popular instruments are completely controllable via USB PC GUI, automated SCPI COM port commands, and front push-buttons

  • RF Power Amplifiers


    Consultix provides the technically demanding RF/Microwave, electromagnetic, power solutions fordefense, aerospace, telecom, commercial and instrumentation industries. Utilizing the latest GaN technology offers high efficiency broadband solutions for variety of RF/MW professional wireless and wired applications. Protection, high efficiency and broad bandwidth are not the only features offered in Consultix' RF/Microwave high power modules, but also full customization capabilities enable providing complete custom solutions in a timely manner.

  • CMOS Switch Drivers

    Macom Technology Solutions Inc.

    MACOM's CMOS switch drivers are used extensively in wireless infrastructure base stations as well as aerospace and defense applications. Drivers are typically used to translate TTL control voltages for RF and microwave attenuators and switches. Typical applications include; Cordless and mobile phones, Cellular base stations/wireless infrastructure, Satellite radio, GPS and DAB, 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz WLAN, VSAT, CATV and broadband, Commercial and military radar, and multi-market applications.

  • Automatic High Voltage Wire Harness Testers

    MK Test Systems Ltd.

    Automatic high voltage wire harness testers are used in a variety of industries, such as aerospace and defence through to rail, and are used to test any equipment which contains a high number of electrical wires, or active components ensuring these pass specified test criteria at the sub-assembly and final stages of construction. These systems ensure the wiring and components are 100% compliant and undamaged, recording every test measurement and aiding diagnosis of detected faults.

  • NI TestStand Development Services

    Simplicity AI Ltd

    Simplicity AI have a high degree of ATE software development expertise using NI TestStand, in industry areas such as aerospace, defense and telecoms. With Certified TestStand Architects and Certified TestStand Developers on the engineering team, and holding National Instruments Alliance Partner status, Simplicity AI have the knowledge and experience to deliver advanced test software solutions.

  • Automatic Test Equipment \ Avionics

    TS-1650 - Testek Solutions

    Testek’s NextGen TS-1650, LRM & CATE series provides economical and high speed, certified correct testing of a wide range of aircraft avionics and control components. The Testek ATE family are universal, automatic test systems, one of which is best for your application. UTC Aerospace formerly known as Hamilton Sundstrand approves and recommends Testek’s TS-1650, LRM & CATE series.

  • Synchro/Resolver Simulators

    North Atlantic Industries

    NAI offers a wide variety of Synchro/Resolver Standards and Simulators that can be used as standards for calibrating and testing Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) or for measuring the static or dynamic characteristics of Angle Position Indicators (APIs) and Synchro-to-Digital Converters. Features include up to 2 arc-second accuracy, programmable parameters, and 3.0 VA output. Ideally suited for defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications, these measurement instruments deliver industry-leading performance in a variety of accuracy and resolution grades, with various packaging options.

  • Electronic Component Testing Services

    New Jersey Micro Electronic Testing, Inc.

    NJMET is proud to provide procurement and testing services to the commercial, military, aerospace, industrial automotive and medical industries. We also provide custom engineering consultation services. NJMET Inc. is AS9100/ISO9001:2008 certified and has recently successfully completed of The Defense Logistic Agency’s (DLA) laboratory suitability assessment and is qualified to test federal stock classes (FSC) 5961 (Semiconductor Devices) and FSC 5962 (Microcircuits) to DLA’s QTSL test requirements.

  • Semiconductor & Electronic Systems Test and Diagnostics Services

    MASER Engineering B.V.

    Reliability Test and Diagnostic services are offered to a wide range of customers that are active as Fabless Semiconductor or Integrated Device Manufacturers, automotive electronics supplier, Telecom and ICT application specialists, Industrial and Medical electronic system manufacturers or in Aerospace and Space applications. Independent high tech test and diagnostic service laboratory. IC and electronic module qualification. ESD and Latch Up testing. Design assessment by HALT/HASS. Failure and construction analysis.

  • Multi-channel low-pass filter board

    AAF-2 - Alligator Technologies

    The AAF-2 is a multi-channel low-pass filter board designed for use in front of A/D converters with resolution up to 16-bits.  It is ideal for filtering applications in sound and vibration testing, ultrasonics, acoustics, structural analysis, industrial, test, scientific and laboratory data collection and applied mechanical applications in electronics, aerospace, field research, automotive, and process control industries.