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  • Accredited Humidity Calibration Services

    Thunder Scientific, Corp.

    Thunder Scientific's calibration laboratory is accredited by NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program), Certificate of Accreditation No. 200582-0 to ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 1994.

  • EMC RF Measuring Instrument / Calibration Service

    ISO/IEC 17025 - TOYO Corp.

    ISO/IEC17025 is an accreditation standard established under an agreement between the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which was issued in December 1999 as a standard succeeding to ISO/IEC Guide 25.This accreditation means that the receiver has been accredited as a calibration laboratory accepted internationally, which ensures traceability in conjunction with international standards.ISO/IEC17025 warrants the quality of the calibration and test results, and the accreditation covers one calibration/test object and a specific calibration and test method thereof.In other words, an authoritative third party strictly examines applicants and gives accreditation to organizations that are acknowledged as having very sophisticated technical capability to conduct specific calibration and tests.

  • Chemical Testing

    Pacific Testing Laboratories

    Our modern and comprehensive Chemical Laboratory has been certified and registered in accordance with the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) and by the State of California Department of Health Services.

  • Metrology Search Engine

    qualer | search - Qualer

    Search by parameter every accredited calibration laboratories. Application uses the Metrology Information Infrastructure data standard (MII). Accreditation, Calibration Certificates, Instrument Specifications, etc.

  • Calibration services

    Transcat, Inc.

    Transcat Calibration Services offers the widest scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries we serve. In fact, we are accredited for over 99% of our capabilities, and more than 95% of the calibrations we perform are accredited.

  • Wireless & RF Testing

    MET Laboratories, Inc.

    MET Laboratories is a widely respected wireless testing lab, with East coast, West coast, and Central operations. Here are some of our wireless capabilities and accreditations assisting with the homologation needs of the wireless manufacturer:

  • Laser & LED Testing

    Lasermet Ltd.

    Lasermet is the UK’s leading test house for testing to the following standards:EN 60825-1 / IEC 60825-1*EN 60825-2 / IEC 60825-2EN 60825-12 / IEC 60825-12*EN 60601-2-22 / IEC 60601-2-22*21 CFR 1040.10and is the only test house with UKAS accreditation for laser and LED testing (other than the National Physical Laboratories).

  • Renewable Energies


    DEKRA works closely with the photovoltaic industry with the aim of guaranteeing the quality and safety of photovoltaic modules and components launched to the market.Its is a Photovoltaic Test Laboratory offers Testing and Certification Services according to IEC and UL standards. The lab. is accredited by ENAC (ILAC Accreditation Body) according to the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

  • Non Destructive Testing Relative Magnetic Permeability

    Keighley Laboratories LTD

    Now covered under our UKAS accreditation to include specifications such as BS 5884, ASTM A342 and A.U.W.E. 29108, Magnetic Permeability is the ability of a material to become magnetized. Carried out using both balance bridge and digital meters, available both in house and on site (Not UKAS accredited).

  • Energy Efficiency Testing

    Intertek Group plc

    Intertek has the requisite accreditations, expertise and state-of-the-art testing laboratories around the world to help you meet energy efficiency requirements for global markets. Improving energy performance, developing clean and sustainable energy, and protecting the environment are key initiatives that all manufacturers must undertake if they wish to compete in today’s socially-conscious markets.

  • EMC Test Systems

    IEC61000 - Newtons4th Ltd

    N4L are the only IEC61000 EMC test system manufacturer in the world* with an on site UKAS ISO17025 calibration laboratory offering accreditation to IEC61000-3-2, IEC61000-3-3, IEC61000-4-7 and IEC61000-4-15. Calibration and trace-ability are a vital aspect of any EMC test solution and the coverage provided through N4L’s UKAS Laboratory is comprehensive. N4L’s IEC61000-4-15 calibration procedure is particularly noteworthy as it covers the entire test protocol detailed in Annex C of IEC61000-4-15. It is commonplace for specific parameters within IEC61000-4-15 (d parameters are frequently omitted from calibration procedures) to remain untested during typical flicker calibration due to the difficulty in providing trace-ability for such measurements. All tests within the test protocol of Annex C are included within the scope of accreditation and calibration procedures at N4L.

  • Level 2 EMVCo Card Type Approval

    Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

    UL’s Transaction Security laboratory is one of the first laboratories engaged in testing CCD/CPA products to have been successfully approved by EMVCo when the Card Type Approval process was first established. Thanks to its long-standing accreditation with EMVCo for product approval, UL has extensive experience with the EMVCo Card Type Approval process. You, as a customer, can rely on UL’s profound technical knowledge of the CCD/CPA specifications.

  • Electrical Standards

    Fluke Calibration

    To verify the performance of an electrical calibrator or dc calibrator, you need an electrical standard. Fluke Calibration standards are found in primary calibration laboratories across the world. A wide range of electrical standards and frequency standards are designed to meet the needs of today’s laboratories for traceability and quality accreditation while also being portable, simple to use, and easy to support. Electrical standards include: Voltage standards; ac/dc transfer standards; ac measurement standards; resistance standards; ratio standards; current shunts.

  • Environmental Testing

    D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc

    D.L.S. Conformity Assessment provides testing services for environmental tests under its accredited ANAB/ACLASS ISO 17025 program. This globally accepted accreditation covers environmental and mechanical testing that include vibration and shock, temperature extremes , sand and dust, fluid and chemical resistance, altitude, humidity, salt spray, ingress protection, icing, flammability and other related testing services.

  • Electrical Components Testing

    TUV Rheinland Inc

    To be successful on the market, the safety, quality, durability, and reliability of your products are essential.Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the products they place on the market meet all relevant regulations. Ensuring that your customers receive safe components of high quality is critical to the longevity of your business.Every part of an electrical appliance can be hazardous and one defective component can lead to disastrous results. Our experience and scope of accreditations help you to meet local and global electrical product safety regulations. As one of the largest certifiers within the CB Scheme TÜV Rheinland Group has vast experience in a broad range of product testing.