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Automatic Test Markup Language

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  • Automatic Test Markup Language Visual Editor

    ATML Pad - Reston Software, llc

    Reston Software offers ATML Pad, a visual editor for the Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML). The ATML formats are versatile but complex. Direct editing in XML is next to impossible, even with capable XML editors. ATML Pad overcomes this problem by exposing an application-specific visual interface. ATML Pad manages the complexity of the ATML formats, allowing you to focus on describing your tests. It abstracts XML ID references, allowing you to simply select the referenced item from a list. In addition, ATML Pad can generate XML IDs automatically and ensures that IDs remain unique while you edit the data.

  • Automatic Test System (ATS) software suite

    newWaveX–System - Spherea Technology Ltd.

    newWaveX–System is an Automatic Test System (ATS) software suite that is UUT orientated and manages tester obsolescence through its use of signal-based ATML Capabilities. newWaveX–System optimizes test portability using a compile-time approach to translate ATML Test Description into efficient, platform-native test programs. ATML TestStation Editor that enables the engineer to describe ATS resources. ATML TestDescription Compiler that interrogates the TestStation description to find test resources; Your own test runtime that sits on the deployed system.

  • TPS Design, Development & Integration Services

    Summit Test Solutions

    – ATML file generation – ATML implementations – ATML custom software tools – ATS Hardware and Software integration – Instrument driver development (IVI, VXI plug & play) – Test Requirements & Test Strategy analysis and generation – TPS Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V) – ATS proposal support - ATS trade studies – ATE evaluation and selection.

  • Code Transformer

    Chameleon - Advint, LLC

    Provides source code transformation of legacy software to modern programming environments. Establishes translation relationships between the legacy and target languages. Works with industry leading test executives. Ensures traceability between new target software and legacy code. Multi-lingual capable (supports most any structured text-based language) Ada, ATLAS, ANSI C (LabWindows/CVI), Basic (HP, HT, Rocky Mountain, Visual), FORTRAN, Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) drivers, JOVIAL, Pascal, ATML / XML, Etc.

  • Test Data Management

    Tequra Analytics - Simplicity AI Ltd

    Tequra Analytics is a test data management and analysis solution for advanced manufacturing organisations. By using the tools provided by Tequra Analytics an extensive insight into manufacturing can be gained, enabling actions to be taken to improve quality and streamline processes. ATML Results - Industry standard format for automated test. CSV Output - Machine readable, open in spreadsheet software. PDF Reports.