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  • Pressure Indicators

    D.Marchiori s.r.l.

    Different types of single or dual channel pressure indicators are produced by DMA-Aero. The use of vibrating element transducers, combined with precise temperature measurements and humidity control provides near primary standard accuracy. With DMA-Aero software the pressure indicators can calibrate the DMA-Aero ADTS instruments automatically.

  • Air Data Test

    Flightline/Ramp Air Data Test Sets - D.Marchiori s.r.l.

    The test sets are all digitally controlled through a local or remote keypad and display. The intuitive user interface allows test set functions to be easily controlled with a minimum of key strokes, with all test parameters displayed, and is suitable for both first time and more advanced users. Optionally many of the ADTS can be remotely controlled by a PDA Pocket PC with wireless Bluetooth connection. The intelligent user interface provides protection to both the test set and the UUT. The software rejects entered command values that exceed the pre-selected limit ranges.