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AC Current Probes

wrap around conductors to measure current.

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  • 1 Phase TRMS Power Clamp-on Meter With PC Interface

    KM- 351 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Ultra-Slim jaw to access tight places. • 600A AC Clamp-on + Multimeter ranges • 600V AC/DC input protection on all functions • AC True RMS Voltage and Current functions. • Balanced-Load 1-phase Power W, VA & • VAR measurements. • Dual display Power Factor (PF)& A-Lags-V Phase-Shift indication • AutoVATM (Auto Selection on ACV, DCV or ACA functions) • Power measurement of Selectable W, VAR & VA with dual-display Total Power Factor features.. • Display PEAK-rms HOLD & Data Hold function. • Fast Peak-rms Hold (65ms to 90%) for In-rush ACA& ACV readings. • Measure line-level ACV Frequency via test leads • Measure non-invasive ACA frequency via clamp jaws. • Battery Cover with probe holders. • Fast Audible Continuity. • PC-Comm computer interface capabilities (Optional).

  • Flexible Rope-Type Current Probe

    RCT1A and RCT5A - Powertek LLC

    These probes have great bandwidth ensuring accurate measurement even with harmonically distorted wave shapes. For all RCT1A/RCT models, a NIST, NAVLAP, NPL (UKAS) factory traceable calibration certificate and certificate of conformance is supplied. UL/CSA approved materials are used throughout. Three phase and single phase flexible AC current sensors (rope sensors) are available for fast installation in confined spaces, eliminating the need for Electrical Supply Shutdown. Available outputs are 1A @ 2.5VA and 5A @ 0.5VA, this means long cable lengths from current sensor to signal conditioner allow these low VA ratings to be used, even when feeder cable to energy meter distances are large (up to 98 feet / 30 meters)


    Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Pro-Rack is a cost effective ATE System, which comes with Modular Structure provision option to improvise and enhance much instrumentation based on the user’s requirements. Basically it is designed to cater to the needs of PCB test and repair depots, keeping in mind the changing PCB technology and the challenges in testing them off-line. It can provide complete PCB test and diagnostic functions for any kind of PCB including the latest very high density complex PCBs with high pin count PQFP, FPGA VLSI chips. AC /DC parametric tests enables testing of the DC parametric of device pins on the edge connector for input bias current, Fan out capacity ,Tri-state leakage currents, AC parametric measurements such as Input / Output Propagation delay Rise time / Fall time to further enhance fault coverage. Pro-Rack is designed with VPC Mass Interconnect adapter with 16 bit fixture ID interface to the UUT through simple clips and probes or through card edge or through a bed of nail test fixture.

  • Phasing Voltmeter/Sensor (2 in 1)

    STB Electrical Test Equipment, Inc

    STB unit replaces 3 separate units manufactured by competitors - line phasing, capacitance phasing and line to ground Versatile, lightweight and easy to useEach portable meter has a single rangeMeter usage: Voltage detection and phasing at capacitance test points or voltage detection and phasing on bare energized conductors (overhead & underground)Probes can be separated to be used as a voltage sensor or capacitance sensorFive position selector switch used to select voltage sensing on capacitance tap or direct line and phasing on capacitance tap, direct line or a battery test positionNo exposed conducting terminals or meter circuitryLocking cable connector provides positive contactScale is large enough to be easily read 8'-10' when mounted on a suitable hot stickLine to ground voltage readings are accurate within 3% at full scaleMaximum operating temperature range -20°F to 165°F (-30°C to 75°C)25' coiled cable includedAccessoriesMODELDESCRIPTION50118-G-10Hot Sticks (full set - 6)10104-P-02Shepherd's Hook10104-P-03Probe Tip30142-P-01Shot Gun Adapter50111-P-01Regular Bushing Adapter10275-P-01Universal AdapterModelsMODELDESCRIPTIONWeight50101-G-07Phasing Voltmeter 9-36kV16 lbs.50101-G-08Phasing Voltmeter 9-36kV with Hot Sticks (full set - 6)21 lbs.Request QuoteOperating Instructions9-36kV Phasing VoltmeterProduct Summary/OptionsProvides safe and convenient testing means for paralleling 3-phase high voltage circuitsConsists of two resistance elements connected in series with an indicating meter in the series connectionTwo ranges, 9kV and 36kV, with a range selector switch mounted on the back of the meter housingSwitch is clearly marked for the range of the voltmeterTypical use: Line-to-ground voltage measurements and phase for paralelling operationsScale markings on the voltmeter have a minimum of divisions and the figures are large enough to be easily read 8'-10' away when mounted on a suitable hot stickInput impedance: Approximately 72 megohmsMaximum operating temperature range -20°F to 165°F (-30°C to 75°C)Ready to attach on hot stick10' cable, a proof tester, battery and shepherd’s hook and probe tip includedOperating InstructionsRequest QuoteOperating InstructionsModelsMODELDESCRIPTION50100-G-010-2kV DC Voltmeter 30’ cable, magnetic track adapter50100-G-020-1500kV DC Voltage Meter50100-G-030-1500kV DC Voltage Meter with Hot Sticks50100-G-04DC Voltmeter 1500kV DC w/Extension Probe and Ground Lead50100-G-050-1500V DC with Hot Sticks and Lighted Dial50100-G-060-1500 DC Voltage Meter with Lighted DialDC Voltmeter​Product Summary/OptionsLightweight, easy to use, hand-held meterHard wired unit Scaled 0-1500vDC, in 100 volt incrementsProvides a 2/3 full scale deflection when applied across 1000vDCMaximum current flow through instrument at 1000vDC is 0.05 milliampersNo polarity, sensitivity issuesMay be used to determine whether the third rail of a transit system is energizedInput impedance of approximately 24 megohmMaximum operating temperature range -20°F to 165°F (-30° C to 75°C) Request QuoteAC VoltmeterProduct Summary/OptionsTwo-position toggle switchPortable instrument for quickly and easily measuring AC voltages Locking cable connector provides positive, electrical contactResistive voltmeter - medium range voltage measurements in the fieldTypical use - measure voltage between ground and the line or bus connector20' ground lead includedInput impedance - approximately 36 meghomsMaximum operating temperature rangeAccuracy of +/- 3% full scaleShare to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to PrintShare to EmailMore AddThis Share options