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  • Conductive Footwear Tester

    SLTM-1 - Walter G. Legge Company Inc.

    SLTM-1 Conductive Footwear Tester checks conductive footwear automatically. The SLTM-1 Conductive Footwear Tester automatically and accurately measures the exact amount of resistance in conductive footwear and body grounding devices, ensuring a static control environment. It is ideal for dangerous, potentially explosive areas or areas in the electronic industry where static can destroy sensitive components. Stand on the foot plates and the unit’s direct-reading dial with graduated, color-coded scale indicates the exact amount of resistance. Shipped complete and ready to operate. Has 8 feet of 18-3 type SJ power cord that plugs into any grounded 120-volt AC power source. This unit measures 17 x 12 inches and weighs less than 6 1/2 lbs. All conductive footwear and body grounding devices, such as LEGSTATS, must be worn in pairs. SLTM-1 passes conductive footwear with resistance less than 2.5 MEG Ohm.

  • Surface Resistance Meter

    WL MIDGET - Walter G. Legge Company Inc.

    WL MIDGET Surface Resistance Meter is an ultra-wide range, battery operated, portable instrument for measuring Surface Resistivity and Resistance to Ground of virtually any flat surface conforming to ASTM D-257 standard method by using recommended parallel bar sensing probe. Gives simple, repeatable measurements of conductive, static dissipative, and insulative surfaces. Ranging is automatic due to the use of high-speed OP-AMP Integrated circuits being linear, with changeover points +1/2 decade on a logarithmic scale. Repeatability equals + 5%.

  • Floor Conductivity Tester Hand Crank

    LA-1 HC - Walter G. Legge Company Inc.

    LA-1 HC Floor Conductivity Tester Hand Crank is an easy-to-use meter developed for accurately testing the conductivity of floors and equipment. The LA- 1 must be used regularly to monitor proper conductivity with NFPA code # 99. Regular use of the LA-1 will establish and maintain procedures for the proper maintenance of conductive floors, eliminate fire hazards, and provide a static free environment. A hand crank AC type generator provides a rectified DC test potential. Additionally, there are no brushes to wear out. The LA-1 has an easy-to-read scale that is selectively expanded electronically to assure accurate readings over the entire range of the instrument and the scale has a length of 3.75. This is 42% longer than typical competitive testers. The LA-1 uses 500V DC to test the resistance (in ohms) between two points. (NFPA Code #99) The meter comes ready-to-use (tin foil must be applied to bottom of weights). Simply follow the instructions for use and instantly obtain an accurate measurement. Choose electric or hand powered model.

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