4 load cells
Calibrator & mV/V Signal Simulator

4 load cells Calibrator & mV/V Signal Simulator

The Tester 1008, unique in its kind, is used to check the distribution of the load among the load cells, thus avoiding overloads or unbalances that may be harmful both for the load cells and for the precision of the measurement. Our diagnostic calibrator Tester 1008 allows you to verify the exact calibration of the four-cell systems in a short time with a simple and practical connection to the junction box, thus guaranteeing a huge time saving. In addition to that, Tester 1008 also allows you to perform the instrumental calibration of weight indicators and weight transmitters. The Tester 1008 is equipped with a monochrome touch screen display, touch keyboard, power button and ABS handheld case. The Tester 1008 can be used with cells with power supply voltage from 3 Vdc to 15 Vdc, both positive and positive and negative, with input impedance > 100 kohm.

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