Nanotronix was founded in March of 2000 by several distinguished Seoul National University Ph.D. students and internationally recognized Professor of Electronics Engineering at the same Univ. They developed one of the industry¡¯s leading ultra-fine time and distance measurement technology that determined application-specific instrument¡¯s time units down to 10 pico seconds and 1 centimeter.

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  • Advanced Waveform TDR

    mTDR-070 - NanoTronix

    The Advanced Waveform TDR(Model No.:mTDR-070) is a high-end TDR instrument designed to meet today's most demanding network cabling problems. Advancing beyond the numeric readout, the Advanced Waveform TDR(Model No.:mTDR-070) displays the actual waveform or "signature" of the cable.

  • Cable Expert

    CE-1000 - NanoTronix

    NanoTronix Cable Expert¢â (Model No.: CE-1000) is the all-in-one and easy-to-use network qualification unit measuring logical network performance and physical condition of network cables. It allows network engineers to install and maintain efficiently local area networks (LAN) with 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX based on the Ethernet protocol.

  • LAN Cable Tester

    mTDR-020 - NanoTronix

    The LAN Cable Tester (Model No.:mTDR-020) is the ideal instrument for both LAN and cable network management. It combines the best of the LAN Cable Tester (Model No.:mTDR-020)'s cable measurement technologies with additional features that enable technicians to troubleshoot during LAN installation and maintenance

  • LAN cable tester plus

    mTDR-030 - NanoTronix

    NanoTronix LAN Cable Tester Plus (Model No.: mTDR-030) is a combination unit that utilizes MTDR(Metallic Time-Domain Reflectometry) technology used in measuring cable distance and TCP/IP protocol analyzer for examining internal conditions of LAN communication lines. To improve the efficiency on LAN cable management, LAN Cable TesterPlus also has a pairing check function used for pinpointing the ill connection of LAN connectors (open, short, reversed, crossed and splitted) and a tone probing function used for tracing cable in the walls, floors and ceilings. LAN Cable Tester Plus is ideally suited for work on installation of networks and for ongoing maintenance and service to any type of paired (shielded or twisted) metallic cables such as category 5/6 UTP cables, Telephone lines, Coaxial cables and LAN systems. Its' all-in-one testing capabilities meets the needs of every cable contractors, installers and technicians at lowest cost.LAN Cable Tester Plus is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure designed to deliver water-resistant performance and provides technicians with the added convenience of being hand-held. It is powered by four AA(NEDA 15A or LR6) batteries, which are stored in a compartment on its back.

  • Open-RCS hub receives

    OpenRCS 10000 - NanoTronix

    Open-RCS hub receives data from each terminal and sends control signals to each terminal. This control signal is then used to control the satellite resource of each terminal.Open-RCS hub is compatible with the DVB-RCS standard can support connectivity of several thousand terminals. The forward link carries up to 120 Mbps in DVB/Mpeg-2 format, and the return link allows up to 4.7 Mbps in ATM format.Compatibility for third-party terminal is available within the DVB RCS standard.

  • Numeric Cable Fault Locator

    mTDR-010 - NanoTronix

    Numeric Cable Fault Locator (Model No.:mTDR-010) is a most suitable & low-price instrument in locating a fault, open or short along with metallic cable, which has high-resolution TDC (Time-to-Digital Converter) technology. This instrument is applicable for any cable consisting of at least double insulated metallic elements like a coaxial cable at and a low cost.

  • Hybrid TDR - mini OTDR with MTDR

    OMTDR-1000 - NanoTronix

    The Hybrid TDR - mini OTDR with MTDR (Model No.:OMTDR-1000) for both optic fiber & metallic cable is a high-end instrument capable of identifying a wide range of cable faults using Time Domain Reflectometry, designed to meet today's most demanding network cabling problems.

  • Satellite Receiver Card

    PCI - NanoTronix

    Nano@Value is fully DVB-S compliant cost effective PCI satellite receiver card and provice up to 60Mbps IP : filtering performance. nano@Value(PCI Satellite Receiver Card) can enable high pertormance DVB IP handling application such as DVB IP router, high speed file deliver and high speed satellite internet.