ALPHI Technology

A leading pioneer & manufacturer of industrial board level and intelligent I/O solutions for the COTS, O.E.M. and System Integrators. We focus on high performance, low power, high reliability, and extended temperature technologies. Our extensive product offering includes, CompactPCI, PMC, PCI, VMEbus, Industry Packs modules and custom integrated systems. ALPHI's product family includes: DSPs, SCADA, MIL-STD-1553, Data Acquisition, Networking, Serial, Embedded controllers and Digital Servo Controls.

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  • Data Acquisition

    CompactPCI - ALPHI Technology

    The CPCI-ADDA module offers a complete solution forhigh performance data acquisition applications. Boththe ADC’s and the DAC’s use 10 mS converters thatwill support up to 100khz signals. The CPCI-ADDAsupports P.I.D. loop closure frame rates of up to 4 KHzper channel. The CPCI host can download gain andsetpoint changes on the fly. The CPCI host can readback the current values for feedback, error, setpointand output drive on each channel. The local DSPprocessor can be used for data processing such asdigital filters and FFT’s. The DSP can also be used asa waveform generator to drive the 16 bit DAC.

  • Industry Pack Modules

    ALPHI Technology

    50 different Industry Pack Modules solutions. These IP Modules are all Vita 4 compliant and fully support 8/32 Mhz interfaces, and many of these Insutry Packs can be ordered to meet extended temperature ranges. ALPHI offers many replacement units for older and obsolete Industry Pack from other manufacturers. We also design custom IndustryPack Modules, offer private labeling, and modify existing products to meet OEM and System Integrators exact needs. ALPHI's Industry Packs product line features: DDC Enhanced Mini ACE and UTMC Summit MIL-STD-1553, Optically Isolated I/O, Counters, Timers, Digital TTL I/O, 16 bit simultaneous sampled ADC up to 2 MSPS, 16 bit DACs, RS-232/422/485 Async/Sync., TCD's, TTDs, Resolvers, and Rapid Proto typing FPGA's based on both ALTERA 10K family and Xilinx 4000 & Spartan...

  • PCI Boards

    ALPHI Technology

    Quad Industry Pack carrier, 4 Mbytes dual port ram, C6713 DSP processor, full PCI.Quad Industry Pack carrier, 4 Mbytes dual port ram, C31 DSP processor, full PCI.Rugged version of the PCI-4packPCI I/O Controller, Bus Mastering DSP with (4) four 8/32 Mhz Industry Pack SitesPCI Quad Industry Pack Carrier, 4 8/32Mhz Industry Pack sitesDual Industry Pack carrier, 64 Mhz DSP processor, rear panel I/O, half PCI16 channel, 16 bit AD, single ended, diff. input, DSP processor, front panel I/O, half PCI

  • VMEbus / VXI modules

    ALPHI Technology

    The new VME-4SIPModule provides a 6U highperformance flexible I/Oscheme, that supportsindustry standard IndustryPacks. Choose from over a100 different IndustryPacks from Alphi Tech andothers. For applicationrequiring low cost, highdensity I/O or uniquecombinations, the VME-4SIP is the perfectsolution. A total of 200discrete I/O lines areavailable.

  • Quad IP Carriers and I/O Controllers

    ALPHI Technology

    1 or 2 controllers of dual redundant (A/Bchannel) 1553 communications• Programmable/autonomous bus controller,remote terminal, or monitor terminal modes• MIL-STD-1553 A and B compliant, Notice 2 RT• Long or short stub support• Low power consumption• PCIMG compliant• +3.3V or +5 VDC VIO• LED status• Selectable external or internal clock• 32 x16 bit message buffer• RT/MT simultaneous mode