Omnicor is a technically oriented organization providing distribution, representation, sales and technical application support for all the products we offer. We operate as a direct extension of our principals’ sales and support organization. We are located in Foster City, California in the middle of San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. We draw on experienced personnel from R&D centers for vacuum switching, semiconductor innovation, network performance and simulation testing.

  • +1(650) 572 0122
  • 1170 Foster City Blvd, Suite 314
    Foster City, CA 94404
    United States

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  • Network Testing Tools


    Network IP traffic packet generators are used for network performance testing under maximum or partial throughput conditions. Network health can be analyzed by network traffic measurement in a testbed network, using an IP network traffic generator such as IP Traffic Test and Measure. The traffic generator sends packets, often with a unique packet identifier, making it possible to keep track of the packet delivery in the network.Network impairment simulation (emulation) is a technique for testing the performance of real applications over a virtual network. The aim is to assess performance, predict the impact of change, analyze impairment conditions or otherwise optimize technology decision-making. Measurements usually focus on simulation of conditions like delay, jitter, latency, dropped packets and limited bandwidth.

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