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PalmSens develops and sells potentiostat / galvanostat instruments for application of electrochemical sensors as well as for measurements with any other electrochemical cell

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  • Integrated Potentiostat and Multiplexer

    EmStatMUX8 - PalmSens BV

    Based upon the EmStat range, there are two types of multiplexers to suit most types of sensor array work. The MUX8 is the most flexible offering the ability to connect arrays made of up to eight working electrodes in two or three electrode cell types and chips sharing a reference electrode and/or counter electrode. The MUX16 is suitable for sensor arrays or chips with sixteen working electrodes all sharing a RE and/or a CE. Both instruments are suitable for laminated layer corrosion analysis.The potentiostat is controlled and powered by USB and is used with PSTrace allowing for simultaneous sampling of each channel at a rate of 25 ms/channel. Standard packaging includes a shielded cable with connections for a working, a counter and a reference electrode by means of 2 mm banana connectors and mini-crocodile clips, a stripped end, Dsub-37 terminated flat cable and a USB cable. To make connections to chips simpler the Connection Terminal is an optional extra providing clearly marked screw terminals to the electrodes and can be directly joined to the ESMUX via their D-Sub connectors.

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