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TESCOM USA acquired Applied Instruments in 2020 to combine the best of both companies to design, manufacture and sell RF Test and measurement equipment to the satellite, over-the-air VHF/UHF broadcast and CATV Sectors of the telecommunications industry. TESCOM USA also manufactures Halcyon, CopperPro, 635 Quickbert, and NetDSL test equipment, Tiempo 6400 series timing and synchronization clocks. Everything we sell is guaranteed and certified by our internal Laboratories so our customers are assured of high quality products and full warranty coverage after the sale.

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  • Noise Generators And NPR Tests

    TesCom USA

    Applied Instruments noise generators and NPRT (Noise Power Ratio Test Set) tests are easy to use and offer high-quality design at a great price. They are used to test signals for measuring noise figure, frequency response, intermodulation distortion (IMD), and other parameters. The test looks for and measures the quietness of an unused channel in a multi-channel system. Sound like what you're looking for? Come shop with us today! Click the bolded product names to learn more about each one.

  • GPS Clocks

    TesCom USA

    TesCom's line of GPS Clocks includes three models - the TiemPo 6400A, the TiemPo 6400N Nano, and the Ts2 Multi-Sync Packet Gateway. Whether you need synchronization solutions for TDM (T1, E1, CC, frequency) or Packet (PTP/SyncE, 1PPS/10MHz, ToD) in your central office or rugged field cabinet, we have time and synchronization solutions for your needs.

  • Advanced Communication Tester

    ACT6000 - TesCom USA

    The ACT6000 combines various kinds of transmission, metallic and special tests. It can be considered to be the most advanced Test Set today for qualifying and maintenance of advanced transmission systems and copper pairs used for various telecommunication services: from VOICE to VDSL.

  • Broadband DSL Test Set

    DAVAR Net DSL - TesCom USA

    The DaVaR and DaVaR NetDSL family of test solutions provides bulk records purification, VDSL qualification, and single-pair testing applications. The platform performs testing and sends results back to the DaVaR NetServer to store results and perform automated updates to the loop records database.

  • CW Test Signal Generators

    TesCom USA

    Applied Instruments CW test signal generators generate CW carriers that are extremely clean and stable. Because of their excellent frequency and amplitude accuracy, they are also great for calibrating signal level meters and spectrum analyzers.

  • Halcyon Test Sets

    TesCom USA

    TIMS/Signaling Wideband Test Set (704A-410, 704A-430 and 704A-460 Models) is a hand-held test set optimized for installation and maintenance of analog voice band, pro- gram and wideband data services including Class Services and circuits utilizing DID signaling (E911).

  • Broadband DSL Test Set

    Copper Pro 990DSL - TesCom USA

    The 990 CopperPro Series II provides a full range of troubleshooting, fault locating, testing and qualification capabilities. That means top performance with fewer tools to carry.

  • Satellite Signal Level Meters

    TesCom USA

    Modular design with field swappable modules providing versatility for different measurement applications, including DBS satellite, VSAT satellite, VHF/UHF off-air, and CATV (QAM and analog).

  • RF Signal Monitor & RF Switch Controller

    TesCom USA

    The RFSD-2XA utilizes new versatile VTP (Variable Tuning Platform) technology to satisfy today’s monitoring needs and those in the future. Monitor single or multiple channels, on primary and backup signal feeds.

  • QuickBERT-T1 Test Set

    635A - TesCom USA

    The TesCom QuickBERT-T1 test set makes it quick and easy to verify and troubleshoot T1 facilities. Instantly get essential information, including framing type, line coding, BERT pattern, T1 signaling and frame synchronization status, alarm conditions, density violations, and framing loss.  Error conditions are also automatically displayed such as: bipolar violations, frame bit errors, CRC errors (ESF), and bit errors in a received BERT pattern. For long-term testing, history status is provided to indicate intermittent problem conditions. Test results can be printed for further analysis.  The QuickBERT-T1 gives you fast, in-depth test features without time lost in configuring the test or remembering setups and menus. The lightweight, rugged design makes this handheld instrument easy to use in any location. Key features include:

  • Transmission Fiber

    TesCom USA

    An end-to-end Model FT2ER Quad DS1 Fiber Optic Extension System is comprised of the FT2ER circuit pack and mounting shelf at each terminal end and the interconnecting fiber. A fully protected system requires two FT2ER circuit packs at each terminal end. The units operate with either single or multimode cable, with distances of up to 39 miles (63.3 km). They are also ideal for pedestal and CEV environments and operate over a temperature range of -40 to 75 degrees C.

  • Test Cord Kits

    TesCom USA

    Tescom is a distributor of Westek's professional test/patch cord kits.  These kits are designed to meet the testing requirements of Air Transport Specialists and System Management Engineers nationwide.