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Offers services and tools for requirements management, verification and validation that help ensure our clients’ products and services live up to the demands of a smarter world. Our service centers and accredited test laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia work hand-in-hand with a large variety of industries involved in the continuous improvement and increased usage of wireless communication in all areas of modern life.

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  • Climatic Chamber Control

    7Layers, Inc.

    The InterLab Climatic Chamber Control is a stand-alone control for climatic chambers that support automated, environmental condition-related testing. It can also be used to enhance InterLab Test Engines.

  • Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

    7Layers, Inc.

    The UICC and its (U)SIM/(U)SAT/ISIM applications play a central role in data security and other added services, covering tasks such as authentication handling, mobility management, call control handling, closed subscriber group handling, short messages services, bearer independent protocol (BIP) etc.

  • Interlab Test Solution TTY

    7Layers, Inc.

    The InterLab Test Solution TTY is a software solution that verifies the TTY signaling support and the TTY text transmission performance of TTY enabled mobile phones. It provides TTY test capabilities for mobile phone manufacturers, network operators and conformance test labs. By relying on the InterLab Test Solution TTY instead of a live network, users benefit from a controlled lab environment with strongly improved reproducibility of test results. Thanks to a high level of automation it decreases test duration and potential testing errors. Advanced object-under-test automation techniques and configurable repeat scenarios considerably ease the test process.

  • Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

    7Layers, Inc.

    The InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC is ideally suited to handle highly complex test set-ups, necessary to verify terminal/UICC interface conformance requirements. These are geared to ensure interoperability between a wireless device, a UICC and a mobile network, independent of the terminal manufacturer, card issuer or operator. Test bench for NB-IoT USIM

  • Feature Explorer

    7Layers, Inc.

    PICS/PIXIT information of a wireless product or module is usually described manually. This takes a lot of time and the more complex the product, the more difficult it is to select the correct PICS/PIXITs. Providing wrong or incomplete PICS/PIXITs can however result in incorrect test plans, incorrect configuration of test systems and even unusable test results. Often a lot of time is spent making manual PICS/PIXIT changes in order to prove the conformity of a product.

  • Test Engines

    7Layers, Inc.

    Conformance test systems for the wireless communications industry vary a lot in their handling and operation, which makes the usage of various test systems from different manufacturers complicated and prone to error. Expert know-how is needed to generate correct and reproducible results. InterLab Test Engines can help eliminate such problems. They are available for a large number of Protocol and RF test systems. In-house as well as third party test laboratories for wireless communications devices benefit from using the InterLab Test Engines. InterLab Test Engines can either be used as stand-alone solutions or in combination with the InterLab Software System, for the optimized management of complete test laboratories.

  • Conformance Tester

    7Layers, Inc.

    The InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF – Conformance Tester provides the complete Bluetooth SIG validated RF test coverage for Bluetooth specifications versions 2.0 + EDR, 2.1 + EDR, 3.0 + HS, 4.x and now Bluetooth 5, with which the range, speed and broadcast messaging capacity of Bluetooth applications has been increased considerably. The Conformance Tester is validated in accordance with Bluetooth SIG requirements, thus meeting Bluetooth Qualification requirements. The test solution is ideally suited for qualification test processes and can be combined with the

  • Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth

    7Layers, Inc.

    The Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF is currently world’s most successful Bluetooth RF Test System. It is used in the majority of Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) both in 3rd party and in-house laboratories.

  • Bluetooth RF Tester

    7Layers, Inc.

    The InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution provides the complete validated RF test coverage for Bluetooth standard versions 2.0 + EDR, 2.1 + EDR, 3.0 + HS (High Speed) and 4.x. (Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart Ready wireless technologies). It is validated in accordance with Bluetooth SIG requirements, thus meeting Bluetooth Qualification requirements. The test solution can be used for both development and qualification testing.