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Guzik Technical Enterprises is an industry leader in providing test equipment to disk drive and magnetic head manufacturers. Guzik's Read Write Analyzers (RWA's) are recognized throughout the world as the industry standard. The company pioneered the integration of PRML channel chips. Click here for detailed product information.

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  • AXIe Waveform Digitizers / 10 GHz, 10‑bit A/D Converters with 32 Gsa/s

    ADP7000 Series - Guzik Technical Enterprises

    Guzik AXIe ADP7000 Series Modular Digitizer and Digital Processor combine high-speed waveform digitizer with built-in digital signal processing, which both enable mixed-domain signal capture and analysis with high-speed data transfer links to computers. The ADP7000 Modules come in a display-less 2U high 19” AXIe modular form factor. The product addresses demanding ATE and OEM systems applications in advanced research such as 5G, hydrodynamics, plasma fusion, rotational spectroscopy, semiconductor, physics, astronomy, wireline and wireless communications analysis, aerospace, defense, avionics, military electronics and a variety of other disciplines.

  • High-Speed Digitizers

    ADC 6000 Series - Guzik Technical Enterprises

    ADC 6000 Series Digital Acquisition and Processing Modules combine high-speed waveform digitizer with built-in digital signal processing hardware, which enables mixed-domain signal capture and analysis with high-speed data transfer link to a computer. The ADC 6000 Modules come in a space-saving display-less 1U 19” AXIe modular form factor.

  • Read-Write Analyzers

    Guzik Technical Enterprises

    Guzik Read/Write Analyzers (RWA) work in conjunction with our Spinstands to write data to the disk media and read back the signal for detailed analysis. We have 3 RWA series available for DTR and non-DTR technologies. The RWA 4000, RWA DTR 3000 and RWA 2000 series offer upto 8Gbit/sec maximum write data rate and 3.2 GHz analog bandwidth for all parametric measurements. Each RWA features a pattern generator with 1psec resolution of bit pre-compensation and supports PRML chip integration. Servo writing and processing is provided for Guzik Spinstand models. Select the desired pre-amplifier (UP11, UP10 or UP8) as well as a variety of enhancements including programmable filters and PRML chip adapters.

  • Test Environment Software

    Guzik Technical Enterprises

    Besides the primary WITE32 Test Environment package at the heart of our spinstand-based test systems, Guzik offers a variety of software options to provide additional measurement accuracy and analysis. Control and Automation software enhances various electro-mechanical capabilities of the test system (such as servo accuracy), and the available suite of Analysis software tools provides deep insight into the drive component under evaluation. Adjacent Track Interference, 3D Pulse Profile, Media Scanning and Bit Error Rate are examples of some of the optional additions. Some software tools require the WDM5000 Waveform Digitizer to be part of the overall test system.

  • FPGA Networking/Processing Cards

    Guzik Technical Enterprises

    Fiber Optics to PCIe® bridge / FPGA Accelerator Card V2, enables evolving markets such as High-speed Data-acquisition, High Performance Computing and Networking to take advantage of the latest Optics and Hybrid Memory Cube technology.

  • Pulse Radar Reference Test Solution

    Guzik Technical Enterprises

    Compact Reference Solution with ADP7104, M8195A, WR15CCU, WR15CCD, N5183B combines commercial off-the-shelf COTS modular hardware and software from Guzik, Keysight Technologies, KJ Microwave and Virginia Diodes, which provides a flexible testbed for radar waveform generation and analysis. Generate and analyze pulse radar waveforms. Pre-correct waveforms for overall channel response. Supports many topologies for radar transmitter / receiver testing (IQ, IF, RF, microwave, millimeter-wave).