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Yelo Limited are a multi award winning organization who manufacture automated laser testing equipment and have been performing laser diode reliability testing and printed circuit board (PCB) testing for over 30 years for the photonics and electronics industry.

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  • Laser Diode Burn In

    Yelo Ltd.

    Laser reliability testing consists of a series of tests that laser diodes can be put under in order to ensure their reliability for post-production use. There are different types of tests that can be carried out and there are multiple measurements that can be taken in order to evaluate the reliability of the device. One of these tests is laser diode burn-in.

  • Laser Diode Life Test

    Yelo Ltd.

    Life-tests consist of the highly accelerated ageing, under controlled conditions, of a group of lasers taken as a representative sample. Optical degradation of the laser diodes is observed and recorded by precisely measuring changes in the laser's operating characteristics during the test. Life-tests are used for vendor qualification of the laser diodes during product development and can be conducted throughout the production life of the laser.

  • LIV Test System

    Yelo Ltd.

    A light-current-voltage (LIV) test is one of the essential tests that a laser diode must go through to ensure its reliability for post production use. This test will help to verify the operating characteristics of your laser device. The test works by driving current to your laser diode and measuring the resulting voltage and light output. The results are then plotted into a graph, which is known as an “LIV curve”.