Research, develop, deploy, and support proprietary hardware and software that dramatically improves visibility and functionality of conventional marine radar systems.

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  • Decisions Made Simple

    WaveSignal™ - Rutter

    sigma S6 WaveSignal™ is a radar-based wave system that delivers real-time prediction of quiet period operational windows, providing valuable information to mariners. Within a three-minute horizon, WaveSignal™ identifies quiet periods by displaying a simple red [stop] or a green [go] signal light indicating when to suspend or resume operations with confidence.

  • Detection And Navigation System

    Ice Navigator™ - Rutter

    sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ is a radar-based system that provides enhanced ice detection, tracking and analysis. The system can identify open water leads, ice bergs and ridges in ice fields. Ice Drift Analysis (IDA) is now an optional feature of Ice Navigator that gives operators unprecedented visibility and information on the movement of ice floes within X-band radar coverage. Capital expenditure and costs typically associated with activities in ice-threatened areas, can be dramatically offset.

  • Ocean State Monitoring System

    WaMoS® II - Rutter

    is a radar-based, wave and surface current monitoring system that delivers real-time measurements while a vessel is underway, providing germane data to the local operational area.  High definition images of wave fields combined with numerical data and intuitive graphical reporting keep the operator well-informed in assessing environmental risk and identifying safe operational windows.

  • Ocean Surface Monitor

    Current Monitor™ - Rutter

    sigma S6 Current Monitor™ is a radar-based monitoring system that delivers ocean surface current data from moving stations and both current and bathymetry from fixed locations with high spatial resolution. This greatly improves the management of marine-based activities such as predicting oil slick drift patterns, enhancing navigational safety, and protecting vulnerable coastlines.

  • Oil Spill Detection


    Combining proven capability in early detection with the presentation of essential spill information regarding oil spill volume estimates, deformation and drift, sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection significantly improves response time and mitigates potential environmental impact. sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection has been extensively tested and proven effective in independent trials conducted by the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO).

  • Small Target Surveillance


    system has proven value on offshore platforms, support vessels and in a range of coastal surveillance and monitoring applications. Our install base also includes coastal patrol vessels where the system is used for search and rescue operations and detection of small craft for interdiction and security purposes. Small Target Surveillance is used for applications as diverse as detecting birds, scouting for ice, wildlife monitoring, and lost container detection.

  • Wave Detection And Mapping System

    WaveVision™ - Rutter

    sigma S6 WaveVision™ is a revolutionary radar image processing system designed to work with most standard, onboard marine radar to identify large waves that can impact assets or operations. Unlike traditional wave radar systems that measure statistical wave height in an area, WaveVision™ lets you see and track a large wave before it becomes a problem.

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