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A leading supplier of world class instrumentation and software for the characterisation and analysis of materials, employing spectroscopy techniques in a wide range of applications including electrochemistry, materials testing and metals analysis.

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  • Femto Ammeter Modules

    ModuLab® XM ECS - Solartron Analytical

    ModuLab® XM ECS is a high-performance reference grade potentiostat / galvanostat system using a plug-and-play modular architecture to offer a wide range of capabilities in many applications including energy, corrosion and physical electrochemistry. Options include frequency response analyzers, high voltage cell polarization, low current measurement capability, and power boosters.

  • Frequency Response Analyzer

    1250A - Solartron Analytical

    The 1250 series of Frequency Response Analyzers (FRAs) provide a range of accurate solutions for the measurement of gain, phase and AC impedance (when coupled with a suitable AC impedance interface). Solartrons renowned single sine correlation technique (SSC) ensures rejection of all harmonics whilst allowing signals to be measured that are buried in the noise.

  • Frequency Response Analyzer

    1255B - Solartron Analytical

    The 1255B Frequency Response Analyzer is one of a range of instruments that will meet your needs today and in the future. This frequency response analyzer is capable of operating in stand-alone mode; suitable for testing amplifiers, filters and switch mode power supplies (SMPS); or equally when coupled with a 1287A potentiostat. Impedances of electrochemical cells can be measured from as high as 1MHz to as low as 10µHz!

  • Frequency Response Analyzer

    1250E - Solartron Analytical

    10 µHz to 65 kHz operating frequency range, 10 µHz max. frequency resolution, 1% magnitude and 3 degree accuracy, 0.02 dB and 0.2 degree resolution, can apply polarization voltages in range +/- 10.23 V. 30 mV to 300 V FS sensitivity, singe-sine detection mode. Optional synchronizer input. Optional modulator/demodulator function. Manual or computer control via IEEE488 (GPIB) interface.

  • Frequency Response Analyzer

    1255A - Solartron Analytical

    The 1255A frequency response analyzer is one of a range of instruments that will meet your needs today and in the future. This frequency response analyzer is capable of operating in stand-alone mode, suitable for testing amplifiers, filters and switch mode power supplies (SMPS), or equally when coupled with a 1287A Potentiostat. Impedances of electrochemical cells can be measured from as high as 1MHz to as low as 10µHz!

  • Frequency Response Analyzer

    1253A - Solartron Analytical

    The 1253A Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) is an instrument that is capable of meeting todays measurement requirements for dynamic system analysis. Using the single Sine Correlation technique (SSC), it provides precise data relating to the gain and phase between any points in a dynamic system. This instrument enables engineers to perform searching analysis to assess performance of both simple or complex systems.

  • Frequency Response Analyzer

    1252A - Solartron Analytical

    Using the single sine correlation technique (SSC), the 1252A provides precise measurement of gain and phase between any two points in a system. This fully digital technique is used to assess performance of both simple and complex systems - mechanical, electronic and electrochemical.

  • Energy Test System

    4300M - Solartron Analytical

    The MACCOR Model 4300M has all the capabilities of the standard Model 4300 with the added feature of an 8-position multiplexer. The 8-position multiplexer allows the channels to be connected to a Princeton Applied Research PARSTAT® 4000 or Solartron Analytical 1260/87 impedance analyzer. With the impedance analyzer connected to the test system via the multiplexer the user can then program impedance tests in the Maccor test procedure which when reached will cause the test system to automatically disconnect the Maccor test channel from the device and connect the impedance analyzer to the device. When the impedance test is completed the test system will automatically disconnect the impedance analyzer from the device and connect the Maccor test channel back to the device and continue with the programmed test procedure. Additional plans are to in-place to integrate other AMETEK impedance systems.

  • Multi-channel CellTest® System

    1470E - Solartron Analytical

    The Multi-channel CellTest® System signals a major advance in testing technology for energy storage device and portable equipment manufacturers. With eight fully independent potentiostat/galvanostats, the 1470E offers laboratory quality measurement accuracy and high measurement throughput in a compact design. GSM / CDMA battery testing,Fuel cells, Supercapacitors and Electrosynthesis.

  • Materials Test System

    ModuLab XM - Solartron Analytical

    The ModuLab XM MTS is a new concept in testing the electrical properties of materials. The system uniquely combines time domain tests (I-V, pulse, ramp), and AC tests (C-V, Mott-Schottky, impedance, permittivity), together with a wide range of modules providing high voltage, high current resolution, and high accuracy sample / reference AC measurements. Temperature control and sample holder accessories add to the capabilities of the system.

  • Cryostat System

    Model 129610A LHe LN2 - Solartron Analytical

    This cryostat system, a customized version of the Janis Research Company's model STVP cryostat is a versatile research tool, designed to operate between 5 K and 600 K. The sample itself is located in an inert, dry, static exchange gas, (e.g. helium), which ensures that the sample is not affected by exposure to cryogen vapor. Liquid nitrogen (LN2) or liquid helium (LHe) can be used as the cryogen depending on the required operating temperature range. This allows standard tests to be performed using relatively low cost LN2 as the cryogen. Higher cost LHe can be substituted for the duration of tests where very low temperature is required, providing an economical solution to your test requirements.

  • Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer

    1260A - Solartron Analytical

    The 1260A Impedance/Gain-phase Analyzer is without doubt the most powerful, accurate and flexible frequency response analyzer (FRA) available today. Two or four electrode impedance measurements can be performed in stand-alone mode making the 1260A the ideal choice for general materials characterization.

  • Impedance Interface

    1294A - Solartron Analytical

    Impedance analysis of live samples is now possible with the 1294A Impedance Interface. When coupled with a Solartron frequency response analyzer (FRA), the 1294A Impedance Interface allows measurements that were previously forbidden under strict safety guidelines.

  • Dielectric Interface

    1296A - Solartron Analytical

    Analyzing low conductivity, low loss materials stretches the capabilities of even the best frequency response analyzers (FRAs). Used alone, they lack the sensitivity required for accurate measurements, especially at low frequencies. When used in conjunction with one of our FRAs, the 1296A Dielectric Interface overcomes these issues allowing fast, accurate impedance measurements from 100ohm to 100Tohm with 1 in 65,000,000 resolution.

  • Photoelectrochemical Measurement System

    ModuLab® XM DSSC - Solartron Analytical

    ModuLab® XM DSSC is a fully integrated photoelectrochemical measurement system designed for the characterization of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. Additionally, the system can be used for development of visbible spectrum photoelectrochemical systems such as Iron-Oxide mediated photo-splitting of water.