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1st Detect produces the most capable field deployed Explosive Trace Detector (ETD) and Narcotic Trace Detector (NTD) available for airport and port-of-entry use today. The TRACER 1000™ is a breakthrough technology that has taken the most sensitive chemical detector technology, mass spectrometry, from the laboratory to the field. The 1st Detect Technology traces its beginnings back to the United States Space Shuttle program and NASA’s requirement for an air quality monitor on the ISS with laboratory mass spectrometer capabilities. In 2006 SPACEHAB (predecessor) entered into a NASA Space Act Agreement and after an exhaustive search, it was determined that the Cylinder Ion Trap (CIT) design would best meet NASA’s needs. On December 18th, 2012, the MMS-1000 mini mass CIT spectrometer was delivered to NASA.

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  • Mass Spectrometer Trace Detector

    TRACER 1000 - 1st Detect

    The first ECAC certified mass spectrometer Trace DetectorThe most accurate certified desk-top trace detector in the worldSignificantly improves passenger flow and safetyThe only Trace Detector with a near zero False Alarm RateReady for new threats with instant updates availableAny new library additions do not increase false alarmsLaboratory instrument but very easy to operateDetects both explosives & narcotics in secondsThe lowest total cost of ownership100% 24/7 uptime