The Swain Meter Company

Products such as the MER™ (Magnetic Error Reduction) Meter, MER™Sensor, MER2™ Sensor, and AutoMER™ serve as the industry leader in precision measurement. Produced in combination with custom crafted clips and clamps to fit conductor sizes ranging from 3/4" to over 82", the William H. Swain Company has defined quality and set the standard for reduced-error measurement.

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  • Clamp-on DC Meters

    The Swain Meter Company

    The Swain Meter™ Company manufactures portable clamp on DC ammeters that precisely measure the magnitude and direction of DC current flow on any conductor. Used both onshore and offshore, Swain DC clamp on amp meters accurately read current from 5mA to 200 Amps with a resolution of 1mA in the 0-2Amp range.

  • Swain Meter™ Sensors

    The Swain Meter Company

    Swain clips and clamps (MER2® Sensors) are constructed to reduce zero offset error and manufactured with aperture diameters from ¾” to 100″+ to date.Swain Clips & Clamps are hand crafted of quality materials with attention to detail.Clips and Clamps form a 360° closed loop around a conductor.Swain Clips and Clamps are also referred to in literature as “Sensors”.Swain Sensors are rugged and well suited for work in most environments including bridges, rigs, utilities, underwater and for offshore corrosion protection. .Our technicians build each meter and corrosion sensor by hand and calibrate them to exact specifications.