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  • Audio Autoselector

    1177A - Audio Authority Corp.

    The 1177A is a unique four input, one output digital audio switcher, incorporating technologies such as AutoSelect automatic input switching and digital audio automatic cross-conversion. This sturdy product is perfect for adding digital audio inputs to a Bose Lifestyle system, or a legacy A/V receiver that has very few digital inputs. Supports both digital optical and digital coaxial audio types.

  • Matrix

    HLX - Audio Authority Corp.

    The HLX™ System is easy to configure to your exact requirements. It distributes HDTV signals up to 1,000 feet away to convenient zone receivers mounted wherever televisions are to be located. For audio systems, the HLX offers DSP and volume control per output (more about HLX for audio). Optional audio zone cards feed multi-channel amplifiers to distribute music to zones. Its robust back plane design allows up to 12 sources to distribute component video up to 1080p, along with analog stereo audio, digital coaxial audio, and digital optical audio. Four audio sources may be added, for a total of 16 source inputs. The new HLX offers a winning combination of performance, value, and unique features.

  • Matrix Amplifier

    Audio Authority Corp.

    The SonaFlex SF-16M is a unique blend of premium, two-channel amplification, matrix distribution, flexible input options, signal processing and open control capability. Designed and assembled in the U.S. with the custom installer in mind, the SF-16M brings a new approach to common residential and commercial distributed audio applications - one multi-purpose matrix amplifier that can be used in a variety of installations.

  • Controller

    1322D - Audio Authority Corp.

    HDMI is designed as a plug-and-play system, but the automatic EDID settings negotiated between devices can sometimes cause failures or less-than-desirable operation. The 1322D EDID Controller edits the EDID table to present the preferred settings to a source device, helping ensure proper resolution and audio settings.

  • Converter

    977TPO - Audio Authority Corp.

    When you need to connect mis-matched digital audio components, the 977T solves the problem by allowing you to convert digital signals from coax to optical (Toslink®). The 977T (Transmitter) converts the coaxial output of a digital source (media player or satellite receiver) to optical for connection to Dolby Digital® or DTS® receivers or other devices.

  • Converter

    977RPO - Audio Authority Corp.

    When you need to connect mis-matched digital audio components, the 977R solves the problem by allowing you to convert digital signals from optical (Toslink®) to coax. The 977R (Receiver) converts the optical output of a digital source (media player or satellite receiver) to coax for connection to Dolby Digital® or DTS® receivers or other devices.

  • Converter

    979R - Audio Authority Corp.

    Perfect for use with digital source devices such as AppleTV when analog audio is required. Also useful for baluns that only offer digital audio pathways - pair the 979R with a 979T at the transmission end to convert to digital audio, then back again.

  • Converter

    979T - Audio Authority Corp.

    The 979T digital optical and digital coaxial outputs may be used simultaneously for maximum installation flexibility. Perfect for use with baluns that only offer digital audio pathways - pair it with a 979R at the other end to convert back to analog audio.

  • PC / HD Scaler

    1366 - Audio Authority Corp.

    Converts and scales VGA (RGB) to Component Video (YPbPr) as shown in a typical application below. It also converts Component to VGA. Perfect for boardroom applications or home integration, the 1366 solves all the common challenges of integrating PC and HD components. Most scalers convert resolution and refresh rate, but don''t correct overscan errors, meaning a large portion of a computer image can be lost outside the range of an HDTV screen. The 1366 has image size adjustments to correct for overscan problems.

  • IR Converter

    C-1024A - Audio Authority Corp.

    The C-1024A makes it possible for multiple sound and video components to respond to the IR commands issued by a single Pronto® or Harmony 880 or greater learning remote control.

  • Switcher

    1154B - Audio Authority Corp.

    The 1154B is a completely redesigned 4-input, 1-output AutoSelecting switcher with infrared remote control. It switches high definition component video up to 1080p, and audio signals including stereo (analog), digital coaxial, and digital optical audio. The 1154B is a useful companion to any component video-based entertainment system, enabling higher performance video switching than most A/V receivers, and a step up in quality over passive switchers with limited bandwidth.

  • Video Autoselector

    1154A - Audio Authority Corp.

    Consumers who own a receiver and/or TV with limited inputs can use the 1154A to add multiple A/V sources. Its exclusive Adaptive Signal SensingTM technology uses multiple criteria to decide when to switch sources, and adapts to users’ activity patterns, customizing its switching behavior over time. The high bandwidth circuitry accepts HDTV component video (YPbPr), stereo analog audio, and digital audio in both optical and coaxial formats, and switches all audio and video signals simultaneously when a new source becomes active. Digital audio signals are converted automatically to the desired format. Up to four sources may be connected to one receiver/video display system through the 1154A. A manual select button is provided to override the 1154A’s automatic selection. Multi-color front panel LEDs indicate source availability.

  • VGA to Component Video Transcoder

    9A60A - Audio Authority Corp.

    The Model 9A60 allows a VGA-type RGBHV video source, such as a PC, to be connected to High Definition Television (HDTV) display with YPbPr component video inputs. With compatible sources and displays, it permits HDTV images generated by a PC or other VGA source to be viewed on an HDTV that is capable of displaying the image format being produced by the source.

  • Matrix Preamp

    ADX-1616 - Audio Authority Corp.

    The ADX-1616 is the cornerstone of a quality distributed audio system. Loaded with features like onboard volume control, 2.1 channel sub/sat zones, a 10-band equalizer, tone and balance controls, the ADX-1616 mates up with any zone amplifier and control system to deliver high fidelity audio to up to 16 independent stereo zones. New discrete commands are provided in the revised ADX manual, available for download below.