Datexel manufactures a wide range of Transmitters, analog and digital Temperature and Signal Converters, Galvanic Isolators, Signal Splitters, distributed I/O modules, A/D interfaces for PLC, Trip Amplifiers, Power Suppliers, Current loop Isolators and Digital Indicators.

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  • AC DC Current and Voltage Converters


    The DAT5023 I is an AC or DC current converter, the input current range is selectable on order from 0-5Amps, 0-10Amps, 0-20Amps, 0-25Amps, 0-30Amps, 0-40Amps, 0-50Amps, 0-60Amps. It measure the current with the use of a Hall effect transducer. There is a coil (current transformer) inside the current converter which is isolated from the current input. The cable passes through the housing of the converter and the coil and the true root mean square measurement is taken from this coil then converted to a standard industrial signal output.

  • Signal Conditioners


    Datexel has a large range of Signal Conditioners. We manufacture Thermocouple Transmitters, that are either Head Mounted, Din Rail and we even have an OEM version that can fit inside an enclosure smaller than 1" x 1/4". These Temperature Transmitters are PC programmable or DIP Switch programmable. Some are isolated and accept input from various sensors such as RTD's, Thermocouples Voltages, Current, Resistance and Potentiometers. They have current outputs and we even have Temperature converters that have voltage outputs.

  • Signal Isolators


    Signal IsolatorsDatexel manufacture a large range of Signal Isolators. The DAT511 is a loop powered isolator with 3000 V galvanic isolation between the input and output. It is a 2 wire device so there is no external wiring. The DAT511H is similar but is Hart compatible. The DAT4035 is a universal input signal (Thermocouples, RTD's, mV, Volts, mA, resistance and potentiometers) conditioner with 2000 V isolation between the input and output and it is PC programmable. It is a 2 wire loop powered device. The DAT4135 is similar but it is a 4 wire device so it has the ability to boost the output or provide a voltage output.

  • Frequency to Current Converter

    DAT4540R - Datexel

    The Frequency to Current converter DAT4540R is a signal conditioning din rail mount converter which converts a pulse input to an analog output equal to the set range which is selectable from 0.1 Hz up to 20 KHz. The DAT4540R also provides 2 relay outputs and a transistor output. The input can be from a Tacho, TTL, PNP transistor or from any Namur standard. The DAT4540R provides a Voltage or Current output that is isolated from the power supply and input.

  • Head Mounted Temperature Transmitters


    Datexel manufactures a large range of head mounted temperature transmitters. Field proven and high accuracy are the ingredients in the Datexel range of head mount temperature transmitters. Low cost, fully isolated, PC programmable, direct or inverse output, up scale or down scale burn out are just some of the features available on the Datexel range of head mounted temperature transmitters.

  • PLC Input Modules


    The DATEXEL DAT6000 series is a unique device designed to add analog inputs to a digital PLC with a few simple instructions. Downloaded into a standard PLC it is possible to acquire analog signals. The PLC will be able to read a 16 Bit digital input equal to the analog signal. The input, output and power supply are isolated from each other. The DAT6000 can linearize , filter and convert the input signal.The DATEXEL DAT6011 converts two voltages -50 mV to 50 mV, -100 mV to 100 mV, -500 mV to 500 mV or -1000mV to 1000mV or thermocouples K Type, J Type, S type, B type, R type, E type, T type and N type to a digital PLC.

  • PLC's


    The EPL101 PLC is a circuit board OEM PLC. The EPL101 has 4 analog inputs, 7 digital inputs and 2 inputs for Encoders. It has 6 relay outputs, 5 that are rated for 5 Amps and 1 relay rated for 16 Amps. It also has an analog output 0-5 Volts. The outputs can be simple on off or P, PI,PID or PD control. The EPL101 accepts inputs from K, S, T, R, J or E type thermocouples, Pt100, Ni100 RTD'S. NTC10K thermistor inputs. The EPL101 also accepts inputs from sensors with 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-20mV or 0-1V signal. It also has 6 digital PNP inputs up to 1 Hz and 2 NPN inputs up to 2 K Hz.

  • Din Rail Temperature Transmitters


    Datexel manufacture a large range of Din Rail Temperature transmitters. From fully isolated, PC programmable temperature transmitters, Dip Switch Programmable are just some of the features available on the Datexel range of Temperature Transmitters. Some units are dual channel to help save space in a panel.

  • HMI Touch Screen Panels


    The TD240-11AD can accept inputs from K type Thermocouples, S type Thermocouples, J type Thermocouples, T type Thermocouples, R type Thermocouples, E type Thermocouples. Pt100, Ni100, Pt1000 and Pt500 Resistance temperature detectors. NTC10K Ohm and PTC1 K Ohm Thermistors. 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-20mV, 0-1Volt and 0-10Volts.

  • Process Timers

    TCT101-1ABC - Datexel

    The Process Timer TCT101-1ABC is a panel mount 4 digit 2 line display meter that can be set up for various Timer functions, such as Timer Off, Timer On, Pause Timer, Timer On and Off, Propotinal Timer. The TCT101-1ABC has 2 relays that can be used for various functions and has 5 Amp contacts. The timer periods can be set in multiples of 1 hundredths, 1 tenths of a second, seconds, minutes or hours. With the aid of the front touch panel or digital input it is possible to interrupt the timer. The unit also has a function that can set the output to toggle on and off over a period of time.

  • Modbus Analog Output Modules

    DAT3020 Series - Datexel

    The DAT3020 series from Datexel is a range of Modbus analog output cards. These cards or modules have both voltage and current outputs either 0-10V or 4-20mA and are isolated from the input, output and power supply. They are available with either 2, 4 or 8 channels. The DAT3011 is a Modbus slave with 2 analog inputs (Thermocouple, RTD's mA, Resistance, Potentiometers, mV and voltage) and 2 analog outputs(4-20mA). It also has 3 digital inputs and outputs. Combining these analog output cards with the analog input cards, and the digital IO cards with the DAT9000 controllers make Datexel the smart choice where Data Acquisition is needed.

  • Modbus Controllers


    Datexel has a range of Modbus RTU Masters, Slaves, Controllers, Data Loggers and Modbus remote displays. The DAT9000 is a Modbus RTU Master with RS485, RS232 and Ethernet Interfaces. The DAT9000IO is similar to the DAT9000 but it has digital input and outputs. The DAT9000DL has an additional Data Logging facility and the DAT9000DLIO has both Data Logging and digital IO. The DAT9011 is a Modbus Master with 2 analog inputs which can chose from Thermocouple's, RTD's, Potentiometers, mA and mV's. It also has 2 outputs which can be mA or voltage. The DAT9011 can also accept digital inputs and provide 2 SPDT relay outputs. The DAT9011DL also has a Data Logging facility which can store up to 8gb of readings on a thumb drive.

  • Modbus Data Acquisition


    The Datexel range of Data Acquisition equipment includes Modbus RTU Masters and Slaves, Modbus Input, Modbus Output Modules, Modbus Isolation Modules and Modbus Repeaters. The range also includes converters (RS485, USB, RS232, RS422, TCP-IP). By combining these units with the DAT3000 and DAT10000 series a complete solution for your Data Acquisition can be found from Datexel. The DAT9550 is a remote Modbus display unit that can be programmed to accept data from Modbus slaves or masters such as a PLC or the DAT9000 range of Modbus controllers.

  • Modbus Digital Input Output Modules

    DAT3100 Series - Datexel

    The Datexel DAT3100 series is a range of Modbus digital input output modules. These cards or modules have the ability to accept digital voltage inputs and provide an output by the way of relays, NPN or PNP transistors. The DAT3100 devices can communicate with RS485 or RS232 on a Modbus or ASCII protocol making the DAT3100 series a very economical solution to large and small scale Data Acquisition. Combining these digital input output devices with the DAT9000 controllers and the DAT3000 analog input output modules make Datexel the smart choice where Data Acquisition is needed.

  • Modbus RTU Analog Input Modules


    The Datexel range of Modbus RTU analog input cards for both RS485 and RS232 with Modbus or ASCII protocol can be combined with the DAT9000 series of Modbus Masters. A choice of input cards or modules are available and have various optional inputs such as Voltage, Current, Thermocouples, RTD, and Resistance. Also a choice of 2, 4, 8 channel options are available. The DAT3011 is a Modbus RTU Slave with 1 selectable universal input (Thermocouples, RTD, mV, RTD's or Resistance), 2 x 4-20mA or 0-10V input and 2 x4-20mA outputs. The DAT3011 also has 3 digital inputs and 3 relay outputs. Each module is isolated from each other and is set up using the DAT3000 software Development package which is free of charge from the Datexel download web page. Datexel also has universal input modules. An 8 channel analog input card is available making the DAT3000 series a very economical solution to large and small scale Data Acquisition. Combining these analog input cards with the analog output cards, the digital input/output cards and the communication devices make Datexel the smart choice where Data Acquisition is required.