K2L-branded tools are development tools for the analysis, simulation, test, and verification of leading-edge automotive and industrial networks such as CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay™, LIN, MOST®, Ethernet, and INICnet™ Technology.

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  • Evaluation Boards

    INICnet™ Technology 50utp Slim Board Family - K2L

    The INICnet™ Technology 50utp Slim Board Family is a set of evaluation boards that have been designed to showcase a variety of application-specific use cases, such as the operation of several audio instances for a physical layer based on Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP).

  • Full Support for 10BASE-T1S

    Espresso T1S™ - K2L

    10BASE-T1S is a new 10 Mbps Single Pair Ethernet physical layer network technology under the specification IEEE 802.3cg that has been designed for automotive and industrial applications. The key objective is to provide a low-cost, collision-free, deterministic Ethernet-based transmission over a multi-drop network, with up to 10 Mbps. For the analysis of 10BASE-T1S networks, the combination of Espresso T1S™ hardware and OptoLyzer Studio is ideally suited.

  • Getting Started With MOST150 Made Easy

    MOST150 Slim Board Family - K2L

    The MOST150 Slim Board Family is a set of evaluation boards that have been designed to showcase a variety of application-specific use cases, such as the operation of several audio instances.

  • High Performance MOST Platform For Multiple Development Scenarios

    MOST® PCI Tool Kit - K2L

    The MOST PCI Tool Kit helps to evaluate and test multiple tasks during the development process of a MOST device or a MOST system with a standard PC. The PCI Interface covers these important tasks:*Programming platform for MOST applications in the early design phase*Device simulation of any MOST device during test and verification*Comprehensive test device in the verification phase*End-of-line-test-system in production phase offering test automation capabilities

  • INICkit


    The INICkit is a set of tools that consists of a Hardware component (INICkit box) and a dedicated software (host application). The INICkit can be used to configure and debug INICs that support INICnet™ technology.

  • Integrative Analysis Software

    OptoLyzer® Suite - K2L

    OptoLyzer Suite is the graphical user interface used for testing and analyzing a MOST® network. OptoLyzer Suite can operate offline using a dongle; or online, connected via an OptoLyzer MOCCA compact to a real MOST Network.

  • Automotive Bus Interfaces

    OptoLyzer® MOCCA Family - K2L

    The OptoLyzer MOCCA Family is K2L’s product line of automotive bus interfaces. Reaching from the OptoLyzer MOCCA CL that provides CAN and LIN support to the OptoLyzer MOCCA compact devices that add on top FlexRay and MOST capabilities, the OptoLyzer MOCCA Family offers tailor-made solutions for different usage scenarios.

  • Automotive Test System


    Primary applications include restbus simulation, test automation, rapid prototyping and system development. To provide a concept that assures a tailored approach for all applications, ATS is available in three modular upgrade options:*Full Edition: integrates the complete feature set including the K2L Viewer, Code Generator and the possibility to add own test code.*Runtime Edition: provides a Viewer functionality to run test scripts and simulations.*Entry Edition: hardware only solution that allows users to connect own software with the test device.

  • Comprehensive Analysis For MediaLB Data

    MediaLB® Analyzer - K2L

    The MediaLB Analyzer allows the observation and visualization of MediaLB traffic. It consists of the MediaLB analysis software for the PC and a MediaLB Monitor hardware. The MediaLB Monitor hardware is to be connected to an Active Pod (see related products) that interfaces with the MediaLB bus. Active Pods are available for MediaLB 3-Pin and MediaLB 6-Pin analysis.

  • Connect Optical Devices To MOST150 COAX Electrical Physical Layer (cPHY) Networks

    MOST150 C-O Converter - K2L

    In order to use existing optical MOST150 tools/devices also in systems that are based on a coax electrical physical layer (cPHY), the MOST150 C-O Converter can be integrated into the coaxial network. The optical MOST150 tools/devices can then be connected to the optical interface of the MOST150 C-O Converter using the delivered optical MOST cable. The MOST150 C-O Converter indicates both ‘power is connected’ and ‘MOST signal is detected’. The MOST150 C-O Converter is available in two flavours - a simplex variant and a duplex variant. The simplex variant is suitable for simplex cPHY networks, the duplex variant can be used in duplex cPHY networks. As it is equipped with one coax interface, the latter supports the so called end-point use case (communication between one MOST150 coax duplex device and one MOST150 optical device/tool). Please consider that the MOST150 C-O Converter is not qualified for automotive applications. Typical use cases for the MOST150 C-O Converter are validation, testing, and verification in a controlled environment like a laboratory.

  • Analyzer

    INICnet™ 50utp Sniffer - K2L

    The INICnet™ 50utp Sniffer is intended to be used for testing or analyzing automotive products and systems during the development of automotive devices in an INICnet™ 50utp network environment. The sniffer can also be used for testing and analyzing whole networks as well. The INICnet™ 50utp Sniffer hardware together with OptoLyzer® Studio Entry software is the K2L turn key solution for engineers that are working with INICnet™ 50utp networks or components and need to perform test or analysis tasks; however, the hardware interface can be accessed by users as well, if users want to implement a custom-made application software and do not need the K2L OptoLyzer® Studio Entry software.

  • The Latest Flexible Network Analysis Solutions

    OptoLyzer MOCCA Bundles - K2L

    The OptoLyzer MOCCA Bundle combines the capabilities of the popular OptoLyzer Suite graphical user interface with the advantages of the OptoLyzer MOCCA multibus hardware interface. It supports comprehensive features in the area of analysis and monitoring of control, packet and streaming data on MOST® networks with the well-known features implemented in the OptoLyzer Suite.

  • The Universal Multi-Bus Network Development Tool

    OptoLyzer® Studio - K2L

    OptoLyzer Studio provides a comprehensive feature set which covers complete automotive development cycles. As a single tool that supports all widespread automotive buses, OptoLyzer Studio serves the needs of designers, developers, testers and system integrators required to bring sophisticated automotive systems to market in a timely manner.

  • USB Application Board

    OS81119 - K2L

    OS81119 USB Application Board is used to interface via USB a controlling instance for the MOST network, like a single board computer running Linux. OS81119 USB Application Board offers a dual MOST interface and can be used to connect MOST devices in daisy-chain, or to expand existing rings with daisy-chain subnetworks. Controlling instance and USB Application Board together can configure all the other slim board devices in the MOST network.

  • Validation Tool for Media Local Bus Implementations

    MediaLB® Interface Test Bench - K2L

    MediaLB Interface Test Bench (MITB) facilitates the testing of the physical and link layers of MediaLB 3-Pin/MediaLB 6-Pin interface implementations. The test bench incorporates hardware, firmware and a data checker software for testing control, asynchronous and synchronous data transport. Predefined tests are included. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided to display errors and to configure the generated test patterns. INIC Explorer and OSS Flasher are available to flash and configure the test bench.

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