Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

Taylor Dynamometer is a global manufacturer of engine, chassis and towing dynamometers, hydraulic test centers, data acquisition and control systems, electric motor testing systems, complete test cell solutions including consulting and design services.

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  • AC Engine Dynamometers

    DA Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Designed for rough operating conditions and providing high overload capacity, these systems offer low moment of inertia and high pulse torque in testing in either direction of rotation at speeds up to 11,000 rpm. Plus, the compact design allows us to provide a package using as little of your valuable floor space as possible.

  • Chassis Dynamometers

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    The Most Trusted Chassis Dynamometer Systems Available.Why choose Taylor chassis dynamometer systems? Just ask any of the thousands of diesel vehicle repair centers and other customers who’ve made us the world leader in these heavy-duty, high-horsepower chassis dyno systems.

  • Eddy Current Chassis Dynamometers

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Economical air-cooled Eddy Current Chassis Dynos from Taylor, which save on costs because they don't require a water recirculation system for operation, are an excellent choice for quick power checks and other short tests of medium- or heavy-duty single- or tandem-axle trucks and buses.

  • Eddy Current Engine Dynamometers

    DE Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    A precise, low-maintenance, rapid response and repeatable alternative to water brake technology, Taylor’s Eddy Current Engine Dynos provide low-inertia, air- or water-cooled operation for testing engines up to 966 hp (720 kW) in a range of markets.

  • Engine Dynamometers

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    The best value in Engine Dynamometer (Dyno) Systems. Taylor’s engine dynamometer systems deliver the best overall value by driving productivity, ensuring uptime and bringing you rapid return on investment.

  • Electric Motor Testing Systems

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Electric Motor Test Stand is designed to provide maximum reliability, excellent durability and flawless performance. Using our extensive line of Water Brake engine dynamometers, Taylor Dynamometerhas systems available for testing electric motors from 5 to 13,000 hp (3.7 to 9,694 kW). Include an instrumentation package to achieve your testing requirements. From simple speed, torque and power display systems with manual control to completely automated testing solutions, Taylor Dynamometer has a system to meet your testing requirements.

  • Dynamometers

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Turn your testing challenges into success with the full line of dynamometers (dynos) and controls. Choosing Taylor Dynamometer products means getting the best overall value in the industry – equipment trusted for performance and durability since the 1920s, backed by expert support every step of the way. So you minimize downtime, maximize productivity and get the greatest possible return on investment

  • Data Acquisition System

    DynPro2 - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    A state-of-the-art data acquisition and control system for all your engine, vehicle and industrial component testing needs. DynPro2 is simple to use but flexible enough for the most rigorous applications. DynPro2 can automate the industrial controls for a room, test cell, even your entire test cell facility, allowing you to integrate room temperature, lights, safety interlocks and much more into your overall testing process.

  • Load Banks

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Load Banks are designed to provide high capacity load testing of generators, UPS and other AC power sources. All electrical values are displayed on the screen and recorded by the system for future data retrieval. Load Bank capacity range includes 700 – 3,750 kW with voltage options that include all common 3-phase 50/60 Hz or 208-240/480 VAC dual voltage.

  • Instrumentation System for Towing Dynamometers

    DynCntrl-II - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    DynCntrl-II instrumentation system for towing dynamometers includes a ruggedized, WiFi, touchscreen tablet PC with an integrated graphic heads-up display and a robust instrumentation package mounted in a sealed Nema enclosure. Our easy to use, intuitive, DynCntrl-II software not only makes testing simple, but also displays and records multiple channels of real time data.

  • Mobile Testing Center (Mobile Test Cell)

    MTC-1500 - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    The Mobile Testing Center (MTC) is a preassembled, above ground, mobile, testing solution designed for outdoor testing applications. An affordable option to permanent Test Cells, the MTC is comprised of 2 ISO containers. Container 1 includes a Test Cell and heated and air-conditioned Control Room. Container 2 is optional and includesfacility support equipment: Bulk Fuel Storage, Pneumatic System, Water Recirculation System (WRS), etc.

  • Modular Test Cells

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Designed for easy integration, setup and takedown in your facility, Modular Test Cells from Taylor Dynamometer are custom-configured with everything you need for your testing success. Available in both engine and chassis dyno formats, our modular test cells can be set up quickly on a concrete floor inside an existing building. Each cell includes modular sound attenuating walls, ceiling, doors and windows.

  • Versatile, Heavy-duty Hydraulic Test Centers

    HTC - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Those involved with heavy-duty mobile testing: dozers, trucks, mining equipment, skid steers, excavators, etc. need safe, efficient performance and consistent solutions for all powertrain testing needs. Taylor offers both a Complete and Transmission Bench to accommodate your testing requirements. The new HTC supports testing of: transmissions, hydraulic motors and cylinders, valve blocks, torque converters and open and closed loop pumps. The new HTC provides increasingly safe, efficient performance and consistent solutions for all powertrain testing needs including: Effortless contamination control to ISO 16/13/11 (per Cyclic Stabilization Test SAE ARP4205). Remote monitoring – the operator can be completely removed from the test environment. Dynamometer mode allows testing of a motor as a motor (not a pump). All ratings are continuous duty, not intermittent. No de-rating the test bench in 50 Hz countries. Includes the latest in data acquisition and control system technology – DynPro2.

  • Water Brake - Chassis Dynamometers

    CM Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    CM Series Water Brake Dynos from Taylor Dynamometer offer for low upfront cost, low maintenance, low inertia and high durability.Choose from cradle-style dynos for single- or tandem-axle vehicles, with continuous capacity up to 1,100 hp (820 kW).

  • Water Brake Engine Dynamometers

    DH Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Ideal for gasoline engines and lower-horsepower diesel engines, Taylor Dynamometer’s DH Series Water Brake Engine Dynos can operate at speeds up to 5,500 rpm. Choose from three different models with capacities ranging from 270 to 805 hp (201 to 600 kW).