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MEA has revolutionized the field of motor and appliance testing.

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  • Steady State and/or Dynamic and/or Transient Engine Test Systems

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Engines and their components require testing over a wide variety of conditions, ensuring that the final manufactured product consistently meets customer’s demands for performance and durability.

  • Stroboscopes

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Dual-power system for use of AC power supply and battery:The built-in batteries allow the use of stroboscopes outdoors and at other places where there is no AC power outlet in proximity.

  • Surge Tester with Performance Tests

    MEA MSU100 - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *MEA MSU100 Series – Fully automatic SURGE testing of 3 phase and single phase stators, armatures, transformers, and motors, ranging from 10 W to 500 kW, and patented Stator/Rotor performance testing.*MEA MSU101 Series – Customized, fully automatic production line testing system with SURGE testing of 3 phase or single phase stators, armatures, transformers, and motors, ranging from 10 W to 500 kW. The system can be also equipped with automatic testing of H.V. and 4-wire resistance, temperature, and patented Stator/Rotor performance testing.*PERFORMANCE TESTING – MEA patented tests – MEA patented performance testing provides fully automatic Stator/Rotor performance tests, showing the UUT performance as it will be after assembled as motor.*Integrated database.*200 V up to 5 kV programmable impulse.*Option for Partial/Low-Energy Discharge.*Go/No Go tests with comparison detection of: Area Size, Diff Zone, Corona Amount, and Corona Number.*Performances tests comparison at cold and hot state (temperature tests via up to 8 thermocouples).*Interfaces: RS-232, USB, Ethernet (for remote control).*Can be controlled via I/O for OEM applications and easy integration for automatic lines.*Special self-calibration function. No need to send back for the vendor's calibration, saving time and costs.*MSU101 integrated and operated with PC having user-friendly Windows 7 interface, with large database for storing test programs and test results.*Barcode reader, individual print-out of test protocols and labels, of H.V. and 4-wire resistance, and temperature measurement can be integrated into the system.

  • Torque Meter

    ATM-MN - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Achieves high detection sensitivity: Incorporates exclusive high-rigidity torque detection component configured in a vertical structure to reduce torque-detector bearing size, enabling detection of low torque levels of 0.01 mNm or less.

  • EV and Traction Motor Testing & Simulation Test System

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    High Speed EV Motor - Unique Testing capabilities (MEA patented Inertial Dynamometer)Complete load testing of high speed EV motors (for example: 75kW, 32000 rpm)Load testing without connecting the EV motor to any mechanical loadRipple Torque, Friction Torque, Friction Spectrum, Speed & Torque Spectrum, Back EMF

  • Friction Analyzer

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Friction analysis for predictive maintenance without coupling to any encoder or external load. Provides dynamic performance tests data, including: speed and torque spectrum, friction torque and friction spectrum.

  • Motor Test for Electric Scooters

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *The performance data of electric motors, in the majority of all cases, is performed by a brake test. Power input is calculated from current and voltage. Torque and power output are measured with a brake. It is important to reach, for each point, a persistent temperature. In case of large outer rotor BLDC motors, which are usually used for electric scooters, this traditional procedure may take many hours to complete, and is very complicated. *For several years, an innovative motor tester of MEA Testing Systems Ltd. is on the market. This testing system avoids any temperature confusion by testing a motor at constant temperature over the entire speed range. The test procedure is very fast, and gives the full load performances, including PWM current, voltage, torque, and driver efficiency, from stall up to no load. *During the test procedure, the motor is freely accelerated from stall to no load speed. The load of the motor is only the predetermined inertia of the rotor. From the moment of inertia and the acceleration, the torque of the motor is calculated and, also, the power output over the whole speed is given. Since the entire measuring time, depending on the motor size, is usually less than one second, the motor has no time to warm up. It remains at room temperature.

  • EOL Testing Systems

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *Test procedure is based on the motor’s voltage and current.*Test procedure measures all of the motor characteristics, from stall up to no load speed, in just a few seconds.*NO loading of the motor is necessary.*NO sensor is required for DCPM motors.*COMPLETE test performance in just a few seconds of running the motor. *Performs QA testing on 100% of production, without compromising line throughput (up to 10 motors per minute), reducing costs of defective products. *Determines acceptability to user predefined PASS/FAIL limits on production lines.*Detects electrical and mechanical defects according to: -Full load performance without coupling to external load and without addition any sensor on the motor shaft (torque, speed, current, voltage, input power, output power, and motor efficiency, from stall up to no-load). -Real-time results. -Friction torque, friction output power.*Possibilities for: AC, DC Hipot & Insulation Resistance.*Adjustable to test various motor types on single system.*Flexible to production changes with minimum expenses.

  • Compressor Tester

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Full load performance from stall up to no-load, without coupling to external load, including: torque, speed, current, auxiliary current, main current, voltage, capacitor voltage,input power, output power, power factor, motor efficiency,direction of rotation.

  • Regenerative Dynamometer Systems

    RDS - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    The principle of the test is to use a dynamic adjustable load with a servomotor that functions as a LOAD to the motor under test. The servo drive is fed through KEB R6 (regenerative unit).In our test bench, the loading motor operates as a generator. Historically, the regenerative energy was wasted into heat using resistors batteries. The MEA Regenerative Dynamometer System solution is to return the energy back into the main line power supply, eliminating heat and ultimately providing a real return on investment for the owner/operator of the system.This is particularly useful in all applications where prolonged or continuous downward motion occurs, or heat dissipation to the surrounding environment is not wanted.

  • Predictive Maintenance for Heavy Duty Machines

    M-PdM ® - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Provides friction analysis for predictive maintenance, without coupling to encoder or external load.