Microtronix Systems Ltd.

Incorporated in 1972, Microtronix Systems Ltd. provides innovative electronic solutions to unique problems for industries in North America and around the world. Located in London Ontario Canada, Microtronix designs and builds special purpose test equipment for the telephone industry worldwide.

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    London, Ontario N6P 1P2

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  • Country Kits

    Microtronix Systems Ltd.

    A Microtronix Country Kit is an Application Product developed for the Model 500 Test System that provides you with a "ready to go" solution to assure that your products comply with appropriate international standards. Each Country Kit provides you with Model 500/501 software, Central Office Simulator modules and manual containing comprehensive documentation on the tests that are performed.

  • Test System

    Model 501 - Microtronix Systems Ltd.

    PC based test solution for wireline and cordless (POTS) manufacturers. High speed, repeatable and accurate test results allow each manufacturer to be tested according to the specified requirements.The Model 501 Telephone Test System is a complete testing solution for measuring the electrical and acoustical properties of a telephone in Production Line and Quality Assurance environments. Rugged in design to meet the needs of high volume telephone production, the Model 501 is flexible and accurate for the ever-increasing demands of specification testing. Simple and easy to use interface to increase productivity, and fully programmable to allow every telephone to be tested in seconds!

  • Handset Test Systems

    Microtronix Systems Ltd.

    ITU-T, IEEE and OREM standards compliant Acoustic measurements correlate directly to your R&D LabProgrammable DC biasing voltage in either polarity for microphone transducerProgrammable plug-in transmitter / receiver termination impedance modulesDetailed test reports and graphs can be displayed on the monitor, printed or save as to hard drive or network.Up to 48 different Test Programs containing limits and testing sequences can be stored in non-volatile CMOS RAM.A typical handset can be tested in 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the test program.Test Program Limits, frequency points, testing sequences, and operator messages are easily modified using the Microtronix Test Program Editor (TPE) for Windows.